All The Good Subjects To Write About Were Gone

Nothing gets people talking, like what this blog talked about all week long. Nothing. As you probably noticed, no one said nothing about it either, and that’s nothing new. The problem was; I had nothing left to write about, all the good subjects were taken by other blogger’s.

I fear I’ll have nothing to write about for weeks.

Writer’s block can leave you with plenty of nothing to write about. There is nothing more terrifying for a writer to write about, than nothing. Particularly, when everyone else is writing about something. In fact, the only writing I did this last week, was when I wrote comments on other people’s blogs.

Writing comments on subjects other people have already written about is a lot easier, let me tell ya.

Brain-block is a terrible thing, especially when you take up writing a blog. Occasionally, followers come looking for something to read. Its not like when you wrote in some personal journal or a diary. Particularly one that didn’t belong to you.

In those cases no one cares except you, the snoopy mom, the dopey sister, or the ruthless dumb blackmailer who kidnapped your boss in hopes of extorting money from you, or he’d dump your boss in the river—which you let happen, because you didn’t get that Christmas bonus you were counting on.

But a blog…

A blog can open windows, telling you all about people and their personal lives—which is often better than eavesdropping on them. Or about their pets—and possibly more than you ever wanted to know about their personal lives…especially their sex lives.

Blogger’s also write poetry, good and bad… and much worse than bad—”See Rex, see Rex run, see Rex run for fun. Run Rex, run, run, run.” Some blogs, are by unpublished authors talking about books they’re going to write—and never finish…or get published.

Then, they’re the blogs about traveling to places—you can’t afford to go see. Comics—by people with more talent than you; hobbies and crafts—again, by people with more talent than you; Photography—by photographers more gifted than you; and movies and television—by people with more money than you!

Then there’s me—the blogger with no post. Because, they’re no subjects left worth writing about.

Oh sure, the blogging community left me a few boring subjects I considered toying with. But, they’re the rejects. Subjects, that no other blogger would dare touch with a 12 inch keyboard. Riveting material that could lead to post titles like:

“Aunt Hester’s gall-stone surgery and her sister, Bertha’s, bunions.” How’s that for a Stephen King wanna-be’s poorly written horror novel post? “My work”—good for two or three words, maybe a complete sentence!

Or, I could write about, “Sleeping Habits of the Sandman deprived Narcoleptic.” Oh here’s a good one,  “Small Talk and the Weather…conversation starters that won’t get you noticed.” And finally, “How Facebook allowed—Big Jim Martin, my next door neighbor—into last nights nightmare.”

No…I think the good subjects are all gone folks.









95 comments on “All The Good Subjects To Write About Were Gone

  1. There is always Donald Trump. Fascinating man for sure. You got to admit both you and I would be run out of town if we said that stuff. I think it’s the hair. Actually you did good. You did a complete post about nothing and it was more than a sentence. Excuse me I have to go finish that book I’m writing.

    • LOL! It must be all that money he has. If only we had gobs and gobs of money, then we too could make crazy accusations while running for president, unrealistic demands, and recommend ousting people from the country we’re prejudiced against. I know you and I have been holding back from giving in to the urge to go out and grab a fortune—on principal, of course—but I must admit that, I may have to reconsider that decision in order to avoid possibly being run out of town. Unfortunately, I don’t have his hair—so I doubt the highly intelligent will ever take me seriously like they do ‘The Donald.’ 😀

      • Well, here it is 14 months later, and Trump is no doubt gloating “What do you losers think of me now!”….but the world (such as it is) goes on. Another small consolation is that the likes (and posts) of you and I are much too insignificant to come to the attention of The Donald (or Agent Orange, as one of my readers fondly calls him). A good thing, too, because he’s got enough to tweet about without us getting under his (speaking of orange) skin.

      • LOL!!! You’re so right mistermuse. As for us losers, of which I happen to be a charter member (doing my miserable best to try and gloat there), I doubt we can even go play golf every weekend (say nothing of getting out of town to do so), and we’re not even President of the United States! How does he do it? Oh well, there’s still a chance for us to be like ‘The Donald’ because we still have an opportunity to open up a beautiful Twitter account, and then all we have to do is just wait for for that weekend predawn bowel movement to happen, and then we too can tweet all our paranoia for all the world to see. Are you listening, Alex Baldwin?

  2. Lol you managed quite ably for a man who had nothing to say lol
    You talk in yours about posts telling all about people are our personal lives. I thought about the a while ago and considered writing a post inviting people to ask me something they wanted to know. I never wrote it, but I still like the idea. I can imagine you answering questions in your own style, I think your imagination would run wild lol just a thought 🙂

  3. Hey, you have “cluttered attic.” Open some boxes, uncover the subjects from their dust and spiderwebs. I think you are just messing with us. Lol . But just in case you don’t have anything to write, you can go comment on or read more blogs to stimulate that amazing creativity you have shown today.

    • Thank you, Van. And to think my wife always say’s its full of nothing but fluff. But she also say’s my closet collects nothing but junk too. But I’ll keep her anyway, because I know someday, she’ll come to appreciate my many treasures—or I’ll get a bigger attic! 😀

  4. That’s ironic because I was just thinking of writing a blog post about what blogs seem to mean for some, mean to others…and whatever’s in between. Some are quite personal. Many show pictures, others paint pictures. The definition of a blog may be easy to provide in terms of structure…but certainly not in substance. I suspect you wrote with something in mind here…writing about “nothing.” Writer’s block…? I think not sir! It does give me an idea though…a post titled “Writer’s Block” with a blank page. I wonder how that would go over with the followers…? (Good Lord, what if it was better received than when I actually wrote anything…)

  5. Hey, as long as you have a gall bladder how can you possibly have writer’s block! ; ) But I know the feeling. I was thinking about blogging about the rash on my neck. Who knows – it’s probably the result of an alien invasion. Or maybe our insane collection of waste and recycling contraptions. Maybe I’ll write a bad poem (nah, that’s way too easy!) Now, what in particular makes you gall bladder stand out? There – you’ve got a subject!

    • Well first of all, I think I misspelled it. Second… that was galling to me, because ever since 2016 started I’ve been misspelling things—but just between you and me, Jan… I think that problem may go back a little bit further than that. Third… I think I should have raised the problem in the form of gallbladder surgery, instead of gall stone surgery—no particular reason there. Fourth…I think I should have made this part of the post more pedantic, thereby causing the section on gall stone surgery to be lost in a more ostentatious kind of rambling, which I seem to be better known for. Fifth…I think this response confirms your suspensions on why I shouldn’t have had writers block—because lord knows, I think I could go on even longer. That’s scary, that’s really scary! 😀

  6. It is SO funny that you wrote this today, because as I was trying to catch up some of the emails we get sending us other people’s new posts (probably the most awkward sentence ever, but you know what I mean), I saw your reply on someone’s post. And I thought, I haven’t heard from you in a while. So I came over here to see what’s going on. And here you are. So I did miss you! And I’m sure tons of others have as well. Speaking of which… usually comment on my posts……You can write a post on avoiding my posts haha.
    Now I’ll be embarrassed if I look again and you HAVE commented on my posts. Happy January 10th!

    • Barb, I’m so glad you missed me and decided to come by. You’re quite right, there were a few other people who missed me. However, I think they’ve taken to throwing darts at my picture, aiming for my big red nose in the process as some sort of a bullseye. I can’t blame them really, I usually comment on their posts too. I’d like to claim amnesia as an excuse—I suffer from Paulziemers you know. Yet, it’s possible—after reaching double-digits in followers—I developed a swelled head and an even thinner waistline from the holiday festivities. Whereas; the truth is more likely the other way around; I acquired a bigger waist line with a small mind from the holiday celebrations. Either way, it’s an oversight I apologize for, Barb. :O)

      • lol I am glad to be having a conversation with you and am not above blatant self-promoting. I wanted to be sure you hadn’t fallen off the grid but figured/hoped it was being busy over the holidays. I hardly posted anything over the summer so am trying not to have that happen again.

      • I’m glad your back at it, Barb. I’ve been so busy of late, though. It carves into my time to read, write and respond on WordPress. However, I’m trying to put it all in perspective. I started the blog in hopes of writing regularly and finding an audience for my style of writing. No one was more amazed than I was, when that audience materialized. I feel a sense of responsibility to commit to fill my blog with posts on a regular basis, but with an eye to developing quality material—I’m still working on that part. Anyway, I can see how easy it is to stray from the true calling—life does get in the way—and suddenly, we stop writing. So welcome back, Barb! :O)

    • January Curse! Well that explains a lot! Thank goodness I’ve gone to a Witch Doctor to see if the curse can be removed. You know, if I start writing soon; I guess you could say that regiment of drinking cow juice out of buckets in a South America Rainforest, and then sprinkling broken glass fragments from an empty bottle of Elizabeth Taylor’s “White Diamonds” over my bosses’ heads… really did work! Hopefully I won’t have to go to the second option; draining the blood from 8 million South African mosquito’s and injecting the blood into each individual hair on Donald Trumps head. That would take a couple of hours! 😀

  7. Hey Paul, I don’t know but it seems to me that this blog post was a clever ploy to generate some blog post ideas, I mean look at the suggestions coming your way. And as for “Aunt Hester’s gall-stone surgery and her sister, Bertha’s, bunions” I think this would be an absolutely terrifying post in the horror genre. 😉

    • I should have known better than to try and pull a fast one like that on my super high IQ reader’s. So Ms. Stephanae, you thought yourself pretty clever seeing through my ploy for acquiring new ideas, did you? Psst…by chance, you wouldn’t happen to be Stephen King’s literary agent, would you? Someone claiming to be his agent has been emailing me all day in hopes of my selling the idea to Stephen King for his new horror novel. If you are, I’m open to seven figures, but could be persuaded to go six. I’m not proud… I’m just desperate! 😀

  8. I have periods of great productivity and periods of great frustration. I don’t like to say I get writer’s block but there are definitely periods when it’s no fun and I have to work and work at it until it starts to flow again.

    • Same here, Paul. There are moments when everything seems to flow with so much ease, but when forcing something to print, I can’t muster an ounce of creativity or imagination. Fortunately, that only happens to me eleven months out of the year.

  9. I feel ya. I don’t even know what the point of my blog is anymore. What’s there to write about these days? Other than writing about not having anything to write about, which is quite the paradox. Your post might just unravel the space-time continuum.

    • I have to agree with you, Dan. It seems that with each and every post, I come a little closer to solving that riddle. I think it’s primarily because I’m not using any Euclidean math principals. In fact, I’m not using any math at all! Only letters of the alphabet. I believe this bypasses the old fundamental of mathematical physics employed by, Herman Minkowski. With Minkowski’s equations out of the way, this makes it possible for me to safely eliminate that silly idea postulated by that quack, Einstein. E=MC2…oh please. Why right there, we can see that letter’s (3 of them) outnumber numbers by 3 to 1. With that theory out of the way, I realized I could go up-down, left-right, backwards-forwards with any of my posts like he did with any of his numbers. Thus, proving, that when we read while flying on a plane, we won’t notice the hands on our watch (which, by the way, also have numbers) moving slower. We won’t even notice them at all, if we’re reading a really good post…or if you happen to have a smart phone! 😀

    • Finally, a worthwhile subject that has the potential to get me noticed by the Weather Channel and the great Jim Cantore. Oh the blustery conversations we’ll have. Fathers and sons will tune in just to hear us wax poetic about Cumulus congestus clouds, and how to miss them in the Intertropical Convergence Zone. That might be good for 12 hours. :O)

    • My writing’s about nothing does appear to have been a substantial improvement over my writings about something. I can’t explain it, Adele—probably because my vocabulary is limited—now I might actually have to come up with something relevant to write about. However, I think I will settle for basking in the glow of abundant readers and fabulous awards while begging for more, as that is not beneath me. Oh, and thank you very much for nominating me for the Champions Award. I never take the awards for granted, as I greatly appreciate that they are a display of affection for the effort I put into my writing. Again thank you so much for that. :O)

  10. that Christmas bonus you were counting on – who are you Mark Griswold? (It’s Clark, sir.) I think you should invite everyone over for Christmas Vacation and plan to put in a pool with your bonus.

    Then when it doesn’t come, but are enrolled in jelly of the month club instead, you can write ALL about that holiday and how your crazy brother-in-law kidnaps the boss and everything.

    There’s a story there. I can feel it and I think it would be a HUGE movie success too. Something that people watch every holiday. I better get a cut of the $$.

  11. I’ve had a little bit of writer’s block this week 🙂 And also I agree with you, I like to be original so whenever I see that someone’s already written about something, I was going to write about, I feel like they might think I’m copying. Eh, either way, because you didn’t know what to write about, you wrote about nothing, now I can’t do that. XD

    • I tried to think of it this way: there’s nothing out there to write about, so I did. I get what your saying, though, about feeling like you you wouldn’t want someone to feel you were copying them. Sometimes I’ll come across an idea that I think is totally original, and then I find myself reading a post by someone else who has already done a splendid job on the subject. That’s when I feel just like you do. It’s frustrating, to be sure.

  12. Your blog is refreshing! I only write flash fiction and even then I’m not sure it can be considered writing. It’s more like throwing some words out there and watching them stick. 😀 Oh well, I have fun. Now, I need to get to writing my book that I hadn’t planned to write so I think I won’t.

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