Need Vs Want



Have you ever noticed how we never really get what we want, only what we need? We’re always left wanting something better. It’s like our current presidential election.

Here we’ve been given a couple of candidates from our two largest party’s (as if any other party stood a chance of ever getting noticed) from which to choose a president…


You would think that in a country as big as ours, there would be a much better pool of candidates from which to choose, right?

Is it too much to ask for a candidate who looks similar to (you can fill in the blank, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder), but who also has the brains of an Albert Einstein or a Judit Polgar.

I fear we’ve become like those women in the television commercials from some years ago.

Remember? They’d receive this beautiful watch as a loving gift, and then proceed to express disappointment by saying, “Well yes it’s a great watch (NOT), but what I really wanted was a Longines.”

What? You mean the Christian Dior is not good enough for you?

Only, we’re not getting anything quite the caliber of a Christian Dior here—no, not for this election. Maybe a watch you’d find in a box of Rice Krispies, perhaps. But a Citizen Eco-Drive?

Uh… no.

You see, it’s just not good enough to NEED something anymore, when what we really WANT… is something better.

Take for example: wanting a new car. But not just any car… a brand new Maserati! (Whaddya say, honey?)

Or let’s say your wife has recently told you that your nuts and need a new brain. Hey, what a coincidence! Anyway, you contact Princeton and inquire about purchasing Einstein’s.

A new washer and dryer? Sure, but can it come with someone who’ll do my stinky laundry too—and for free! Admit it, who wouldn’t want a million dollars? But then again, a billion dollars sounds even better.

Yes, I’d like to look like a Greek god, but I guess I’ll just have to settle for looking like George Clooney, instead. (Hey, why all the laughter?)

And think back to that Christmas morning when we were all kids. There our gifts sat under the tree. We couldn’t wait to tear through all the wrapping paper for that one toy that we’d yearned for all year long. Only to unwrap it and find… we gotten clothes, instead.

You thought to yourself: Is this somebody’s idea of a bad joke?

And that’s just like this presidential election. Here we are stuck having to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Dan of the Day

Are you kidding me? Please say it ain’t so?

See, what we really want (demand actually) is another choice for president. Surely there must be someone else from which to choose? Someone stable and not prone to speaking without thinking first. Someone who is honest and upright.

A politician? Ha, ha, ha! Yeah right. (dripping with sarcasm)

Come to think about it, though, maybe all those women wanting a Longines for Christmas wasn’t all that selfish a desire, after all.

Not when you put it in the context of what we’re all about to wind up with for a president come this January.


31 comments on “Need Vs Want

  1. You guys should put both of them on an episode of Jeopardy and whoever wins is your new President and whoever loses goes home with participation trophy. That’s how we do it in Canada, at least!

    • Well with Alex Trebec being Canadian and all, that makes perfect sense. And I agree that the one who loses SHOULD get the participation trophy. I hear the trophy’s actually a crown adorned with moose antlers on top. If that’s so—and should the loser turn out to be The Donald—it might be a marked improvement for the top of his head—that is, should he decide to wear it all the time like around town, in the shower, and when he goes to bed.

  2. Oh my, such excitements: this is the first presidential election since we moved to America…and I must admit we asked ourselves the same question: on a daily base, we meet the most fantastic and loveliest of Americans…and these are the candidates??? I feel sorry for my (real) American friends who have to vote…

    • All I can say is thank you, Johanna. It’s a tough call indeed. I think most voters would have loved to had a better choice, but this is what we have to work with. The way I see it a no vote is a wasted chance to have a say. And to write in someone else, other than the main two people would be essentially doing the same thing. Which leaves us trying to pick the one candidate that has the best experience in politics—since this is a political job that demands some experience in the business of dealing with, not only foreign policy with other governments, but domestic policies as well. Like my wife says; you don’t want a dishwasher with no accounting experience to be doing your taxes for four years, that is, not if you don’t wish to contend with the IRS down the road. So like the person or not—sense they all lie and don’t address the issues anyway—take the more experienced individual who is qualified for the job and at least knows and understands the ins and outs of the job. Whether they are your cup of tea or not, at least they know the job, and are best qualified for it. So, I think that makes the most sense in this crazy of the craziest mudslinging elections. 😀

  3. My wife is on hold with Princeton right now inquiring the price of that brain. I don’t know how she plans to swap mine out (or if she can even afford it) but I’m voting to keep the incumbent one. Me: “Sweetie, sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.” Paul, maybe that applies to Election Day as well…!

    • Bruce, I think there is a great deal of truth in your statement. I suspect the country may feel the same way. But one thing has become painfully apparent. We are no longer united, and I’m not sure what it will take to bridge that kind of great divide. If only self-serving party politics and obstructionist like thinking could be replaced by sacrifice on the behalf of the good of the majority—namely what is in the best interest of the country and its people—then maybe we could come together and conduct a civil discourse on the issues that tax us all.

  4. Oh hey Paul, since I’m late to the party I thought I should let you know that I wrote in your name on my ballot. I thought you wouldn’t mind and after all between Trump and Hill, well, you were by far a much better candidate. I can’t tell you how devastated I was when you didn’t win but, hey, there’s always 2020.😜

    • LMAO! I’m so sorry Steph. And when I say I’m sorry I mean as in one sorry candidate, particularly since I seem to have mislead so many voters. But at least I got one vote. If only I’d had the foresight to start a beer party instead. But no, I had to go and talk about the issues that mattered and start a block (as in a blockhead) party. Under the beer party I might have been able to get the Electoral College to fall under the influence. Oh what might have been! 😀

      • Now a beer party is one I could get behind. Hahaha! Yeah, what in the world were you thinking, talking about issues and such? Oh well, we’ll just wait and see what happens. At least we won’t be bored.

      • I temporally lost it there for a moment. But after I got out of Happy Acres, the spin doctors tell me I’ve been making real progress. I’ve discovered you don’t need to mention the issues to become President of the United States. All you have to really do is accuse everyone else of not discussing the issues! Well that, and be really, really, rich. But I’m working on that last part too. You see, my recycling has been really building up of late, especially since I’ve taken to drinking more alcohol to forget my ridiculous mistake of trying to discuss the issues in the first place! But you can bet I won’t make that mistake again! 😀

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