If You Want My Opinion



Have you ever noticed how people these days seem to have an opinion on everything? If you have then you’re one of the lucky ones, because most people tend to have more than one opinion.

So, how did multiple opinions actually start?

Well—and this is just my opinion—it all seems to date back to when the first patients went to go see a doctor for an opinion on their health, only to find themselves unhappy with their doctors diagnosis. That’s when they were told to go get a second opinion.

That led to a third, a fourth, and finally… a fifth—which they promptly consumed in one gulp.

After that, one opinion led to another, and another, and another PERSON… receiving multiple opinions. This, courtesy of people running amok, which I think is short for the mukluks all the opinionated were wearing on their feet while spreading opinions throughout the land.

And if this all sounds convoluted to you—well that’s your opinion. But that’s a good thing too, because now at least you have an opinion.

If—on the other hand—you have a high opinion of yourself, how are you able to hold that high opinion of yourself? I mean, seeing as you’re holding it on one hand, but not the opposite hand? And wouldn’t that mean you’re a terribly unbalanced individual?

Just a thought.

On the off chance you hold a low opinion of yourself… are you Mini-Me? Just curious, because I’ll stoop to get your autograph. hqg-52

“Well if you want my opinion…” Now there’s a statement!

Would you really want a second hand opinion? And another thing; why would anyway just give their opinion away? Could it be that it’s totally worthless?

Which leads me to ask. Have you ever thought what your opinion, or opinions might be worth on the open market, and could you get rich by sharing them?

I was once told by someone, that he wouldn’t give me two cents for my opinion. I thought about it for a moment and then replied,

“Okay, what if I were to make that ten cents for a dozen? That way you get 12 of my opinions for only a dime. You save two cents!”

I figured if money was going to be an issue here, maybe I’d better make a deal.

Also, I seriously doubted he’d give me his opinion for free, as he’d already said he wouldn’t give me two cents for mine. That made me wonder how much it was gonna cost me to hear his?

Naturally, I thought it good business sense to bundle a group of mine together at a bargain basement price, before he made me an offer on his I couldn’t refuse.

You know, this post has got me thinking.

Maybe I’ve become far too opinionated for my own good.




87 comments on “If You Want My Opinion

  1. Everybody nowadays has more than one opinion. Rightly observed. And, the worst part is, everybody thinks their opinion is the best one. Now, everybody can’t have the best, then ‘better’ and ‘good’ would have a severe inferiority complex. So, everyone compares their ‘best’ opinion with somebody else’s to make them better. But, the saddest part is, nobody cares for these two cents of mine… :/

    Now, please forgive me for the rant 😀

  2. Everyone is entitled to at least one opinion, but no one is entitled to one of mine unless I give it to them. So unless you share someone else’s opinion, you’d darned well better have one of your own!

  3. 😵😵😵 Now I am completely confused and that is not an opinion that’s a fact…. haha! You know what? There were times when I had no own opinion but always waited to hear the opinion of others… which made me have thousands of opinions which again was as helpful as having no own opinion because when you think the opinions of others are the right ones you have to change your opinion constantly in order to fit in…. that’s when I broke out and wrote “I’m Free”…. LOL!!!!!

  4. Sometimes I say just ‘No’ when this question is asked, but ALWAYS the other one smiles as if I am a cute three year old and gives me his/her opninion anyway…that’s not worth 2 cents or less.That should be fined. And as the rest of the world should know by know…I am always right!

    • Jan, any day now, you and I will be sitting on a beach somewhere and counting our chump-change together, laughing at everyone else, and they’ll be jealous. I’m up to two dollars and ten cents already! How much do you have? 😀

    • Paul, this is nothing short of a stroke of genius on your part! Cutting back and resisting the temptation to give folks the benefit of your valued opinions—foregoing the immediate financial reward of dispersing your priceless wisdom now, in exchange for an even greater financial success down the road. I’m amazed I didn’t think of this myself—seeing as I’m named Paul also. Why in just a few months time, people will become so desperate for your opinion on matters (being deprived of them an all I mean) that you’ll soon be able to open a chain of 15 and a half thousand Paul Johnson Opinion Emporiums, located in shopping malls everywhere. There, you’ll be able to disperse your opinions from the moderately priced (off the cuff one sentence Paul Johnson point of view) to the deluxe (Paul Johnson, carefully thought out—after conducting a 1 year detailed fact finding consultation with Einsteins brain at the Princeton University Lab—well informed opinion. It’s monetarily brilliant I tell you!

    • Well of course Ally, yours…and everyone else’s opinion. At least that’s what I think I know for sure. Now what I think I actually know for sure has been questioned for years, and by people that I think know even less than I think I know! But, that’s just my opinion.

  5. Lol…as soon as you asked the question about how multiple questions started I started laughing. Ten cents for a dozen…that’s classic.😀

  6. I was going to offer an opinion but to be honest I got bogged down under the opinionated opinions and now I find I can’t get up again, much less reach the keyboard to type. Just a thought, but in my opinion if I telepathically send you my opinion could you file it under O?

    • Well of late Juls, I’ve been kind of hearing voices in my head! Can you believe it? I told my doctor about it, and he used some big fancy medical term to describe what I have. Something called clairvoyance? Anyway, with smart phones possibly being responsible for causing brain cancer, I had to give up using my Apple iPhone. So much for my TELEpathic communication abilities, right? Just as well, I used it mostly for texting anyway. So if you don’t mind Juls, I have another way you might be able to reach me. These days I’ve taken to using a crystal ball. And there’s no service plan, and the signal I get is as clear as a bell! 😀

    • Thank you, Stephanae. I can’t believe it either. They…you know who they are— The Society for Pronouns that anonymously refer to people in vague terms so as not to give their true identities away, without using the letter’s T-H-E-Y to stand for anything—yeah them, well they said it couldn’t be done. They said that there was not a single dense buffoon alive who could possibly do a stupid post on a ridiculously pointless blog, that would ever exhaust every opinion known to man. Well I guess I showed them, so take that THEY! And thanks for the Happy Red Nose Day wish, Steph. There are so many children out there who need our help and are unable to fend for themselves. It’s up to us adults to stand together and do the responsible thing, and help provide the basic necessities that they lack if we at all can. Thanks Stephanae! ‘o)

    • And I’ll continue to provide a blog for for opinionated people everywhere. Although, for the life of me I can’t understand why? I guess there’s just some frivolous and pointless posts I do that I’m not meant to understand. 😀

  7. I really like your idea of selling opinions on the open market, Paul. As you mentioned, a single opinion isn’t worth much (two cents, I think you said), but if sold in bulk, perhaps there’s some serious money to be made. I have massive quantities of old opinions just sitting around that I’m almost certainly never going to use again. Examples include:

    – The intro music from Starsky and Hutch Season 2 was a vast improvement over the music they used for Season 1.

    – All those people on that hillside singing about buying the world a coke were a bunch of liars. Not one of them ever contacted me to buy me anything.

    – Scrappy Doo was an evil plot hatch by the Soviet Union to drain their Western enemies of the will to live.

    It’d be great to think that these opinions would be able to find a nice home somewhere and make me a little bit of extra money at the same time. 🙂

    • Oh we have to dust those babies off. The old opinions you’ve just shared may only be the tip of the iceberg. If there’s more of those just lying around we could be the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Though, you’ll probably have to ditch the bag, and I some pounds in order for me to fit into a turtleneck like Steve did. But your opinion about the Second season theme music for Starsky and Hutch was dead on. It was light years better than Season One. Oh sure it didn’t match the action, nor was it as pulse pounding as Season One, but it definitely sounded twangy with a more 70’s vibe, and David Soul got to wear a cowboy hat—and I certainly slept better for that. Bet Huggy Bear was so jealous, just saying. And don’t get me started on the hillside singers and trying to teach the world to sing, because they didn’t share any Cokes with me. I got terribly dehydrated because I don’t drink water, and what is that stuff anyway? That stuff has no taste to it, it’ll never catch on. And I have it on good authority (some guy who likes to ride horses shirtless) that the Soviets were behind that whole Scrappy Doo thing. Let’s just say, your opinion could be the death of us, if it ever got back to the KGB. Which is why it was a good idea on your part to share it here on my blog. My blog has yet to be transcribed into Russian—so we’re still safe. You know Bun, I think you stand to make a nice chunk of change from these and some of your other dusty opinions. Near as much as 95 cents I’d say!

      • Hey, that’s great, Paul. It sounds like we share many of the same opinions. Perhaps if we collaborated, we could sell them at the same time in sets. That would be bound to massively increase the value.

        Having said that, the 95 cents figure you mentioned was a bit of a shocker. I mean, it’d be great to get anywhere near that, but I hardly dare hope.

      • You may be right, Bun. I realize that that’s a rather astronomical sum in a recessed economy like ours. But with proper marketing on our part—TV commercials, radio ads, billboards, mega movie star endorsements, product placement, print ads, a good agent, corporate attorneys for legal protection, and not counting cash returns coming in from overseas—it’s just possible we could come reasonably close to that figure. Of course, even if we fall short of our projected goal—with a still impressive 65 cent fortune—I need not remind you how that could help us buy part of a small island. All we’d have to do is simply go out and purchase a small towel from a dollar store, throw it down on a prime spot on some island’s sandy beach (air ticket not included), and viola it’s ours—for all of about 3 hours!

      • Perhaps if things go well, we can bump up ownership of that spot on the sandy beach by as much as 15 to 20 minutes.

        Incidentally, I think your idea about star endorsement and product placement is a good one. Obviously, with a collection of opinions covering our entire lives and including times when we were naive children, ill and heavily medicated, as well as simply flat out drunk, there are going to be a lot of idiotic, bizarre and even potentially catastrophic opinions mixed in, so we’ll need someone in a highly prominent position whose unafraid to open his mouth and spout such utter nonsense. Luckily, it seems a very suitable candidate may become available in the world’s biggest market, the United States, this November.

      • Oh now were talking about EXPERTS in the field of nonsense, though. I’m not sure you realize how much that might cost us—in credibility. Especially when we’re talking about the November people representing us, in particularly myself, seeing as I am still in an ill and medicated state. My opinions might not be taken with the seriousness they deserve. I’m sure you understand.

      • Oh I agree, especially those November people. They’re level of nonsense is off the charts. I think our life history of opinions—ranging anywhere from the almost, but not quite bizarre, to the undoubtedly bizarre—is worthy of the less extreme nonsensical representation. You know; more like the kind of endorsements you’re more likely to find from noted long hared and bearded street corner philosophers, biker chicks of poor hygiene, and Old Weird Ed from Charley’s Bar.

      • Those all sound like exactly the kind of people we need. This is great! Yet again we’re well on our way to fame and fortune. When you combine this with all the other outstanding ideas we’ve had over that last couple of months, it’s clear Bill Gates and Warren Buffett better start looking over their shoulders.

      • I’ll bet they’re even in talks with Linda Blair’s agent to get pointers on how to turn they’re heads completely around like she did in that movie The Exorcist. Not having eyes in the back of your head has its disadvantages.

  8. Oh, definitely, opinions abound! The ultimate of NOT listening to opinions is the EU vote in Ireland a few years – thousands upon thousands giving their opinion only for it to be rejected again and again until they gave the RIGHT opinion. Sums it up really! Great post, Paul!

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