I Worry About Our Generous Friends


“Make yourself comfortable…what’s mine is yours.” I must admit this phrase over the years has managed to leave my wife and I set for life. The first time we heard it was when we were invited to spend the night with some friends. I remember at the time whispering to my wife, “Our friends must be loaded to be so generous.”

Of course we were young and just starting out in life, so we had many needs at the time. Seeing as we didn’t want to come across as too desperate to our friends, we were content to pack up only a couple of nice towels that we thought might look great in our new bathroom.towels

But we thought to ourselves, “How nice of Jim and Margaret to let us take what we needed.” Sure we could have probably taken more, but the suitcase was already full as we had just returned from our honeymoon, and had already squeezed a robescouple of robes from the hotel into our suitcase.

Unfortunately, for some reason, we grew apart from Jim and Margaret. We never figured out why?

Yet we will always be grateful to them for introducing us to that wonderful phrase, “Whats mine is yours.” It has allowed us to  accumulate a rather nice stash over the years.

I remember the time we were able to do some house sitting for our neighbors while they went on a cruise. They said to us, “Make yourself at home, if you need anything, anything at all…” and then they spread their arms wide and said (with a smile) those magical words, “What’s ours is yours.” Well, as you might imagine, we couldn’t believe our ears, I mean how lucky can you get, right?

It’s amazing how generous our (former) friends have been to us over the years.

Once, we were asked by some other (former) friends of ours, who were going on a vacation to Europe, if we wouldn’t mind looking after their pets. “Sure, no problem” we said.

At the time our clunker was spending more time in our driveway than on the road. Again, my wife and I couldn’t believe our ears when just before they left they said, “If you need anything while we’re gone, just help yourself—what’s ours is yours.” Well at the time we really needed a car.

After they left we entered their garage, and in our wildest dreams we never expected to be greeted with—a choice… Jaguar or  BMW?

bmwWe settled for the BMW, but in the years since, I wished we had taken the Jag instead (love Jags). Seems that when they came back from vacation, someone had stolen one of their cars, and they asked us if we had seen anything suspicious?

Since we were in and out so much of course we hadn’t we hadn’t. Plus, now that we were the owners of the Bimmer, we knew it had to have been their Jag that got lifted by those awful crooks

Worse…the police never caught the dirty bastards!

Yet, as our good fortune continues to this day, it seems many of our (former) friends are having bad experiences concerning theft.

Talk about your reversal of fortunes. Over the years, as our own financial circumstances have flourished, many of our (former) friends fortunes have continued to spiral downward. We simply can’t understand it.

This has left my wife and I at a loss for words—but fortunately for us, not at a loss when it comes to acquiring valuable merchandise. And we owe it all to our many (former) friends who taught us all about generosity through those magical words, “What’s ours is yours.”