You Have A Blog, Now What?


When you look around in your attic you never know what you might stumble across. Things you’ve forgotten about are bound to get uncovered.

So this is where my old antenna ball from Jack In The Box went! I can’t believe I still have that old thing. Not having a car with an exterior antenna anymore, I wonder how it got in here—between my ears?

Oh well.

Anyway, recently I started reviewing some old thoughts I’d stored up overhead—and aside from getting a headache—I managed to dust off that old notion of starting a blog.

That’s when I discovered WordPress has well over 100 million blogs already, and yes, their bloggers have probably written everything that’s worth posting.

Got me thinking: what can I hope to gain from such a folly as starting blog number 1,986,789-in section 12A of the WordPress Blogroll, other than just a chance to humiliate myself?

Financial reward?

Unlikely, especially when you consider so few bloggers make money from writing a blog—not even chump-change. Maybe I could claim momentary insanity for embarking on such a reckless undertaking as writing a blog—but I fear momentary probably has nothing to do with it.

With monetary gain now out of the question, what other possible reason could I have to start a blog?

I know!

A little article here and there, perhaps helping to put a smile on someones face after a very long day. Or possibly giving them a nightmare later tonight?

Wait! What if I attract one of those trolling grammarians—should I attract anyone at all—after posting an article with a dangling participial, run-on-sentence, or poor punctuation…etc?

Well, I suppose that could make the troll happy, but it might leave me contemplating possible suicide over the criticism. And me not getting paid for it!

Better not risk it?. But I’m committed—or I should be.

I know… I’ll share my opinion on matters of the world! But then again, what if someone disagrees with me, or takes um-bridge with my opinion—not to mention my using the word um-bridge?

What if they ask me what the word, um-bridge, means? I’d have to go and purchase a thesaurus, thus spending all my time looking up definitions and never writing a thing!

Gee-whiz, here I am at the keyboard wondering what to write about. God help me, and he probably doesn’t care either. Or is he… a she?

Controversy… everybody loves that subject. Do I really want to go there though?

So my blog will not make money, improve on the English language, or offer an opinion… and I’m hoping to avoid controversy.

What’s left to write about?

I think I now have a handle on the challenge every blogger faces. It’s called… the blank page—and boy is it daunting.