Integrity Blogging—Well Sort Of

capturing followers

This originally was to be a blog committed to one purpose and one purpose only … making money. But after a HUGE reality check (that’s a check without money) I have since had to assign a reluctantly different goal to my blog—laughter?

As with MOST of us who blog for a living, we soon discover that the two words living and blog don’t really belong together in the same sentence. I just had another epiphany … my blog will not only be working without dollars now, but also with an economy of words—although that will no doubt be a plus for all of you.

Still, my blog needn’t be short-changed.

Verbose as I am, less is going to have to be more. I also wanted to be original, but I soon discovered originality had already been tried. In point of fact; being the SAME has even been done—to death!

And then there was my concern over what kind of content would be in my blog. Trying to bring a unique and fresh approach to a blog can be like trying to bring an extraordinary, yet contemporary advance to dealing with sewage. Could it be done?

Who cares—I just want to do a blog. But, as you can see, the reasons for doing a blog are shrinking by the paragraph.

Yikes, this means my blog will not include making money, originality or sameness, say nothing of fame without my name—And I think I’ll hold out for fame with my name thank you very much.

techno challengeAlso, did I mention that I’m technologically challenged? If I did … then that was the end of the accomplishment part of this post. Mastering anything when it comes to WordPress is going to be a distant SECOND to navigating the computer for me.


If this was a marathon … me navigating WordPress probably hit a wall several miles back and is seeking the “Geek Squad” for assistance. I’ll finish the race but in years, not hours. Likely sprawled out on a stretcher—barely cognizant of the internet.

But I don’t care, I still have my integrity … you’ll not see me go chasing after followers by attaching some award to my site just to get noticed. When I read someones blog and like it, I’m going to follow them. And if they check my blog and seem to like it … I’ll lock the doors and keep em as my followers.

I’ll earn my awards the old fashion way—by sending an enormous cash advance to FRESHLY PRESSEDfreshly pressed (Gee its been awhile—hope they got the check).

Come on now, you have to confess, you and I do a blog because we like to write. That and a private journal or diary comes without a publish button.

Admit it, the idea of creating our own site can be intoxicating because we get to use our (okay … WordPress’) imagination.

And let’s face it, our own blog has not only intrinsic value, but also offers an eclectic and idiosyncratic written work which can entreat many or few, but ostensibly—SOMEONE. Forget the stats, enjoy those followers who discover you by accident—as long as Judas is not among them.

And get this. The Free Dictionary by Farlex, defines an author by saying, “To write or be the author of (a published text)”—so hey, we’re all published authors to boot. Take that big name publishers who are responsible for my ever growing stack of rejection slips!

Yeah alright, I’ll say it, “Show me the money!”money

I know, I know Cuba Gooding Jr. said it in Jerry Maguire—but I think it sounds better when you read it in my blog instead of hearing it in that movie.


28 comments on “Integrity Blogging—Well Sort Of

  1. Every book I’ve ever read on writing bold types the message that one should never write for the financial gain. Even published authors still keep their day jobs. I suppose that holds true for bloggers to a certain extent, even though it’s very different. But whether we write a novel or put our words on a blog, we do it because we enjoy the process. I haven’t been doing this long enough to know whether people make money blogging and what’s involved on that side if the equation. Quite honestly, I’ve never even thought about it. But if you ever figure it out, I’ll buy the instruction manual. Until then……..😀

  2. I knew you had to bribe WordPress to be freshly pressed! LOL I look at blogging as an excuse for posting silly pictures… and of course meeting entertaining bloggers like you!

    • Scarlett, finally someone noticed! I was so excited when I saw it a few years back as a theme. At the time I was not sure if I was going to do a humor blog, so I saved it. Then when I decided to start my blog, WordPress had discontinued the theme, but kept a rather generic version of it up for people… (complete without the town, how dare they!). Fortunately I had a copy of the tile version. Since it fit my theme—in a whimsical sort of way—I went with it. You have no idea Scarlett how much I enjoyed you noticing it, because I love it. ;O)

  3. Paul,
    I like your honesty! Respect you friend:)
    I too don’t know how to earn a living from blogging. I take writing as a vent out thing and a medium to connect with people staying far away.
    I wish you luck with your laughter blog. I truly wish you success! 🙂

  4. If it wasn’t for my day job, I’d have no job at all. Thanks for the comforting words that I am an author. Meanwhile, I’ll keep watching for Michael Anthony to be delivering a million dollar check to me. (He of the famed “The Millionaire” series that ran from 1955 to 1960.) I figure the Vegas odds on that and money from my blog are about the same – nil. 😉

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