The Big Lead

The Big Lead

SHOCK, SURPRISE and may all crystal balls be damned! What have we done?

Welcome to the new… DIVIDED STATES of AMERICA, Vladimir Puten couldn’t be happier.

Thus ends election night 2016—better known as “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Even Donald Trump himself said, while in Wisconsin, “Remember, we are competing in a rigged election,” which makes one wonder if he might not have been confessing rather than accusing someone…given the outcome .

As the night wore state-after-state began creeping into Donald Trump’s victory column.

Not just in one or two key states mind you—BUT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!


For weeks we all had heard the warnings of possible tampering with the Presidential Election by outside cyber attacks—possibly by Russia.

Could our crack security experts handle the problem, or would Edward Snowden and Putin’s hackers pull it off?

Our nation is now at a loss as how to explain this totally unreasonable, illogical, and absolutely ridiculous outcome.

And what is to become of our good neighbors to the north, the Canadians, now that their immigration site is crashing? Will they ever be able to erect A WALL in time to keep out all us American refugees? BETTER THAN HALF OF OUR DAMN NATION!

Or is that… a damned nation?

This morning, the majority of American voters awoke to being called, TRUMPICANS.

For some crazy reason the word RIGGED may be taking on an entirely different ring.

So many prognosticators GOT IT WRONG. Dare we say… ALL OF THEM!

Will Hillary Clinton now be the first person in the world’s newest third world country to be put before an NRA firing squad, and in front of a WALL of “The Donald’s” making, wearing only a bandana and a cigarette dangling from her lower lip?

And what of CHANGE?

Seems most of the incumbents remain in place. The obstructionist—better known as the do nothing congress—not only remain in power… BUT APPEAR TO HAVE BECOME EVEN MORE POWERFUL!

The Republicans not only control the Presidency but also the House and Senate too!

Dare we expect anything other than a new supreme court justice (supposedly a non-political position) leaning Republican as well?

Hard to imagine this was what the American voter meant when they said they wanted change. So much for CHECKS AND BALANCES.

Maybe the voters were kidding?

Is there a great hatred in the underbelly of this country? Probably. A less than HIDDEN racial divide? No doubt. Possibly NO NATIONAL HEALTHCARE? Go to Vegas and bet on it!

It’s entirely possible that the servitude of the poor to the rich is about to become even greater now as well. Working three jobs to makes ends meet may not be enough now folks.

Do I hear four jobs?

But don’t you worry, there’s a silver lining in all of this—as we all get to move up into a new tax bracket and still not make ends meet!

Getting out the vote doesn’t appear to have worked for the MAJORITY of most Americans? After all, Clinton lost in the Electoral College but carried the popular vote. Minority rules? Sound familiar? Reference Al Gore—sad, sad.

Donald Trump as President? Would you want someone doing your taxes who isn’t qualified—say nothing of not having reported any? Yet that appears to be what happened here. So what do we do now?

HOPE… that’s what, that last allie of the HOPELESS.

HOPE TO GOD aliens—or whatever powers that be—knew exactly what they were doing when they put “The Donald” into the most powerful office in all the land.

Because, as a nation, there’s just no way we could have possibly been stupid enough to have done this to ourselves, right?


Then again… “The  Donald” did give a very gracious acceptance speech, right?

Still one is left to wonder, like Robert Redford’s character did right after he won the election at the end of the film, “The Candidate”…

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