Of Fools, Eggs, And Big Bunnies


To folks just waking up expecting it to be Easter Sunday, and to the rest of you waking up, but who perhaps passed away some time ago—now that’s, GULP, a scary thought—boy are you all in for a surprise today.


Gotcha! Unless, of course, you happen to be one of the zombies I just mentioned. In which case, the shoe may soon be on the other foot—my foot.

Cadavers, what merry pranksters they are. Seems there’s nothing they won’t do for a laugh.

Including, threatening to track down a ridiculous blogger for thoughtlessly playing an April Fools joke on them. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…(nervous laughter)

Ahem, but, changing the subject completely.

I’m willing to bet you’re a lot like me (NO REALLY) no doubt feelling that the best April Fools jokes are those we never see coming.

Like me doing this, my first QUALITY post in over four months—or any month for that matter, and on Easter Sunday no less.

But not just any Easter Sunday,  but an April Fools Easter Sunday.

No fooling.

And what if I were to tell you that there’s this big white fluffy bunny that loves to go around hiding COLORFUL EGGS for kids to find on Easter Sunday—even for we big kids? Would you believe me?

April Fools!

No, really, there really is a big bunny who does that sort of thing!

And I’m not talking about your average garden variety cottontail either, but a real honest to goodness giant, mythical, furry floppy eared, Easter Bunny.

You know…A REAL POOKA.


Now sometimes this bunny leaves a little surprise hiding inside the eggs. Usually it’s a little something called—real plastic grass.

But, most of the time you’ll find a piece of chocolate in there, or a small toy. And on some occasions, even a hard-boiled egg—which may have sat in the sun a little too long.

I was sick for a week after eating that one.


I know, I know, but if we’re going to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth—even if it means stretching the truth—then we musn’t hold back from telling a whole untruth, right?

Which leads me to this next bit.

Did you know that the Easter Bunny has been known to leave an egg stuffed with money? Its true.

At first, he’d start you out with just a few coins here and there. However, eventually he worked his way up to leaving me wadded up dollar bills.

Then, one year, I found an egg during an Easter egg hunt that had a couple million dollars stuffed inside!

I screamed “Hey ma, look what the Easter Bunny left me!”

Naturally, I was arrested on the spot and taken into custody for lying—by my mom! Shortly, thereafter, my mom (and the 2 million dollars) skipped town.

Years later, after the Easter Bunny her tracked down, she was arrested for embezzelment of holiday funds. She’s currently serving a life sentence in the state pen—one where they have you go in and feed and clean up after the rabbits.

Of course, not every Easter egg hunt has the same sort of happy ending.

For instance, this year I woke up to a jewel encrusted Faberge egg—the cost of which, may set the Easter Bunny back for years. But, if he thinks I’m going to return it…



Happy Easter everyone.






















45 comments on “Of Fools, Eggs, And Big Bunnies

    • Dear, Jan, thank you. We did have a very Happy Foolish Bunny Day. Although, I must say the wife struggled at times trying to explain why I was wishing everyone a Happy Foolish Bunny Day, instead of greeting everyone with that old customary (but very antiquated) Happy Easter! I fear she just hasn’t kept up with the times. Poor woman—she still worships the Easter Beagle. Anyway, let me just say how very sorry I was to hear that you had to settle for more of that messy old chocolate (no doubt melted and probably not of the See’s variety) instead of a brand new (pre-paid) Visa credit card! What a joy it was to see that the Easter Bunny has gotten away from leaving me a with different colour Hot Wheels car every year—my wife made me throw out my old Orange Plastic track from yesteryear (circa 1972), claiming it didn’t match the color scheme of her closet. Needless to say, I’ve since rushed off my wish list for the Easter Bunny to fill for me next year. I’ve asked him for a brand new (life size) Maserati—minus the plastic track. Now I realize this might work a bit of a hardship on him as he’ll probably have to start construction on an egg big enough to fit my new Maserati into it, but I’m sure his Easter elves will find a way to get it done. “Sniff” I just can’t wait until next year to get a whiff of that new car smell—plus…it’ll all be paid for too! Wahoo! 😀

  1. I have missed you…no fooling! Your Easter memories are even better than mine. Our eggs had nickles, dimes and on a good year quarters. Happy Easter! Thank-you too!

    • Thank you, Ellen, I hope yours was a Happy Easter as well. I remember those days when the Easter Bunny short-changed me too. I must say, though, that once I reported him to the Better Business Bureau, the days of being nickel and dimed to death (with an occasional quarter) soon came to a quick end—complete with a notarized letter of apology! I guess the fur really flew down there at the Easter office. I’ll bet once those egg auditors caught wind of his not leaving the full complement of cash for us egg hunters, he saw the error of his ways. I’ve heard it said that Easter Bunnies are not allowed to skim off the top like that. 😀

  2. Haha good to have you back! No one call pull off an April Easter Fools Day post like you. Other people pull it off and find a hard boiled egg inside!

    • Ah Ha! So it was you, Kate! I might have known. When I called Readers Digest to ask who’d won “The Great Easter Egg Stuffed with Cash for Life” cashiers check, they told me it was some woman who loves cats (AND STARBUCKS), but who had nothing against bunnies. It’s all so obvious now! Someone who’d never had an egg stuffed with money (a stuffed Easter Egg, money—in the form of a cashiers check) I mean, all the clues were there. How’d I miss that? 😀

    • So it wasn’t just me, huh? So it WAS a universal plot by all the parents of the world! Mom and dads are always so mean. Making us take our own dirty stinky clothes to the laundry (instead of them doing it for us), taking out the trash (even when some of it was theirs), and now this revelation! And to think; They actually gave me a choice on whether to eat dyed hard-boiled spoiled eggs or display them in my basket as spoils of victory. EKK… I MUST HAVE PICKED THE WRONG SPOILED!

    • No, I think I’m back (WordPress goes into a full-blown panic attack right about now!), just got really busy at the start of the year and out of sync with doing my blog. It’s nice to be missed, though, thanks, Ally. I shall endeavour to get busy writing my usual tripe right now—after all, I used to have standards you know. 😀

    • Scarlett!!! So happy to see you! I’m doing well thank you, and thank you for asking. You know, you’d think WordPress would occasionally be as considerate and look in on us all every once in a while, wouldn’t you? After all, aren’t we the reason they exist? But I guess not—especially since we write for free. Oh well. Anyway, how the heck are you? I hope everyone in the family is doing well, particular you. I actually was thinking about you last week while watching the Sharks and Blackhawks—not in Chicago, on TV. Anyway, we’re doing fine here and had the grandkids for Easter, but we didn’t eat em, as we thought that would be a waste of a good ham. Besides, they were to busy looking for Easter Eggs and would have worn us out trying to catch them. I hope you and the family had a wonderful Easter as well. Very happy to hear from you, Scarlett. :O)

      • Oh I’m doing well. Easter was nice with no kids around. I just don’t think I’m a very good grandmama because I’m like, “Oh that’s fine that you made other plans for Easter, catch you next week sometime for lunch 😉 (when the kiddos are at school)…I think having four boys/1daughter and all the time spent in the ER with broken bones, and the mayhem that ensues when they hit the door. Well it was just nice to get dressed up and go downtown with the other civilized adults and enjoy a brunch. I even had a mimosa, (dare I say).Then we just came home and napped, on a Sunday. Who knew life could be so nice with no kids around.
        I am sorry to say that my blackhawks will be at home (for the first time in 9 years not making the playoffs) watching the run for Lord Stanley with the rest of us. Hopefully next year will be better. Glad to hear you are doing well. Don’t be such a stranger. Scarlet

      • Well, I can’t deny that the silence which fell upon our house after the rabble departed with their ill-gotten gains (uh…Easter Eggs) didn’t sound good. In fact, there were no sounds at all after they left. So I can definitely appreciate the lack of mayhem when they’re not around. However, that doesn’t make you a bad grandmama, just one who’s fond of a good mimosa, a nice brunch, and taller people. So how long have you been hanging out with the Chicago Bulls? No wonder the Blackhawks are in trouble! As for being a stranger, I have to apologize (or APAULOGIZE as the case may be), as some other nice folks have suggested to me that they think they’ve seen my (abandoned and neglected) blog frequenting some online dating sites. It’s my fault, of course, but seems an employer found out that I’d actually work for money and tried to actually throw a pile of it at me. Naturally, they failed, though, as I was way too busy snatching it all out of their hands before they had second thoughts about the offer. Unfortunately, they still expected me to earn the money so I should fulfil the contract, and apparently, this left my blog seeking out a lonely hearts club. However, since WordPress has got me some counseling I’m almost certain I’ll become less stranger…uh…I mean, less of a stranger, in the future. So, I think there still may be hope for me, Scarlet. 😀

      • Whew. That’s one less thing I’ll have to worry about.. and money 💰 I mean work trumps the blog, no pun intended. Glad to have you back if only for today😎

      • You’re right there, Scarlet. All I have to do now is finish counting it all—to the penny. However, the bank’s president told me it’s not the bank’s policy to allow customers to count their money while sitting in their vault. So I might have to sneak out of here—wouldn’t want to cause an alarm.

      • Yeah. WAIT A MINUTE! YOU’RE GOING TO WIN THE LOTTERY TONIGHT! I don’t suppose you’d care to share the numbers with me? Right, quite right, best not share those numbers here. Then everyone would know and then we wouldn’t be able to split the pot between us. Good thinking, Scarlet. Better you text me the numbers privately. Whoops, I don’t know my own phone number—I NEVER HAVE A REASON TO CALL IT! Guess, I’m outta of luck—at least for tonight anyway.

  3. Paul, the Easter Bunny has generously left a massive quantity of Easter candy that initial estimates reveal will take until approximately Memorial Day to consume. Back in the day, my grandma used to hide plastic Easter eggs around her property for we grandkids to search for. My recollection is none of us found two million dollars. In fact, not even a million. I feel a bit shortchanged in that regard but then again, at that age, what WOULD I have done with two million dollars? Probably buy a lot of baseball and football cards, some comic books…and maybe a bunny or two (million). Have a hoppy day!

    • Eggs enough too last you until Memorial Day! Bruce, you may be the heir apparent to “Cool Hand Luke!” Yeah, grandparents were always doing stuff like that—hiding eggs for the grandkids to find. It was almost as if they wanted to keep us so busy that we wouldn’t have time to get in their hair. Not that we would ever have done anything like that—grandpa’s toupee might have come off! That kind of trauma (on top of not ever finding a million dollar egg) might have been more than we could bear. To be honest, though, I might have slightly exaggerated a little bit about how much I found in my egg. It probably was less than a million dollars. More like only a couple hundred thousand—give or take a quarter, or two. However, the idea of using all that money to buy the entire Topps Baseball Card Collection of the time is a very appealing idea to me. The spokes on my Lime-Green Stingray bicycle tires (not to mention the clothespins) might never have gone for want of a baseball card. THINK OF THE DOUBLES! Great memories, Bruce, great memories. Good to see ya, Bruce. 😀

    • It was very nice thank you, Steph. I hope your Easter was nice too. I’ve just been a little all over the map of late, but I’ve still been able to look in on you and some of my other favourite bloggers on and off. Life happens, though, and that’s also why I haven’t been as consistent at posting and commenting on everyone’s blogs of late, and I have to apologize for that. Oh, however, I should pass this along to you. Bruce told me not too long ago that he hasn’t been posting and wasn’t sure if he was going to do so very much anymore, but that he would keep looking in on us as often as possible. So, some good news there. :O)

      • Hey Paul, I’m so glad to hear you had a nice Easter. Please don’t apologize for this whole blogging thing, life does happen and it seems instead of technology making it easier in some ways it’s far more complicated. I feel like I’m all over the place and don’t even get me started on focus. You aren’t alone. Oh, and I forgot to circle back with you to let you know that Bruce did respond to my email a while back and he’s visited BBB along with a number of blogs we follow. So it is good to see him and you.

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