Men: Beware Of Having Those Adoring Eyes

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Are you the proud owner of a wife, or significant other? Well I am, and my significant other has just gotten done reminding me that I don’t own her.

“Well, you don’t own me! No one owns anybody.”

“I know that now, but can I finish writing this post?”

“I don’t know… can you?”

“Without interruptions?”

“Far be it from me to stop you.”

“Thank you, dear. Now as I was saying, I adore my significant other just as I am sure you, my readers, adore your (perhaps, ON LOAN) significant others.

However, beware if you should ever get caught ogiling your significant other with adoring eyes.”

“Like you did the other night at that party when I caught you undressing me with your eyes?”

“Yes, just like the other night. So what?”

“So you looked like a dear caught in the headlights.”

“Okay, guilty as charged. But what did I do that was so wrong? I mean, what’s wrong with a man sneaking a peek at his wife’s legs every so often?”

“What’s wrong with it? I thought I had a tear in my stockings!”

“But you didn’t, did you? Besides, I couldn’t stop staring, I was like a moth drawn to the flame. YOU WERE GORGEOUS!”


“I mean… was. Is! Are?”

“You mean you’re not sure?”

“Well of course I’m sure.”

“And all you could do was stand there stammering?”

“Well uh… uh… well… yeah.”

“Just like that, and what did I say to you?”

“You said… STOP STARING AT ME LIKE A PIECE OF MEAT, WE’RE IN PUBLIC, DUMMY! That’s what you said to me.”

The SuperHeroHype


“But honey… you reduced me into some kind of blithering idiot!”

“You did that to yourself.”

“Well yeah, but I didn’t see you as a piece of meat… I saw you with brains too.”

“That’s it! That’s it! That’s what you said!”

“What? What did I said?”

“You said you saw me with brains too!”

“Well you do, don’t you?”

“Of course I do! Makes me wonder if you have, though?”


“Men. You’re so clueless at times.”

“I’m not clueless.”

“See what I mean?”



“But dear, you made me feel like a complete fool. It was like the ground underneath me just magically opened up, and I couldn’t help but fall in. Now that I think about it, I’m not entirely sure I wasn’t shoved in?”

“You deserved it.”

“I did not!”

“DID TOO. Looking at me… with goo-goo eyes no less.”

“I don’t think I was deserved to be ditched though—in a manner of speaking. I mean what man does? All I was trying to do was be your be Lothario for the evening, and it was like you turned me into a corpse!”

“MEN… you’re all alike. Filthy lustful beasts.”

“Not true. I’m different, I’m attracted to your mind.”

“Was it walking around in stockings and wearing heels?”

“Oh I admit I might have been a little transparent the other night, and yes, I was initially attracted to your physical beauty, but once I fell in love with you I ceased being like all those young male troglodytes and evolved into…”


“That’s not fair, which is why I wanted to write this post. To tell you, and everyone else, how much I love you. And, that I’ve never lost my fascination with your MIND. Whaddya think of my post now, huh?”

“I think you need to stop staring at my backside in public.”

“But honey, dumpling, sweetheart… I’M TRYING!”

“I know.”

“Know what?”

“That you’re trying… TRYING MY PATIENCE!”

“Oh for goodness sakes, I give up. YOU WIN. Point, game, MATCH!”









30 comments on “Men: Beware Of Having Those Adoring Eyes

  1. Haha… I wish I could be witnessing one of your conversations, Paul 😄But you know what? I am sure she likes it a lot that you still look at her in such an adoring way. What woman doesn’t like to get confirmed that she is attractive and that when it comes from the closest person… I can only say, the older I get the more I appreciate such “feedbacks”.
    Fantastic post, Paul!

  2. I hate it when people eavesdrop on my conversations at home and then pretend that it happened to them. Please come and remove the spy device from my kitchen and find your own stuff to write about. Your wife cannot be exactly like me. If she is though, and you aren’t listening with a device designed by M and planted by James, then please send her my condolences. She is a brave, brave woman to let you out so often.

  3. Married life is lots of fun, as the song goes. I have a significant other, but he’s too busy correcting other people to bother with me. I slide under his radar, saying what I like– unedited. But I feel your pain…

  4. You really tried to make the argument that you were attracted to her mind? And she called you out on it because it’s similar to when you tried to convince her you read playboy for intellectual articles. Women are too smart. You should have just fessed up at the beginning. You might have been luckier than you imagined..:)

    • You know, George, I think you’re you’re right. That’s gotta be where I went wrong—that, and I also went straight to the couch. Hey, wait a minute! You mean, PLAYBOY DOESN’T HAVE INTELLECTUAL ARTICLES? 😀

      • Well, let me see. Alright, I’ve got it! I recognize King Lear as the smartest king that ever lived. I also studied “Elvis for Dummies” day and night for ten years. Did you know that he was the king of Rock and Roll? And most people only know him for being an Oscar-winning performer. Oh… and I’m a Man of Letters! That’s right, why I have a whole closet full, some even with the words, postage due stamped right on the envelope! So as you can see, George, I’m the very epitome of a critical thinker. :O)

  5. I’ve learned to not give H anything I’ve written because he would edit it down to nothing like it was! He doesn’t even read my blog unless I read it to him which isn’t very often. How would I ever get away with venting about his stuff as much if he did? Learn to advert your eyes elsewhere Paul. Your wife must have a great sense of humor! ~Elle

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