Its Writers Day, Now What Should We Do?


October 8th is Writers Day. Yeah…I didn’t know it either. But thanks to my good friend, Austin, over at who has declared it so, we all can celebrate it now.

That being the case, and we all being writers, don’t you think we should celebrate this new NATIONAL holiday annually. Maybe by having a parade, a barbecue, fireworks and of course… a substantial income from all that writing we do?

Well then…what are we all waiting for? I already got the festivities rolling by lighting up the barbecue and waking the family. Then I lined them up out in front of the house carrying printed copies of my favorite blog posts. And then we paraded them through the neighborhood. It has been years since our oldest played a trumpet. A little loud, but still bad.

And my wife, with baton in hand (reluctantly) led the kids down the street.

The neighbors loved the costumes (the kids were all in their pajamas, their uncombed hair added to the merriment), and police were lined all along the route. Funny how things work out, the parade ended at the police station. How fortuitous for us, as the police said some group was disturbing the peace.

Nothing like a police escort to keep the crowd under control…at five A.M. Some group is always ready to disturb the peace. Hope they catch whoever they were doing it.

And, I sure hope someone turns our steaks over too, as I left them unattended as we had to start the parade. Now we’re trying real hard not to miss those fireworks tonight.

Seems there was a little something the police want us to attend first. The Desk Sergeant called it, an arraignment? Probably just a formality to say thank you for the parade. However, I expect by the time I get home tonight, I’ll be rolling in doe—or is it, dough?—for all my great writing. Never could figure the correct spelling out for that word doe though.

Bet, no one questions it though because… I’m a writer!

In either case, thank you, Austin, for a great new holiday to celebrate my prowess for using lots of weird, and wonderful words. I think they’re going to come in quite handy with our affidavit tonight, declaring today as a new official holiday!

Now, if only the police could catch those responsible for creating that public nuisance earlier today.


65 comments on “Its Writers Day, Now What Should We Do?

  1. That’s how most national holidays start, right? Someone dreamed it up, announced it, and so it was! How else do you explain National Hug a Drummer Day? Which is October 10th, by the way. Choose your drummer well, my friends.

  2. We do need a holiday to celebrate writing. Dedicated practitioners of the craft could gather together to discuss how they can’t make a living wage doing the only thing they love — and the only thing that gives their lives meaning.

    I hope somebody brought alcohol.

  3. It is a holiday I’ve created. I take the day off after a taping of The Nite Show and declare it Writer’s Day. So, it actually comes around 10 times a year. 🙂

    • We’d have everyone’s taste buds going wild then, Jodi! The police station could be party central. I’m going to ask the Captain and the Chief of Police, “Oh, guard, GUARD! Oh where are the guards around here when you need them? If it wasn’t for this darn locked cell, I’d go get em myself. :@D

  4. Ah yes, do not worry about those steaks…Mr. Walker and I (and Charley dog) helped out and ate them all. Waste not…etc. But thanks for organizing everything and give your little darling a kiss on the head for their hard work! Cheers, Johanna

    • But Johanna, I marinated them in my very special blue ribbon top secret sauce. My taste buds have been stood up! I can only hope you and Mr. W—and Charlie—sleep well tonight. Oh well, at least they didn’t go to waste. Only 90 more days before our release. I can’t wait until our next barbecue…but I guess I’ll have too. 😀

  5. ps I tried that impress the neighborhood too and follow your wife’s lead with baton and all…but when I tossed it up it disappeared and now Mr. Walker is lying on the floor with a bump on the head…so gtg and solve both mysteries!

    • Baffling? But, I do confess that after watching my wife’s use of the baton in high school, I started wearing a helmet. I can’t tell you how many concussions I’ve avoided thanks to those ounces of prevention from that helmet. Not counting the times when she was mad at me!

  6. Perhaps none of us knew because we were too busy writing? That’s probably more productive and fun than what we may have come up with had we known ahead of time…we would have claimed writers’ block and goofed off…ate and drank too much. Felt horrible afterwards. Oh wait…we do that anyway. Oh well…save the date for next year!

    • Marking it on my calendar even as we speak, Mr. Sportstude (Hiccup!). I can’t figure out why this (Hiccup!) darn, calendar moo…moo… moves around so much. Oh look! There’s…there’s, a cow drinking down there at the end of the bar! I’ll (hiccup!), I’ll just go down there and, and introduce ourselves. “Shhh” Wouldn’t want to startle our four legged friend at our writer’s block party (Hiccup!), might be intoxicated. Wouldn’t want to start a stampede. 😀

  7. No time, like the morning, to get the BBQ goin’ – did you spray a lot of fluid and say “NOW THAT’S A FIRE.”

    Pajama party combined with block party and 4th of July fireworks/sparklers, why not?

    If I had some money, I’d have been tossing some your way (like confetti) as you walked your route to the jailhouse. And the person who sprayed you with the silly string, laughing hysterically, was not I. (or my kids) It came out of nowhere. A rogue stringer.


    • I did…sprayed the lighter fluid right on the steak—gives it a fine smokey taste. I didn’t yell, “NOW THAT’S A FIRE.” But, I did yell “WHOA! WHERE’S THE FIRE?” when it didn’t start right up. Confetti money, that would have brought them out. A rogue stringing… perhaps the most diabolical of all stringing attacks. My doctor say’s my recovery will probably take months. But he’s encouraged by the fact that my hair was already stringy to begin with. 😀

    • Jan, when the guards let us out into the yard for our daily exercise routine, we’ll make a run for it, rather than parade around. But, we’ll do you proud. So sorry about the pictures though. The police took our cell phones. I’m guessing they wanted to make the 8 by 12 glossy’s for us. 😀

    • I would have been very happy to oblige the good officers. But, I suppose those HUMONGOUS crowds who follow me around can be a bit off-putting. I guess I can’t blame them too much for their abuse of power just to get my autograph. After all, writing is what I do! So, I’ll sign a few hundred autographs for the officers and move on to my adoring public.

  8. I beginning to wonder why all roads invariably lead to handcuffs. I’m beginning to wonder if you have a fixation with bars and uniforms, though that can be taken in many different ways..:)

    • You know George, you may have something there. There does seem to be this problem with law-enforcement doesn’t there? I don’t know what it is? I always seem to be on the opposite side of the uniforms. Unless this orange, jumpsuit they issued me happens to be a uniform? Maybe I’m secretly yearning to be Detective Ron Harris (Ron Glass), from the series “Barney Miller” who always had an obsession with writing Blood on the Badge or blood on something or other. That must be it. 😀

  9. Lol!! Hilarious! I can’t believe I missed it- I would have totally joined in your parade! Although I might hide under a blanket, and possibly duck into a coffee shop if any were open along the way- but I’d be with you in spirit at least one way or the other!

    • Thank you, Matt, it’ll be a pleasure to have you join us, although this cell we’re currently in is a little cramped right now. However, Big Louie doesn’t seem to object. Nevertheless, as the local police have been telling to us, “We’ve made the list” so we’ll be happy to have you join the list too, buddy. Still not sure what they meant by that though? :o.

  10. You definitely want me in your cell because the Assholes literally broke out of a jail cell at Escape Manor like a month ago. I even got out of my handcuffs. Always invite at least one escape artist to your Writers Day celebration.

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