Psst… Wanna Hear A Secret?

Have you figured it out yet? You know … my secret? Maybe you were you just reviewing all the clues I left you?

Phew, now you have me worried. that’s because I haven’t left any clues yet. That’s alright, though, ’cause I still have a secret. It’s around here somewhere? Well, actually I have more than one secret.

Like the one about why I wear a disguise. What disguise? My red nose disguise, silly!

Not that I’m a huge celebrity or anything like that. I’m more like a skinny one, but with a slightly expanding waistline.

In any event, I couldn’t possibly pose for a photograph with you anyway, ’cause this is a blog post.

On the other hand, I can tell you about my wife’s BIG SECRET.

She actually is a celebrity. Yep, and she gets recognized when we go out in public too — unlike me.

The wife, signing autographs.

The wife, signing autographs.

However, I have to be careful with this secret, because she made me swear never to post about it.

Probably because when her fans recognize her they get excited and ask her for an autograph, or if she wouldn’t mind posing with them for a photo. Which she happily does.

But, seeing as she doesn’t have a blog, she’ll probably never find out that I let that secret out of the bag.

You could say my wife actually has an edge on me when it comes to being recognized by fans, or for being asked to pose with them in photos.

I, on the other hand, stand a much better chance of posing for photos with folks, if I just photo-bomb their photos.

I’m an acorn in my wife’s shadow. Let me give you an example of what I mean, and this actually did happen to us. Well, to me anyway.

We were out at this amusement park one day, when this family sitting across from us on the monorail (I’ll let you guess where), suddenly recognized my wife —sunglasses and all!

I probably should have removed my red nose and they might have recognized me as well. But, I thought, maybe I should let my wife have her moment in the limelight, she deserves it — again.

The wife, sunglasses and all!

Her fans asked her if she wouldn’t mind posing for a photo with them. Naturally, she smiled and said, “Sure!”

So, when the monorail came to a stop, we all stood up and I stepped back out of their way.

Back, and off of the monorail that is. Then the monorail doors closed on me!

The acorn in her shadow.

The acorn in her shadow.

Leaving me standing outside of the monorail with my camera hanging around my neck like some kind of tourist (which I was), only to helplessly wave bye-bye to my wife and children (and her fans) as the monorail pulled out of the station.

Again, leaving me standing there with nothing but a red nose on my face — which also matched the color of my face as well.

True story (except for the red nose part), and no longer a secret to anybody reading this post, or to anyone at the monorail station who witnessed it all.

At least I can say I gave those waiting in line for the next monorail, a good laugh.

But, that’s what we comedians do, we make people laugh. Even when it’s at our own expense — or when we don’t get paid for it. Like in this case.

Hmm, now that I think about it, maybe my wife was right. Perhaps I should have kept this a secret after all.


59 comments on “Psst… Wanna Hear A Secret?

  1. You can’t put a price on just how darn good it feels to make someone laugh, right? (Unless you just need their money) If you wear that nose 24/7 you ARE going to get asked to have your picture taken. At the station. (And no, I don’t mean the monorail one) Beware the frying pan. Especially if it’s coming off the stove. Ouch.

    • LOL… I know! My wife even wakes me up at night—out of a sound sleep no less—just so me and my nose will can pose for pictures and make her laugh. I wouldn’t mind it so much, Bruce, if it weren’t for her having that darn frying pan—even in our bed. She’s taken to calling it “The Enforcer.” 😀

  2. Paul, it is priceless how you make us laugh. You are a natural talent. You can laugh about yourself and this is one of the “secrets” a true comedian makes! Thank you for this, Paul!

  3. It’s not easy living in the shadows of a celebrity—I recognize her! Try to remember that you are special too (or so says Mr. Rogers and me) ; )

    • I’ll do my best, Jan. Nevertheless, you and Mr. Rogers are probably right, I must be special—because I recognized her! After all, how many husbands can claim they recognize their celebrity wives in sunglasses? Can’t be too many, or can there? Then again, I wonder how many people recognize me with my red nose? I mean, how many celebrities are there who can claim they have a red nose like me, right? Okay, so maybe there is that ridiculous flying reindeer who hangs out up there at the North Pole, and a clown named Bozo, and old Mr. Jenkins who works down at the local hardware store—but he’s not really famous, and he’s had that awful cold for what seems like forever. No wonder his nose is always red! But after that I can’t think of another living soul. That’s a good thing, though, because then I’d have to list them too, and I’m rapidly running out of space here. 😀

    • I’ll do that, and thank you, Van, that was very sweet of you to say. We really do love each others company and are very happy together—even if she does look better in sunglasses than I do. However, I think I look so much better with a red nose than she does! 😀

  4. You sure you didn’t steal that jacket from my closet when we were Turing the country playing opening act for your wife? I always wondered where that suit and tie went! Now I know. Don’t worry, I won’t mention any of the stories you awaited me to secrecy in I imagine if everyone knew who you really were you’d have thousands of followers. But you hide it well beneath the red nose..:)
    My lips are sealed!

    • My wife tells me that my lips were supposed to be! In spite of my protest to the contrary—that I broke her secret by writing about it and that her secret never slipped past my lips—I’m still in the doghouse. As it turns out our dog is not too happy about that either. But George, I ask you; how’s a semi-professional comedian supposed to get a laugh if he doesn’t dress funny? And that’s why I wore my (I mean our) suit. Why just look at that face which occupies the monkey suit, would you take that face and suit seriously? 😀

  5. Haha… Your wife is famous. The problem when you wera a red nose is that people would not probably recognize you. Sunglasses are more evident in that sense, I am guessing!… Anyway: when you are a celebrity you need to deal with the fans, paparazzi, and all this kind of stuff…
    I´d say that next time she´ll have to wear a red nose too..
    or you could wear sunglasses and then you´ll both be recognized and asked to sign autographs! 😀 Sending love & wishing you a great weekend ahead! 🙂

    • Yeah she still occasionally gets recognized. I’ve tried telling her if only she’d been born with a red nose like I was, and then started wearing the sunglasses, fans wouldn’t recognize her as often—seems to work for me. But does she listen… NO! Actually, though, she really does handle the posing for pictures and signing autographs rather well, maybe better than I would—I don’t know if I’d like eating my meals cold. That might explain why I don’t get recognized as often—well that, and the fact that I’m only semi-famous… well sort of. Truthfully, though, she’s always polite with fans and smiles and talks with everyone. She’s a really good egg, so I think I’ll have to keep her now—it’s part of the contract when I said “I do.” 😀

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