Sherlock: It’s “The Final Problem”



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Normally I wouldn’t do what I just did above, but because I love this show so much, and obviously, a great many of you probably do as well, I just wanted to take a moment to recognize another blogger who frequently comments on Sherlock, and who also has this magnificent gift for insight. She truly offers a unique perspective on a variety of shows and movies.

First of all, though, many of you are probably aware that tonight’s two hour episode of “Sherlock” may not only be the season final, but perhaps the series final as well—I myself hope that’s a total lie. Sure, the series may have run its course, but when it was good it was very good, and if this is the end I think we all hope that it offers a satisfying conclusion.



Back in 2010 “Sherlock” made superstars out of its leads Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, both of whom are practically everywhere now, and largely the reason for such speculation.

Rebloggy.comwriting crisp and clever, jammed with so much material, it was amazing writer’s, Mark Gattis (who also plays Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s older brother) and Steven Moffat were even able to cram in so much minutiae.

Each episode features marvelous deduction sequences which often move so fast, it requires repeat viewings to catch all the crucial and important details.

Naturally, now that Cumberbatch and Freeman’s schedules are so demanding, it feels like the two years in-between each series is probably needed… just so fans can catch up!

Not every episode has been pure genius—sometimes the writing for the show is cluttered, like my attic—but it continues to consistently offer plenty of neat twist and turns to keep the show refreshing and entertaining.

Again, much like my attic writing, except that the writers of Sherlock actually offer stories which lead to rational conclusions… unlike my attic.

However, I continue to work on solving that problem and any day now I could have a breakthrough in that area—just like Hollywood could select a Star Wars film for Best Picture. In other words… don’t hold your breath.

But back to the blogger whose talent I wish to recognize.

Her name is Andrea, and her blog is named “Crime and Relative Dimension in Space” and here’s the link to it

Andrea, offers some of the best in-depth writing on shows and movies I’ve ever read.

Like the writing on Sherlock, it is truly OUTSTANDING material to review. Not only does her writing uncover a wonderful range of emotions in the characters, but her writing also offers some great observations on what is going on under the surface of those characters.

All this she presents beautifully well while touching on each of the characters true motivations, sense of humor, devotion of friendship, and of course… the cool sound deductive reasoning that permeates each episode.

There’s heart and soul here folks, and it’s sounds like she was actually in the minds of Mark Gattis and Steven Moffat when they were writing the material for the show. She’s that good!

Although, Sherlock may be coming to an unbearable end tonight (hopefully a special movie now an then would be nice), I’m hoping Andrea’s comprehensive writing will not, as it offers so much more to take in, be it Sherlock, or some other show.

She also offers insights into novels, soundtracks, games and movies, each with plenty of thoughtful commentary, offering a wealth of information to critically digest on those subjects.

So again, please check out her blog…

A Few (Subjective) Truths about Sherlock, Series 4

I really think you’ll enjoy it.