The Corpse Blog


Now you probably think I’m talking about that Johnny Depp film. No, no, no…not RANGO! And not The Corpse Bride either, but the Corpse Blog

What’s the Corpse Blog, you ask? Well, it’s kind of like a zombie blog, only alive. A blog that suddenly comes to an abrupt end with no goodbyes or farewells, yet still up and available to read.

Of course, there was no indication that the blogger was ever going on vacation. No going out of business sign or announcement of an impending fire sale, and no suggestion our blogger was heading off to that big cloud in the sky.

Not that cloud! That other cloud, you know, the one where they take up playing a golden harp. Yeah, that cloud.

But, let’s say they did suddenly head off to the pearly gates. Does that mean we shouldn’t go back and lift some of their old posts? To read, of course.

Perhaps a little tiptoeing around the old literary tombs might give you a little better idea of what I’m talking about.

Here lies, Paul Johnson, February 22, 2011 to April 27th, 2017, long may his blog RIP (be READ INCREASINGLY throughout PERPETUITY) on WordPress that others might come to know the greatness that was…”The Good Greatsby.”

Yes, Paul may be gone, but his posts are all still there for the pilfering. Perusing, perusing!

Wait a minute! I’ve just been informed, Paul and his blog have just risen from the grave.

Well, welcome back, Lazarus! No need thanking me, Paul — not that this post had anything to do with the resurrection of The Good Greatsby. But, who knows, right?

Maybe we better move on (quickly) to some other example of a Corpse Blog.

Oh, look, look, here’s one!

Bun Karyudo, November 19, 2016, to March 28th, 2017, his blog’s passing was such sweet sorrow. But, not so on WordPress, where all of Bun’s posts still live

Like bones in an old graveyard, Bun’s posts still remain. Well almost, just take a spin over there and you’ll see what I mean. Partial posts, oh the desecration!

Yes, Doctor Bun Frankenstein’s creation lives, okay fragmented and decayed. Yet, just like he intended when he screamed those immortal words (to no one in particular) “It’s alive, it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE.”

That’s, Fronken-steen.

That last bit was perhaps a little bit of an exaggeration on my part. But, the real Doctor Frankenstein (well, the literary and film character anyway) actually did scream ‘It’s alive’ — even if it wasn’t in reference to Bun’s blog.

Yes, Bun’s blog still lives, like a corpse blog should — if only barely.

Okay, okay, look, look, this one might be an even better example of what the Corpse Blog looks like.

This tombstone reads, “In My Cluttered Attic” — DEAD AS A DOORNAIL.

Wait a minute. WHAT AN EXAGGERATION!  What are they talking about? My blog’s not a Corpse Blog. Not yet anyway — in spite of WordPress’s best efforts to prematurely embalm it.

Oh sure from time to time my blog may look like its dead — but it’s always risen from the grave.

My point is, there are loads of Corpse Blogs littered out there throughout WordPress, and all of them just waiting to be opened and explored.

Just like when Howard Carter opened up King Tut’s tomb. Oh, what treasures you’ll come away with — but watch those copyrights

Just try and embalm “The Attic?  Corpse Blog my post.

“Live, live, live my creation!”

And only on WordPress. 😀




34 comments on “The Corpse Blog

  1. Ha! Glad to see you weren’t buried alive, Paul! I’ve often wondered what will happen to my blog when I’m dead and gone. Will my kids dismantle it or will it live on forever? It may get more hits when I’m gone. You know how they say you are worth more dead than alive! ~Elle

    • Thanks’, Jan. And to think, they always tell us “Don’t go into the light.” Ha, maybe they thought we’d receive some sort of enormous bill from Pacific Gas & Electric? Hmm, on second thought, now I am scared! 😀

  2. Well give me red shoes and call me Dorothy, cause this must be Oz! I was positive that you had ventured into the great beyond…beyond what was the only lingering question. I was afraid, very afraid that mayhaps you were languishing in blogdom’s purgatory for some transgression known only to WordPress. Being a nonblogger, there was no way of my discovering your whereabouts amidst the dark recesses of the inner workings of WordPress. As over the months I have added new blogs to my WordPress subscription management page, there you were at #10 on the first page. Recently I struggled between the hope of your return from the unknown and pressing the unfollow button that would erase you forever. At times my finger hovered over that button, then hope won and you remained. I never once thought that you were a corpse, surely I would have felt the void! My hope is fulfilled, I have not waited in vain. Thank-YOU!

    • Thank goodness it was only an eyelid, Scott. Imagine what would have happened if I’d rose from the dead and declared out loud “Bring out your dead!” Might have been more than eyelids moving about the earth. 😀

  3. Haha, saw your comment on Paul’s blog and came here out of curiosity. There are several corpse blogs that I still “follow,” hoping beyond hope that one day they will pull a Lazarus and also rise from the grave!

    • I’m with ya, Mark. So many good blogs seem to have gone by the wayside of late, leaving their devoted readers scrambling for more quality posts—and sometimes having to settle for what they find on my site instead. But, I’m not complaining mind you. Who knows, maybe someday, I too might produce something resembling partial quality. Still, I miss some folks and their blogs terribly. They’re blogs were great, and they just suddenly disappeared without ever saying why. I just hope the rapture hasn’t happened and they were all swept up, leaving the rest of us here to fret over falling space junk! 😀

    • Thank you, Mitch. Glad I was just able to still rise up as well—and without having to wait until dark. That Dracula, those curfews have cost him a good twelve hours. No wonder he hired Bram Stoker to write his story—just not enough hours left in the day for him to post. 😀

  4. I forgot to comment on this post mentioning my resurrection. I do often think of bloggers who disappeared and wonder if their story is the same as mine. Sometimes I think it might just be a simple lack of interest, or inspiration, or getting busy, but other times I wonder if maybe that blogger might actually be missing or have amnesia or both, and maybe it’s up to me to send out a search party.

    • Paul, I have to wholeheartedly agree with your observations. Otherwise, there might be a lynching, and it could be mine—as you’re extremely popular with readers on WordPress. I myself have even considered starting a fan club for you. Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite got past the considering stage yet, but that’s only because I’m considered lazy. I even had to hire someone to finish typing up this response ’cause my fingers got tired. But, as for who should head up the long overdue department of blogger search parties at WordPress, I’ve actually gotten off my comfy chair and put down my TV remote (which my wife claims is nothing short of a real miracle), and nominated you for the job. I’ve even put in a good word for you with the suits at WordPress. I hear even the women over there wear them—probably because they are the bosses. I told them I was certain you would always throw the best search parties, and with lots of balloons and confetti, too. Not to mention (but I did) that you would make sure that each search party had plenty of champagne—and at no cost to them! I think that was the part that really sealed the deal for you. So, I suspect you’ll be hearing from the ladies in suits any day now. It’s great to know that whenever a blogger goes missing in the future that there is going to be a search party. You know, I can’t think of better way to get a missing blogger to return to their keyboard and start posting again, than throwing a free party. Paul, YOUR IDEA IS PURE GENIUS! No wonder we bloggers love you so much. 😀

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