The Trick Of Eating Treats—Filled With Halloween Woe

black cat

Imagine if you will; it’s just past midnight on Halloween and the little ghost and goblins have completely avoided your house again… for the umpteenth year. You start upstairs—candle in hand—munching on all those leftover sweets.

But, as you are about to drift off to sleep suddenly, A GHASTLY TALE OF WOE begins to emerge from the darkened shadows of your cluttered attic—yes, we’re talking about your mind… it’s alive… it’s Alive… IT’S  A-L-I-V-E! Too dramatic?

ghostAlright, but lying there for centuries—just gathering dust—was this idea for a ghostly story, and now IT SEIZES upon your imagination. (achoo!)

Okay granted… perhaps your attic’s not all that old, gray, and dusty (like mine), but trust me it sounds creepier that way.

And guess what? As luck would have it—while I was rummaging about the cobwebs of my own cluttered attic—I just happened to stumble across such a manuscript.

Hmm, how do you suppose that got there—you wonder? Ahem.

Yes, I know. But, who else do you know goes stumbling about in the darker recesses of their own mind looking for ghost stories—with only a candle and a completely eaten bowl of candy? Exactly… so I don’t know why you’re so surprised?

Why did I stumble over it? Because its dark up there that’s why! No, I don’t remember why I was carrying a candle around inside my head instead of a flashlight, but that’s not important.

What is important, is the fact that I didn’t drop the candle. Because then… POOF! And up I’d go in spontaneous human combustion. I can just see myself trying to explain that to the coroner during the autopsy.   human combustion

Anyway, as I said, I found this tale of woe. Are you scared yet? Okay… well whatever you do… don’t move. I’ll be right back with the smelling salts.

Here, take a whiff… feel any better? Okay, well I’m sorry you’re scared of me and not my post. But, you’re laying there now, so you might as well hear the whole story.

From here on out it just gets weird.

Whad’ya mean it’s been pretty weird up to now? I told you, the weird part hasn’t come yet. Here, you better take another whiff of smelling salts… I don’t think you’re all there. Any improvement? No? Well, I don’t have any sleeping pills, and no… you’re not going to get out of this that easily.

So, do you remember Walt Disney’s, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow? Good, because this has nothing to do with it.

sleepy hollowUnless; you can remember the end of the story with the voice of Bing Crosby (as the voice of Brom Bones) weaving a tale of terror concerning The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in song? Then you might want to sing along.

Shall we begin? Well too bad, were going to begin anyway…

You squirm in bed and hallucinate, about what’s in your closet when it gets late. Come about midnight the ghost and banshees, gather in their nighties and their bed time jammies. They’re not in costume, but they let out big cries, about the clothes in your closet and their humongous size.

They call you fat saying you’re not thin, and that you’re overly stretching out your skin! Ha, ha I’m telling you dude avoid the light, cause’ you won’t fit your costume come Halloween night.

Your costumes a tight fit on Halloween night! (ignore them… they’re just a ghostly chorus dressed up as sheep)

And when the girls have a jamma’ party on All Hollows Eve, they’ll all consume and eat lots of candy. Yeah ghost are bad but you’re the worst, especially if the headless horseman drives your hearse.

He drives a hearse on Halloween night??? (again… that’s just the ghostly chorus if you happen to be singing along)  horse drawn hearse

Now go a joggin’ across the land and drop those pounds off if you can. Then you’ll confront those demons and moan… I’M LOOKING IN THE MIRROR MY HOW I’VE GROWN!

Beware, be scared, its too late. You ate all the candy in exchange for weight! (clever chorus, huh?)

Yes the Horseman’s out for a spin… trying to see who he can drag in. Now don’t be like him and lose your head, stop eating so much before going to bed.

They say he’s tired of the whole lot, particularly those who eat lollipops. So he trick or treats one night a year, driving that hearse while striking fear.

He hates weight watchers and folks too thin, FOLLOWERS OF JENNY CRAIG who don’t food binge. Don’t try to hide if you pounds to shed, the Headless Horseman seeks a fat head.


So dip into your dip and chompity-chomp, keep on consuming all that soda pop. If you lose your figure not eating bran, it’s for you he comes—that headless man.

Now if your not one who’s in the know, take a tip from me, you were thinner one year ago. But you avoided the mirror and failed to look, and now my friend YOUR GOOSE IS COOKED!.

If you cross his hearse come round the bend, don’t pretend it’s not the end. It’s not a black and white but it’s cursed, with the headless horseman driving in first.

Now, while you eat your candies with delight, remember you’re in for quite a fright. You should keep a look out—and beware—the horseman comes for more than just hair.


So dip into your dip and chompity-chomp, keep on consuming all that soda pop. If you lose your figure not eating bran, it’s for you he comes—that   H-E-A-D-L-E-S-S   M-A-N! (and fade out) headless hession

“The Headless Horseman” was written by Don Rage and Gene De Paul for the film, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and performed by Bing Crosby and the Rythmaires. Not in this post of course, that would just be too weird-er.

I seriously doubt, however, that they would have ever wanted to take credit for my horrific spin on their Halloween masterpiece. But, I think November 1st is about to become a new getting in shape day.

BOO!  boo hoo


37 comments on “The Trick Of Eating Treats—Filled With Halloween Woe

    • Okay, so its a Gothic looking mansion high on a hill in the secluded voods. But, think of the haul they’d get if they came and trick or treated here. Excuse me Scott, Renfield say’s there’s someone at our front door. I must go bid them… Good E-V-E-N-I-N=G. :o{

  1. I could hardly read it to the end…I was shaking underneath my desk…crawling up from time to time, to finish reading this post. OMG it is so darn scary what comes from that dark, dusty grey cluttered attic of yours!!! Now I need calm my nerves. Sorry left overs either! Boo, Johanna

  2. First of all GREAT clip art! that cat makes me laugh

    now I have a hankering for corn made of candy the reason for…overly stretching out your skin..not so dandy.


    Wish we were neighbors. Wait. Maybe I don’t. We’d probably end up hiding from each other. Quick, duck behind the car. Did they see us?


  3. Bing Crosby has always creeped me out! I think he had one of those removable heads! Throw in Jenny Craig and you’ve got a classic worthy of the Rythmaires. Great job. Now the question becomes – The Raven – what can you do to it? Maybe throw in Donald Trump and Viagra?

  4. “So do you remember Walt Disney’s The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow? Good, because this has nothing to do with it.” Loved that line!

    • Thank you, Lynz. This is such a gratifying response. When I first started this blog I said to myself, “Self, I don’t want it to be too predictable, and aim to be strange, unique, and funny.” My kept whacked out scientist (down in the dungeon) are still working on the funny part, but I think we’re getting closer to a breakthrough there. Could be any decade now. Thanks Lynz, and have a fun weekend. 😀

  5. I once lived in a wooded area by a river in Maryland, where the walkways were too long for kids to walk when they could go to a subdivision nearby. We had 5-6 trick or treaters. I miss those days. I bought Reese’s peanut butter cups for 40-50 each year, froze them, and ate them until Christmas baking season !!

    My comment…also has nothing to do with Sleepy Hollow. Love your craziness. ☺

  6. Lol…”from here in out it just gets weird.” Really? From here on out? Great take on a classic story, or at least I think it resembled a classic story..:) But who am I to questuon genius. I had the covers pulled up over my head the whole time..:)

    • Covers have been known to be the last line of defense when it comes to the Headless Horse—excuse me—Hearseman, and other similar ghouls. Clearly you have the situation covered though, George. Anyway, with any luck they’ll be telling my tale every Halloween now.

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