From The Echoes Of My Mind



Now while it’s true that some of you folks could care less about whether or not others like what you write about, I prefer to make room in my rather large melon for people who heap abundant praise on me for my writing. However, the inside of my cranium has been a hall of echoes of late.

Echoes of my inner voice screaming; “Maybe you should write more often you idiot?” Perhaps.

But probably not, since there are definitely those who’ve considered ending it all if I even go near a keyboard. On the other hand, there are still folks who feel that putting an end to me would be a much better alternative to that aforementioned ridiculous idea.

So you can well imagine what a wonderful surprise it was for me to wake up today and see an entire blog post dedicated to moi. This amazing blog post was done as a kind gesture for a response I made the other day on a friend of mine’s blog. Not just a few kind words mind you, but a WHOLE POST!

You know, this is the kind of recognition that could end the echoes in the hollows of my mind forever, or for an hour anyway. Still, that might be just long enough to quiet the voices in my head, thus allowing me the chance to think about what mindless twaddle I’ll write about next.

Mind you, this is only a blog post about a response I made, not about a complete post I wrote—although, some may feel my response could qualify as a full-fledged post, due to it’s rather stretched out length.



All the same, my friend Paul felt that my response was humorous enough to merit some kind of legitimate recognition, and by someone who I also happen to regard as an excellent writer—even if he does hail from a country that spawned the likes of a character named, Snidley Whiplash.

So, being as I am a member of DUMBASS (Duh Unusual Mutually—exclusive—Bozo Admiration Society of Sacramento) unlike my friend Paul (it’s just as well Paul, since its membership has no privileges), I felt I would expose all of you to some of his first class quality writing.

Seems only fair, seeing as you had to wade through all of my baloney first. You can check out his post about me over at but please, don’t let that put you off from reading any of his first class material as well.


36 comments on “From The Echoes Of My Mind

  1. Awesome comment — I mean, post, Paul! Although my mind’s a bit blown from reading two Pauls in one post. It’s like a Doublemint gum commercial … except without the ’90s fashion and cheesy music. And didn’t those commercials cost twice as much to produce than a regular commercial? Because you have to pay two actors instead of one. Unless they spliced the film Patty Duke-style … then they could pay one actor to play both parts.

    Which is to say, awesome post! 😀

    • Allen, both Canadian Paul, and I, American Paul (I wanted to claim to be an All American Paul, but I don’t seem to own a sweater with a big letter on it) want to thank you. As hard as this might be to believe (since I’m prone to telling fabricated tales), Canadian Paul and I were the original Doublemint gum commercial twins! But then we went non-commercial, gained a lot of weight, and one day woke up as male identical cousins. I know, go figure? Anyway, as for your question about our commercials costing twice as much to produce—well they were “two, two, two mints in one!” If that tells you anything. But because Canadian Paul has lived most everywhere from Zanzibar to Barclay Square (that was during his homeless period), and because I used to love to Rock and Roll while seeing the sights from Brooklyn Heights (back when I was using binoculars while listening to my transistor radio), and because we were identical cousins, we just decided to take the networks for all they had, and then went and blew it all on booze and stolen merchandise. That’s when we turned to blogging.

      • So *that* explains your foray into the blogging universe! (And it also explains all those empty whiskey bottles I saw in the attic.) 😉

        I imagine many of the Doublemint Gum twins had their acting careers fall to shambles when they stopped making those commercials. The worst thing is if triplets auditioned, and only two got picked. That would be horrible for left-out triplet. After all, who wants to be a surplus sibling? It would probably drive the three of them apart. It would be a crushing breakup for a trio — the worst since when The Police disbanded! 😀

      • Just like the Three Stooges. It’s a little known fact (well, in certain bars anyway), that Moe and Larry wanted to be twins, since they looked so much alike—especially after I’ve had a few drinks. But then this trio of guys—Named Curley, Shemp, and two guys named Joe. That makes a trio, right?—well… this trio of guys kept trying to crash their party, see. Seems Moe and Larry wouldn’t hear of it, and thus remained twins for years—or until my drinks ran out. Hey that… that might go a long way towards explaining all those empty bottles in my attic! (Hiccup!!!) 😀

  2. If this means what I think it means, it means that now I have to write up a blog post where I thank you for thanking me. And then you thank me for thanking you, for thanking me. And so on until we can find a 3rd Paul and put this all of him. Oy my head hurts.

  3. My, is that lovely. Paul wrote a post for Paul because Paul wrote a post for Paul 😄For sure you only misunderstand the echoes at times. They all say: please write, please write…..

    • Thank you mh. and I will keep on writing… and to hell with Herman from Huntsville. He suggested that I just keep on typing as opposed to writing. What did he want me to do, wear my fingers out? Well, take that Herman! 😀

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