Well This Is It—Time To Say Goodbye


It’s been fun. But you know, it’s always sad when we have to say goodbye… except when it’s goodbye to pollution, terrorist, and bad writers. I wonder why that is?

Anyway, I wanted to say what a pleasure it has been doing this blog for all of you. I always tried to give you a good belly laugh. Remember that one, and what a belly laugh it was? At least a few of you got it. As for the rest of you, sorry about the dysentery.

But, here I am, writing to all of you one last time to let you know that the world is coming to an end tonight and that this will probably be my last post and testament.

The religious communities have been talking about it for months. I did my best to ignore it in hopes that the rumors of our demise were untrue. But, sadly, my wife went out and emptied our bank account, so the world must be ending.

She did it so that we could eat out in style one last time at McDonalds. Thanks to the value meals we’ll be going out with change to spare.

Ominously, all of this coincides with the arrival of a ‘Blood Moon’ signaling the end of the world as we know it. And let me tell you, this time the end of the world is going to be much worse than the last time the world ended.

Remember the end of the world the last time? What a huge disappointment that one was?

But, I think this end of the world is really going to make up for the last one. This time the end of the world comes during a lunar eclipse of a ‘Blood Moon’ and that simultaneously corresponds with a supermoon!

(It was here that the sound of crickets then filled the air. Chirp chirp… chirp chirp).

And no, I wasn’t at the gathering where when dreamed this one up—but it must be true. Do you know that some of the faithful are actually running out to grab all the food they can get just so they can survive the long haul?

Maybe they’re the other faithful… the ones that think god might not be on their side?

And since NASA say’s that this unusual eclipse is going to be visible to North America, Europe, and Africa I’m pretty sure most of us are gonna be pushing up daisies by Monday morning. With so many bogus prophets saying this is gospel, how can they go wrong?

I wonder how all of this managed to escape the Pope’s notice?  popeFrancisSerious_large

Anyway, months of fruitful work of setting up, planning, and securing a theme for my blog have all been wasted.

Not to mention finding my voice and then purchasing a distinct comedy style of writing from another internet site that deals in that sort of thing.

And all for a modest fee—their words not mine.

The site guaranteed that their list of 500 comedy styling’s was completely original. I haven’t quite been able to to confirm that one yet, as they haven’t returned any of my emails or phone calls.

And to think I endured all those WordPress changes. And all for what? Just so we can meet our maker?

108269469They say he’s this hotshot big wig guy out of Detroit, or if you will as someone else once said, a big pink pixie in the sky.

But either way, I don’t care if he is dressed in pink, and flying first class. and carrying a wand of destruction.

Because, as far as I’m concerned, this only proves what I’ve been saying all along; that the TSA is not doing their job! I mean, letting a guy like that get on a commercial flight to nowhere. What were they thinking?

So, I thought I should say goodbye to you all now, before the NFL Sunday Ticket starts. God knows I won’t have time later.

I’ll be too busy collecting my winnings, because I paid some guy to tell me what teams are going to win in every game this week.

I even got this etched in stone, stone cold lock of the week—for free!

So, buh bye… for now.


51 comments on “Well This Is It—Time To Say Goodbye

  1. Save yourself, Paul and do what I do. Be defiant and “moon” the blood moon and everything will fall back into place. Just do it at halftime of the Sunday night game and be sure your neighbors aren’t watching. The Pope will be on his way back home but he’ll understand.

  2. That site with the comic templates was run by a Nigerian prince. I understand he is now wealthy (with all your $$ of course). Why didn’t we think of that? Now with this moon thing it may be too late. I better get my moon ring out. (or was that a mood ring?)

    • I should have known. If only I spoke Nigerian, I’d give him a piece of my mind. You have a moon ring, Kate? Wish I had one. I suppose its too late for you to run out and buy a 3D copier, make a copy of the moon ring, and then quickly send it off in the mail to me? The next time the world is going to come to an end, I’ll be prepared, because I’ll buy us a 3D copier.

    • Jan, I’m happy to report that Congress has just appropriated funds to keep ‘The Attic” open. Crisis averted. Unfortunately, I’ve been informed that the ending of the world is still a go. At least I’ll still be able to do more posts for In My Cluttered Attic, well until the next end of the world event returns. But, until then…what a relief!

  3. I for one looked straight at that blood moon/lunar eclipse/harvest moon, and my eyes didn’t burn at all. Well, slightly, but that might have been because I was bored and they were itching to get back to football.

    • I’ve got to hand it to you Sarah, you stared death in the face and now all you need is a few drops of Visine. You’re a braver woman than I am. I only hope I’m as brave as you were 3 hours ago 20 minutes from now. 😀

    • Oh what sad times these are when an enormously popular blogger—such as myself—has to resort to calling out the Pope for being distracted and not addressing all these end of the world claims. Hey…is that a blimp going up in flames over their!

  4. So glad to see you had the cosmetic surgery I recommended. Maybe the US is burned up with fire (holy fire, if the pope is there) but we are still having meatballs in sauce for dinner. Hope you survived the end of the world (as we know it)!

    • Well Bun, you see it was like this. We here at “The Attic” got a hold of some very bad information, and without checking with our sources we decided to run with the story. And well, we just haven’t gotten around yet to printing a retraction. But, that’s the newspaper game…uh…I mean, blogging game. Hey, but the good news is, your still around to take us to task when were wrong!

  5. Paul, thank you for your generous comments and follow on my sportsattitudes site. If you have room for just one more follow…please investigate lifeattitudes (link on my About page). Your support has been greatly appreciated since my “return” to this thingy called the Internet and I still stubbornly try to work on two blogs for those who aren’t into sports as much…at times I do realize life is more important…at times. That site is more in the spirit of the Attic anyway. Have a great day and, again, thanks so much for your active support!

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