The Corpse Blog


You probably think I’m going to be talking about that animated film Johnny Depp starred in, don’t you? No, no, no, not RANGO, his other animated film.

“The “Corpse Bride.”

But, what I actually want to talk to you about is, the Corpse Blog.

What’s the Corpse Blog, you ask? Well, it’s kind of like a zombie blog, but still alive. A blog that suddenly came to an abrupt end, with no goodbyes or farewells, but still up and available to read.

Yet, there was no indication that the blogger was going on a vacation. No going out of business signs or announcement of an impending fire sale. No suggestion that our blogger was heading off to that big cloud in the sky.

No, not that cloud! That other cloud, the one where they take up playing a golden harp. That cloud.

So, let’s say they did go off to the pearly gates. Does that mean we shouldn’t go back and lift some of their old posts? To read, of course.

Maybe a little tiptoeing around the old literary tombs might give you a better idea of what the corpse blog actually is.

For example: here lies, Paul Johnson, February 22, 2011 to April 27th, 2017, may his blog RIP. Meaning: be READ INCREASINGLY throughout PERPETUITY on WordPress that others might come to know the greatness that was… “The Good Greatsby.”

Yes, Paul might be gone, but all of his posts are still there for the pilfering. Reading., reading I mean.

Wait a minute! I’ve just been informed that Paul, and his blog, have just risen from the grave. Well, welcome back, Lazarus!

No need to thank me, Paul — not that this post had anything to do with the resurrection. But, then again…

Maybe we better move on (quickly) to some other example of a Corpse Blog — in case Paul has an ambulance chaser on retainer looking to make a quick buck. At my expense.

Oh, look, look, here’s one!

Bun Karyudo, November 19, 2016, to March 28th, 2017, his blog’s passing was such sweet sorrow. But, not so on WordPress.

Where all of Bun’s posts still live

Like old bones from an old graveyard, Bun’s posts still remain — fragmented and decayed perhaps — but they’re still there — well almost.

Yes, Doctor Bun Frankenstein’s creation still lives. Just like he intended when he screamed those famous words (to no one in particular) “It’s alive, it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE.”

That’s, Fronken-steen.

That last bit was a little bit of an exaggeration on my part. But, the real Doctor Frankenstein, well, the literary and film character anyway, actually did scream ‘It’s alive’ — even if it wasn’t in reference to Bun’s blog.

His blog still lives, like a corpse blog — if only barely.

Okay, okay, look, look, this one might be an even better example of a Corpse Blog.

This tombstone reads, “In My Cluttered Attic” — DEAD AS A DOORNAIL.

Hey, wait a minute, THAT’S AN EXAGGERATION!  What are they talking about? My blog’s not a Corpse Blog —uh, in spite of WordPress’s best efforts to prematurely embalm it.

Sure, from time to time my blog may look like its dead — but it’s always risen from the grave.

My point is, there are loads of Corpse Blogs littered throughout WordPress, and all of them just waiting to be opened and explored.

Like when Howard Carter opened up King Tut’s tomb.

So, go, pillage an plunder … I mean, read through some of those Corpse Blogs. See what treasures you can come away with.

Besides, who’d ever wanna embalm “The Attic?  Corpse Blog my post.

“It lives, it lives, my creation LIVES!”

And only on WordPress. 😀