A Vote For…


I have decided, not to decide, on funding a run for President of the United States for the 2016 election. Nor have I explored, the possibility of actively, or inactively exploring the possibility of running in the next Presidential election. Neither have I felt the need to engage in double talk—well not much.

And after having carefully not carefully considered considering, I will not throw my hat into the ring for President, as I do not have a hat that would possibly fit into a ring anyway.

But someone like me, or similar to me has to lead us… but who?

Now I’ve heard it said, that others say, that Hillary Clinton has not yet committed to running in 2016. I’ve heard it said—I won’t say by who—that her not running means she’ll likely not be in peak physical condition when she does finally make up her mind to run. So may I suggest Hillary—that you exercise.hillary

And that (obviously) goes for you too—Governor Chris Christie. And you Governor Jeb Bush—you should think about it as well. And many say that that great American from Canada, Ted Cruz, seems to have a fat head, and that he should put it on a diet. I say—stop while you are a head, Ted.

And although Senator Rand Paul is running, I suspect running off at the mouth with the media (especially opposite women), may not be his best exercise.

There are others; like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who many in his state feel is not fit for office. But I’ll say this for him… he’s managed to get the opposition mad enough to exercise their right to vote against him. Great Scott! Good for you Governor Walker.

Then there is Senator Marc Rubio—who like most of the others considering running for President, just can’t come out and say he’d love to be President. Apparently this is considered a no-no by campaign advisers; as this clearly demonstrates to the public that they each have one enormous ego.

I guess, for appearances sake, it seems better to be seen acting like you don’t really care if you become President or not, by pretending you’re not interested. “Ah shucks folks, I haven’t made up my mind yet, besides; its up to you, the people (don’t forget to say that with a smile—charm).”

Translation: “Pleeease, say you like me, you really like me. Choose me and my ego, because I really need the funding in order to run, and I can’t wait to be in power—and stick it to all those naysayer’s.”

ted and blunderbusterAlso, I note you have to be a little blood-thirsty to run for President. Have you noticed how everyone who pretends to not be interested in running, is actually carrying some sort of gun around. Usually its a rifle.

Nothing wrong with having a gun, many Americans do, although they don’t make a show out of it. But does a politician really need to make a production out of it? Well maybe—if he wants the American Rifle Associations (ARA) member support, and funding for his campaign.

Why I recall carrying a gun worked out quite well for Dick Cheney a few years back, remember that?

But I’m not interested in being a write-in candidate for President of the United States. I’m not interested in being invited to a party be it Democratic, Republican, or even a Tea Party (remember—they are all mad there). All that does is create divisions which multiply, all adding up to a bunch of negatives. None of the above appear to be worthy of your support.

So who should we vote for to unite us?

Well forget President, instead vote for evil namely, Dr. Evil, and World Domination 2016! Give us your vote—or else.Doctor Evil

Paid for by “The Dr. Evil campaign for World Domination 2016.” with One Milllllion Dollars.