It’z Oktoberfest Wiz Zah K!


Hello! Hello zare! Hi, can you zee me? I am zah von vaving at you! Yah, yah zhat’s me. Hello, and velcome to zah Oktoberfest wiz zah K festival, being held here in zah Kluttered Attic. Today, zah Attic is on zah road in Munich, home of zah world famous annual Oktoberfest, wiz zah K.  stock-vector-a-cartoon-illustration-of-a-german-man-in-lederhosen-waving-230922730

Zare, zare… calm yourzelf zee, becauze you are still invited. Zeeing az you are not wiz me here in zah Munich, vee vill just pretend zhat you are. Zee, zhat vay you vill not miss out on all zah fun.

Now, allow me to introduce myzelf, I am zah sarapist for zah kookie writer of zis klazy blog. Za writer? Vell he is on…zah holiday here… yah, yah, zats it, he is on za holiday!

However, zince he is inebriated and currently incapacitated—too much Good Bavarian beer for him, and maybe not enough schnitzel—I vill be conducting zah virtual tour of our Oktoberfest. Ve like to call it, Oktoberfest with zah K. Zort of a little play on zee American vay of zaying, October wiz zah C…zee?

15400396341_93e157e070_mFirst of all, you should know zhat it is Vunderbar here! Yes, zare are so many vonderful zings to enjoy. For exzample, watching all zah tuba players marching by—oh zah harmony of a finely tuned Tuba is not to be missed. Zis is followed by zah all you can eat zauerkraut. All you could possibly vant, and zen zome.

It’z a good zing too, I hate za stuff.

And ven you are done doing all zat, you can vash it all down with a big frothy stein of zah liquid gold. You may have heard of zah zong zah “Beer Barrel Polka.” Vell, ve roll out zah barrels and you do zah beer barrel polka vile dodging zem, az ve drink all zah beer.

Ha, ha, ha, but zhats Bavaria for you. Ve haz a great sense of zah humor wiz zah best beer in zah vworld. Oh…and be sure to vear your Lederhosen wiz zah funny little Alpine hat, because you never knoz vhen ve might invite you to drink from Das Boot. Yah, yah… zah boot!beer-boot

Zorry zhat my English vas not zo good, but zat happens even vhen I’m zober. I bet your German is probably not zo good eizha zoe after drinking zah beer, right?

Minolta DSC

Minolta DSC

Well, I haz to go vake up zah sleeping beauty blogger from zis nap. It’s time for zah nightlife, and zare is still zo much to do. Did you know, zhat zis kookie guy hazn’t even zeen zah parade, nor rode zah rides, or visited all zah tents wiz zah pretzels and all zah tasty bratwurst yet? No vonder he’s in zah sarapy sessions vith me!

Zoe, he still needs lotz of zah help vile on zah couch in my office.

But, az I have told him many times before, zah artificial cure is zah beer, and zhat vill do for now, until he can zit back on zah couch, come zah Monday. Good zing he’s a cash cow. Zhat means lotz more Euro’s for me.


44 comments on “It’z Oktoberfest Wiz Zah K!

    • Oh my, Van! We can’t haz zhat. Vell, if you would call my secretary, Helga, we vill try to set yuz up vis an appointment onza my couch. Togezza, we vill get to zah bottom of vhat it is zhat drives yuz klazy. 😀

  1. Paul, I loved zis. I had to laugh though because I didn’t get the “Wiz Zah K” in the title and kept reading it. Then I see “Oktoberfest with zah K” and it’s like ding,ding, ding – the light bulb came on and just like that I made the connection. So funny!!

    • Bec, it’s a pleasure to have you visiting. And I’m delighted you found my blog by way of Susie’s blog. Her blog has so many positives and is always an enjoyable read. Anyway, welcome to “The Attic” Bec. :O)

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