How A Post Was Born

Jersey City Improv

Sometimes it takes a while to come up with a quality idea that you can write as a post for your blog.

Even the non-quality ideas, like those which frequently pass for Tall Tales on this site — of which this is one.

I suppose that could explain why some folks eventually abandon their blogs. But, lets face it, ideas for posts don’t grow on trees.

Unless you’re an Arboriculturalist — where you then turn your posts into instruction manuals on how to cultivate trees and shrubs.

But, here at WordPress, bloggers seldom seem all that desperate for something to write about. Then there’s me, who can take a number of topics, scribble them down on tiny pieces of paper, dump them all into a bowl — and I still manage to fail at coming up with a post.

But not today, folks, because today I didn’t have a clue what I was going to write about — until now.

Which is why I’ve decided to tell you all about, “The Legend of Sterling Cloud.”

Sterling Cloud was an average run-of-the-mill guy — except for his name. Just like every other guy who has two ears, two eyes, two arms, two legs — two everything — maybe even two noses and two mouths!

Finding A Healing Place

Yes, Sterling is unique. I mean, really unique, because Sterling is a true silver-tongue devil. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth—everything he licks turns to silver.

That’s right. You saw Lady Gaga’s hair at The Academy Awards?

He licked it.

Utensils, platters, and coins, if Sterling licks them — Silver Alert!

The Jewellery Editor

One time, he was down this shaft in Nevada — which later became a silver mine — and someone dropped him a line. He grabbed it…

And it became a silver-lining—his silver lining.

Some would say, “Every Cloud has a silver lining.” but, I’m not entirely sure about that  — we haven’t met his parents yet.

However, I can tell you women call him the Silver Fox and at the beach, the Silver Surfer. And every Christmas, he’s never lacking for silver bells. Plus, he’s become quite famous for creating the silver screen.

He got a 27 inch TV for his birthday—and kissed it.

Also, he was the equestrian rider at the Summer Olympics who exclaimed “Hi Ho Silver, Away!” to his horse — only to have this happen to it.

Yet, not one silver medal.

That’s when he came walking into our bar and began knocking down Silver Bullets — Sterling, is rather fond of drinking Coors Light.

The Bar was called The Red Brick Inn back then, because it was made out of red bricks.  All that changed after he started drinking there.

Now folks call it, The Bar of Silver.

Seems word got out that when Sterling gets intoxicated, he’s starts staggering around and running into walls —locking lips with bricks.

Now, everyone is bringing in bricks in hopes that Sterling will pucker up and kiss their bricks.

Needless to say, he goes through an awful lot of lip balm, and the locals — a lot of bricks.

And that’s “The Legend of Sterling Cloud” and — How A Post Was Born.