The Big Lead

The Big Lead

SHOCK, SURPRISE and may all crystal balls be damned! What have we done?

Welcome to the new… DIVIDED STATES of AMERICA, Vladimir Puten couldn’t be happier.

Thus ends election night 2016—better known as “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Even Donald Trump himself said, while in Wisconsin, “Remember, we are competing in a rigged election,” which makes one wonder if he might not have been confessing rather than accusing someone…given the outcome .

As the night wore state-after-state began creeping into Donald Trump’s victory column.

Not just in one or two key states mind you—BUT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!


For weeks we all had heard the warnings of possible tampering with the Presidential Election by outside cyber attacks—possibly by Russia.

Could our crack security experts handle the problem, or would Edward Snowden and Putin’s hackers pull it off?

Our nation is now at a loss as how to explain this totally unreasonable, illogical, and absolutely ridiculous outcome.

And what is to become of our good neighbors to the north, the Canadians, now that their immigration site is crashing? Will they ever be able to erect A WALL in time to keep out all us American refugees? BETTER THAN HALF OF OUR DAMN NATION!

Or is that… a damned nation?

This morning, the majority of American voters awoke to being called, TRUMPICANS.

For some crazy reason the word RIGGED may be taking on an entirely different ring.

So many prognosticators GOT IT WRONG. Dare we say… ALL OF THEM!

Will Hillary Clinton now be the first person in the world’s newest third world country to be put before an NRA firing squad, and in front of a WALL of “The Donald’s” making, wearing only a bandana and a cigarette dangling from her lower lip?

And what of CHANGE?

Seems most of the incumbents remain in place. The obstructionist—better known as the do nothing congress—not only remain in power… BUT APPEAR TO HAVE BECOME EVEN MORE POWERFUL!

The Republicans not only control the Presidency but also the House and Senate too!

Dare we expect anything other than a new supreme court justice (supposedly a non-political position) leaning Republican as well?

Hard to imagine this was what the American voter meant when they said they wanted change. So much for CHECKS AND BALANCES.

Maybe the voters were kidding?

Is there a great hatred in the underbelly of this country? Probably. A less than HIDDEN racial divide? No doubt. Possibly NO NATIONAL HEALTHCARE? Go to Vegas and bet on it!

It’s entirely possible that the servitude of the poor to the rich is about to become even greater now as well. Working three jobs to makes ends meet may not be enough now folks.

Do I hear four jobs?

But don’t you worry, there’s a silver lining in all of this—as we all get to move up into a new tax bracket and still not make ends meet!

Getting out the vote doesn’t appear to have worked for the MAJORITY of most Americans? After all, Clinton lost in the Electoral College but carried the popular vote. Minority rules? Sound familiar? Reference Al Gore—sad, sad.

Donald Trump as President? Would you want someone doing your taxes who isn’t qualified—say nothing of not having reported any? Yet that appears to be what happened here. So what do we do now?

HOPE… that’s what, that last allie of the HOPELESS.

HOPE TO GOD aliens—or whatever powers that be—knew exactly what they were doing when they put “The Donald” into the most powerful office in all the land.

Because, as a nation, there’s just no way we could have possibly been stupid enough to have done this to ourselves, right?


Then again… “The  Donald” did give a very gracious acceptance speech, right?

Still one is left to wonder, like Robert Redford’s character did right after he won the election at the end of the film, “The Candidate”…

Hands On

Hands On


63 comments on “ARE WE WITH STUPID?

  1. Guess we’ll only really know in hindsight in a few years from now whether america was right or wrong here. Lets hope that we all don’t feel regret looking back from then

  2. With a friendly Congress, we might actually get something done now. We’ve been stagnant for a lot of years now and slowly drowning, (Obama-care imploding for example), let’s give him a chance – after all – he isn’t even a politician.

    • I agree GP. We do need to give the man a chance. I admit to not being too crazy about what Trump stood for while on the stump—repealing the ENTIRE healthcare reform act (perhaps a change of heart, since he has said he feels he can fix it rather than do away with it completely), his sexist comments (he’s suppose to represent men and women as president), racist remarks (disconcerting for a man who is suppose to lead our melting pot of a nation)—just to name a few. But since his election, he has appeared consolatory and sincere at times, about perhaps amending some of his comments and behavior, and trying to be more presidential. If only the poor man could get out of his own way—needs to think before he tweets! Saying that the protesters are “professional protesters” will do little to mend fences. As for his not being a politician, well I think he is going to have to learn real quick, because like it or not. that’s what a president is because he has to govern now and set policy for the whole nation. In any event, it’s pretty hard for the majority of voters (they went Clinton) to be asked to give the man a chance when Mitch McConnell was yelling that he and most Republicans were going to make sure Obama was only a one term president, and then proceeded to act as obstructionist by doing little as a congress, who were supposedly representing the people. So the worry becomes; now that the congress have a Republican president (and in many respects, one they didn’t support), will they get busy and pass bills on behalf of the nation (as a whole), or just bills that mostly benefit only their party? Because if that’s their definition for getting things done—it might not be in the best interest of UNITING a nation which now appears to have a huge chasm between those that have, and those who have not. So I hope that what happened during the campaign to become president (the nastiness) was just whatever he had to do to get elected (people do strange things and tell lots of lies to get elected, it’s what a politician does), but are not his true feelings as to who he really is. Guess time will tell, GP.

  3. I’m dizzy with shock. I hope I’m still sleeping and this is just a nightmare that goes away. Or is it a four-year nightmare here to stay? Let’s hope it’s not an eight-year nightmare.

  4. One of your best posts. People voted for change — to no healthcare, open racism and the ability to say and do bad things to women among other things. I am hopeful that he tempers down with his rhetoric and maybe does something that is good for the general people. I would prefer if he paid his taxes too. It’s one day at a time. Sometimes something unexpected happens but it leads to something else that is better.

    • Thank you Kate, and I do hope you’re right. He has recently said that he really wants to help the people, and for the hate he fostered on the campaign trail, to come to a stop. The only worry I have about that is, once that kind of genie is out of the bottle (hate and violence against anyone who doesn’t agree with you) it then becomes nearly impossible to get it back in—because those kind of folks usually become down right unreasonable and feel their having won means… it’s now open season on anyone who was opposed to their way of thinking. ;O)

      • I’m am with you on that. The more I read about his style (even post election) the more I worry that he will be brutal with opposition. Even paranoid. Making nice now won’t work with me. I need to see some reconciliatory actions and I haven’t yet. I want to see moderates on his team. I like your statement about the genie. It’s also like Pandora’s box. You can’t put it back. Then there is my Mom’s favorite, “a leopard doesn’t change it spots.”

      • Let’s hope that doesn’t apply to big orange trolls, too. I mean, some unifying words followed by some decisive actions to match on Donald’s part, would go a long way towards healing the country right now. A dose of of good humor on everyone’s part also wouldn’t hurt. But that last part might be even harder to come by right now. Both sides should try to put aside their differences (particularly the two main party’s) for the sake of the country. Or learn the meaning of the word—bipartisanship.

  5. Ditto what Suze said. I’m disheartened, but less flabbergasted than most people because I live in a conservative part of a conservative state where people don’t understand how to vote in their best interests. Facts + logic? What the hell kind of nonsense is that? Better to rely on what the talking heads on Fox News tell you to do. Them folks has got your back.

    • Well you know the media, Ally—all they do is lie! Or… at least, that’s what our new president has told us. Of course, this whole thing just defies logic anyway—lets not confuse everyone by bringing facts into it. 😀

  6. Really people … He’s not a politician so it’s already a win, win !!! We’ve already been in a nightmare for 8 years…2 percent growth and that’s a good thing. No wonder he’ll be able to double this country’s growth. Democratics had their chance, now let’s just see what the Republican’s do. I’m going to sit down now and take cover for my comments 🙂 Sorry, I have to believe in this…I’m a pro-lifer ❤

    • Definitions of a politician—Candidate for elected office; One who seeks to govern and set national policy. Either of those apply. More humorous definitions are—”I have always felt that a politician is to be judged by the animosities he excites among his opponents”—Winston Churchill. Rather damning… that one. “Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river (OR WALL, as the case might be)—Nikita Khrushchev. Almost as damning, but then, Nikita was Russian and I won’t go there. “A fool and his money are soon elected”—Will Rogers. That one could almost speak for itself. Usually, though, It’s generally someone stupid enough to want the job. And, All politicians lie. It’s an occupational hazard. But that one just stands to reason. As for: Let’s see what Republicans can do? I’m assuming other than the do nothing congress of the last eight years—which did virtually nothing BUT obstruct—all I can say is…we agree to disagree there—which I think, by the way, is the proper way for all candidates (Hillary included) and party opposites to behave. You see, “Democrats never agree on anything, that’s why they’re Democrats. If they agreed with each other, they’d be Republicans. And I’m not a member of any organized party… I’m a Democrat” —again, that was Will Rogers. As for Pro-Life… that’s an admirable stance as all life is precious. But what of the poor woman who gets raped (wife, daughter, or someone’s granddaughter) who has no say in the matter, simply because a man feels he can do it to her. Unfortunately, however, that was not the lone issue at stake in this election. In any event Scarlett, we both have points of view, and we expressed them without yelling or resorting to name-calling, which is how it is suppose to be done in this country—Or at least, it used to be. Respect, respect for each other’s difference of opinion. I feel that’s what our forefathers envisioned. And I do respect your point of view, as they have equal merit. :O)

      • OMG I got scared when I saw how long your reply was then I went whew b/c I thought you stopped following. As far as the pro life thing that’s not up for debate so don’t worry I won’t try to convert you. I’m so glad you’re still hanging around you goofy little man 💞💞. Blessings and thank you for your thoughtful reply !!

      • You’re welcome Scarlett. My god what’s wrong with people these days, right? I mean you and I can be civil even when not always seeing eye-to-eye. You would think everyone could appreciate that we all have divergent points of view that have some kind of merit, otherwise people wouldn’t hold so dearly to them. The problem seems to be in not bothering to talk with one another and trying to understand why folks might not share others points of view. I think only then can this nation (and the world) learn to work together. A joy as always Scarlett. :O)

  7. Hmmm? I dare say, if the outcome had been the opposite, the same may have been true, with the grumbling from the other half of the country. I’m just glad it’s over, H is away from that TV, and may now get my outside shed installed! Great post! ~Elle

    • No doubt, Elle. If Hillary had won the Republicans would likely threaten court proceedings for impeachment, and or, continue to block and do nothing in congress until they got their way. Divide and conquer—but never come together for the good of the nation… because the majority should rule. I fear our enemies are licking their chops because they see us falling apart from within—like ancient Rome did. Is it going to take something like creatures from outer space to make us all come together and unite for the benefit of all mankind? ;O)

  8. lol…you’re too funny, Paul. Seems like the only poll that got it right came from your home state. Go figure. It should be quite a wild ride. Best we all buckle up. After all, we are in an amusement park, aren’t we?

    • You might be right, George. But Newt Gingrich said, that the Republicans virtually ignored pouring money into California because they always lose out here, and that it didn’t matter anyway, because the electoral college vote was all that mattered. No wonder we in the west feel our vote doesn’t count—apparently we’re not Americans. No wonder California wants to become independent. Even Canada is inviting Washington, Oregon, and California to sing “Oh Canada!” That outta help the GNP…but probably not the GOP. 😀

      • Lol…but they are right. The popular vote is irrelevant. They just concentrate on states. The Rep. Ignore Calif and NY because they don’t feel they have a chance. But that’s one heck of a running start when you win those two states.

      • Well it can be George… but according to the GOP no one lives in those two states! Oh you might hear a peep or two out of them from time-to-time, but that probably comes from nothing more than the androids who reside there. Devoid of any feelings, thus, absent of any emotion. So what’s the point in any of us (particularly in those two states) getting angry that our vote doesn’t matter. Because apparently, we’re all suffering from some sort of detachment. Androids without a country—or a say. What’s the world coming to? 😀

    • Yes Jay… half the nation is in mourning. The other half is laughing and jumping all over their grave, and enjoying every minute of it! That outta bring us (us being short for the United States) together. No respect for the dead. No wonder Rodney Dangerfield is turning over in his grave. 😀

  9. Good points… I like the funny twists as always…. It seems to put us at ease… And I speak of us, because this election might have straight impacts in the economy of Argetina, alongside many other countries. USA has always been in charge in the UN and there are wars in many places with american troops so…
    Anyway, after all what I read and heard, I can´t but wish you the best. I think things will work out for you regardless of all the threats and menaces… actually I am not too concerned about that, as I think it was part of the acting to catch the ultra conservative right wing voters…. sending love!

    • Aquileana, as always, your comments come straight from the heart, and I concur with you. I too believe a lot of what Donald Trump said on the campaign trail, was said in order to capture the attention of ultra conservative right wing voters, and it obviously worked—or he couldn’t have won the election. I also hope there may be more to the man than meets the eye—meaning he may be deeper than we imagine, at least I hope so. Therefore, he might genuinely try to act in the best interest of all Americans (no matter what their ethnic backgrounds), and the worlds people. But, there are those who he has surrounded himself with, and many of them are scary indeed. They are part of a party which has done its level best to gather money and power, all the while catering to those who hate and advocate violence against anyone who dares speak out against their activities. Even resorting to belittling and using name-calling to stifle free speech—which by the way, happens to be little more than half the nation. Sadly, that doesn’t bode well for Mr. Trump possibly trying to do right by all Americans—and the world in general—if he is indeed serious about uniting the country in his attempt to make America great again. Particularly when the voters he initially catered to to get himself elected feel that what his being elected really means, is to empower them to squash freedom of speech—if it doesn’t agree with their own agenda—and bully or deport any ethnic group who cares to disagree with them. In essence, its like saying (well, in their version of the United States anyway), we’re actually living a lie. Thus, not making America the land of the free or home of the brave. But rather, a nation of the suppressed, where bullies are free to run amuck (the perfect word for these people)—full of hate and drunk with power—to do as they please behind the protection of a party in power, which seems bent on hijacking the constitution of a country—claiming to be the last bastion of hope for the world—but to serve only their own selfish wants and needs. Its, therefore, my hope that Mr. Trump is more than he appeared to be while on the campaign trail, and that he actually is capable of doing things his own way. Thus, uniting the country by not acting as an obstructionist—in spite of the party he represents wishes, and which didn’t want him in the first place—and working in the best interest of everybody in the country, by walking the middle—after all, it’s impossible to please everyone, or win every vote. Like President Obama said, “We need to give him time.” I feel there is nothing wrong with the protest (as the other side probably would have done so too if they had lost) as they serve to remind Mr. Trump, that he must reach out to help unite the other half the nation which did not vote for him, as the country as a whole, has many diverse needs—which will make us all greater.

    • “Malawaulee gum gum pillynock, Bruce.” which I think is Paulanese for, “I did and thank you for those kind wishes, Bruce.” But I can’t be certain, as I’m still creating our language and it’s entirely possible that I told them “Drink milk and eat the Oreo cookies before I consume them all myself and gain an enormous amount of weight.” In any event, I hope you’ll accept my similar well wishes for you to have a safe, fun, and Happy Thanksgiving with your loving family as well. I felt the need to say that in English, since my Paulanese is not so good and is still a work in progress. :O)

  10. Few words won’t do because I have too many words, but I really like this post. Recent events have me tightening my rope on hope and pulling for a miracle.

  11. I hate to sound like a cynic here but, yeah I said but. In my opinion with the candidates from which we had to choose we would have lost either way. Hillary was way too arrogant and Donald, was, well Donald. Like one of your other commenters said, I’m just glad its over with and I’m hoping and praying for the best. By the way Paul I loved the way you responded to Scarlett–we need more of this type behavior, it’s what used to be referred to as an “adult.” Having respect for one another even though we may disagree is a good thing. There’s just so much anger it seems like we’ve lost the art of real communication.

    • I think you’re right there, Stephanae. We live in a nation based on the freedom of speech (not always practiced, perhaps out of fear of retaliation, or even accepted as what we regard as a way a civilized nation should behave), but where views can, and should be exchanged with respect to understanding, that we don’t always agree. Men and women we respect, have fought and died to defend that right. And let’s face it; there has never been a single president who has ever received 100% of the vote, so we’re bound to disagree. But it shouldn’t be with hate, otherwise, we’ll never be the United States of America. Agree, or disagree with whoever gets elected, we owe it to that person to support him in what we hope will be the practice of a bipartisanship government for all the people… not the party’s—whether Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or otherwise. And if after four years there is a proper give and take, then he (or she) should get re-elected. If not… then that’s why we hold elections to give people a chance to make a change. Civil discussion, not hurling profanities and making threats— telling fellow Americans to like it or leave—at those who disagree, or who fail to share the same point of view is what creates division. We owe it to ourselves to work together for everyone. Hopefully that’s what will happen.

      • Very well said Paul. I think part of the problem is the climate we live in. The internet has given a platform to any and everyone and unfortunately the downside is not everyone will ask questions or look any further than Facebook or Twitter. I miss the days when people could reason and apply problem solving skills. Even though there’s always been the “follow the herd” mentality it’s just too easy for people to listen to others than to think for themselves. As someone who can be opinionated on occasion I’m always impressed when I talk with someone on the other side of an issue and they can make logical argument that eventually will cause me to pause and sometimes even change positions.

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