Babies Hold The Key To My Future Humor Blog

baby laugh

Someday when I get around to writing a real humor blog—this blog only masquerades as one—I intend to write the blog with babies in mind—because babies make the best humor blog audience ever!

Of course, I’ll probably have to depend on you—my semi-loyal adult readers—to read that (new and improved) humor blog to baby. But I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

Now you might want to read to your OWN baby at first. If—on the other hand—you don’t have a baby of your own, just go and borrow or rent one.

But please… never steal one!

For some reason babies don’t like that very much. No one knows exactly why, but scientist think it has something to do with separation anxiety.

But not to worry, as all this will be for a good cause; that of drawing a future generation to my (cutting edge and perfected) humor blog of tomorrow—in about twenty years.

I suspect you’ve found my last statement rather amusing, seeing as you are currently acquainted with only my  present pedestrian humor. But in time I guarantee you and baby will be singing a different tune—one filled with extreme laughter.

Of course, future exposure to this non-defective kind of humor could prove risky to baby. However, I feel its a risk I’m willing to take on behalf of any ill-informed (anything for a laugh) infant of tomorrow.

And if you happen to still be around in the future, you my readers, will also give way to helpless uncontrollable belly laughs and rolling on the floor hysterics as well, as you watch the infants in your charge laughing themselves silly.

And all this merriment can be yours—if you’re still around in twenty years, as it will likely take me that long to perfect my brand of impossible not to laugh humor.stop please

But this should not be much of a hardship on those of you who are already conditioned to reading my blog—and what now passes for humor on it.

Just think, you and baby could possibly be laughing together for the very first time, and I’ll be responsible for it.

The gift of laughter is only one post away—and another twenty more years—but it will go by in a flash if you’re mind altering taking drugs now.

And as for the newly recruited readers of my captive baby audience, this will probably be excruciatingly painful at first… as most belly laughs are.

But later you’ll thank me for it as you roll around laughing on the floor thinking back to how it all started.

Oh sure babies are cute and cuddly and all, but you should know that today’s scientist think baby brains should be declared disaster areas.

Why you ask?

Because babies find just about anything funny, yet that bodes well for an infinite capacity to laugh at all things banal. Therefore, my future humor blog will be in safe minds.

Why, they’ll suddenly explode with laughter, and for no reason at all when you (and your grandchildren or great grandchildren) read my then (FINALLY) humorous blog to them.

And since my humor blog will contain virtually nothing resembling the humor I write now, a reading from my hilarious future blog will probably set them off causing contagious rounds of explosive laughter.

Just think; if munching on a potato chip the wrong way now causes baby to snap with riotous mirth, imagine what will happen when you consume a whole bag by yourself in the future while reading my improved—laugh-a-minute material

Yes, even reading something puzzling that I write then after shooting a quizzical look in baby’s direction, could very well cause an outbreak of uproarious giggling that starts in babies brain and comes out of its mouth—that not even you could recover from.

So just remember to press the like button after such eruptions of contagious laughter from baby when reading my humor blog of the future.

Only then can the babies of today return to my blog for a closer look and ask…what

What the hell was so funny?

13 comments on “Babies Hold The Key To My Future Humor Blog

  1. A baby Was nearby while I read this….I did not have to rent one….so your plan.might be a successful one. Good luck and may the giggles be ever in your favor.

  2. Can I use a cat instead? Oh, that’s right, my cat sleeps when I read your blog. Has nothing to do with your post though. They just like sleeping. Guess I’ll have to find a baby.

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