The Virtual Reality “In My Cluttered Attic Bloggers Convention” Goes Mobile

So far, we’ve had three wonderful days at the “In My Cluttered Attic” virtual reality convention here in Las Vegas. However, it got a little crowded on Monday at Caesars Palace. Tried to squeeze 3 dozen of us into their tiny 3,500 seat convention hall.

Then security thought my friend, Sarah, and her dog Choppy (a true master of disguise) were trying to crash the party.

Then good old George showed up with a class of second graders—George is a teacher. You see, when I said convention, George just raced right over with class in tow.

He’s suspected for some time now that I might just be a visitor from another planet—another universe, George. Its a long story. Anyway, I guess he didn’t want to miss out on the chance to meet us aliens. Security must have thought they’d put us over capacity.

So that’s why we’re moving… across the street to… The Ballagio!

Well that, and the fact that Caesars asked us to leave.

Apparently, they were expecting us to pay for all those rooms and, not to mention the convention center.

And I want you to know how badly I feel about the forced march up the strip in our PJ’s after our eviction from the Palace—but our departure was rather sudden.

However, thanks to the wonderful help from Caesars security detail—and the Las Vegas police department—we made it.

Thanks fellas… we wouldn’t have done it without ya.

I didn’t worry too much about Susie Lindau making it up the strip. She can probably ride her bike up Mt Everest if she chose to do so. Possibly run all the way to Reno if she had a mind too. I swear, nothing keeps that woman down.

Nor did I worry about Stephanae McCoy not making it up the strip, in spite of being legally blind. Steph can probably see all of us better than we see ourselves. And Tikeetha well she’s tough enough that that big bad trip up the strip presented no real obstacle at all.

I did, however, worry a bit about my friends Jodi and Lynn from, as they had a lot of art, photographs, and food to haul up the strip for us to enjoy.

But that’s who they are!

Anyway folks, I think you’ll find the new accommodations here, more to our liking. This time I made sure of it, because it’s virtually paid for. And the desk clerk did promise to get our clothes back to us by Christmas. So all’s not lost.

Just our money, luggage, and dignity.

Nevertheless, I’m sure Bitter Ben, will let a few bitter comments concerning our ordeal show up in his Friday giftures to help ease our pain.

At least we got to pose for some pictures. Can’t say I enjoyed the profile shot all that much. Got my worst side. So I went with the other photo, although it makes me look like I haven’t shaved or ate in weeks. But it’s all about free publicity! Right?

Still, I think I would have fared better if Cindy Knoke took our pictures.

She has so much experience with taking photos as she travels the world. In fact, her photos are so good, I’d be willing to bet that a photo shoot with her might deemphasize my nose.

Anyway, I hope you all have a chance to check out the fine “In My Cluttered Attic” merchandise, when you enter the hall.

I’m especially fond of the “In My Cluttered Attic” monogrammed caps. Now you too, can have a Cluttered Attic, just like mine!

Bet that put all your minds at ease.

Well, until the next update…”Stay thirsty my friends.”




63 comments on “The Virtual Reality “In My Cluttered Attic Bloggers Convention” Goes Mobile

    • Your welcome, Susie. So little time, so many buffets to choose from. Make sure you go to the lunch buffets, After 4:oo these buffets act as if you were one of the two or three people who hit a jackpot here. I’m still looking in the bottom of my wife’s purse for enough to accompany my family to a buffet. And a tip is out of the question.

  1. That is a bummer that Ceasar’s Palace actually wanted you to pay for the convention center and food! I thought that when you are as popular and important as you are that they would gladly give it all free!

    • I just don’t know, Scott. I can only assume that once they caught sight of all of us in their buffet area, they maybe they felt we all looked a little like linebackers for the Denver Broncos, and were afraid we would leave them with nothing. I myself was snagged at the collar by this 280 pound behemoth called a security guard. In mid bite of a delicious sliced cut of roast, he unceremoniously tossed me out and onto my other empty platter. The nerve of that guy!

    • Yeah. Who did they think they were messing with when they sent us all on that forced march down the strip… in our PJ’s no less? Members of the French Foreign Legion? I think they underestimated who they were dealing with. All I can say is; wait until Friday Caesars… you’ll get yours in giftures!

  2. It wouldn’t be the first time we had crashed a party (I have a rather extensive list of parties I’ve crashed over the years). Security may have known we were trouble. Or maybe we’re falling victim to the “stays in Vegas” portion of the slogan, because, well, there are things in that category of our lives as well.

  3. Paul, that Vegas convention is like one standup comedy! Hilarious! 😂 Awesome how you incorporate all these wonderful bloggers and make it one blogger meeting. This is absolutely amazing! Paul, you are a star!

      • I absolutely do, Paul! I don’t just say it. I admire people who are carrying the reader in a whole different place and you are a master in that…. you definitely have the ability to give us our needed dose of smiles and laughter. 😊

      • For some reason, WordPress thought this comment was spam. Well, I’ve had spam and let me tell ya, this comment is not spam. Were it spam, I might have ate it and that would have been that. So in response, I love that you think I’m a master at taking you and my other readers in different directions. It’s all part of my master plan at helping you all reach my laughing place. By the way, it to is cluttered. 😀

      • That is why we all follow you! We love to visit your cluttered laughing place, Paul… and don’t dare to ever clean up!
        Oh well, again spam! That is tiring! Thanks for not eating me up! 😃

      • It was the least I could do. Now on the other hand, the most I could do would probably require me to get off the couch and initiate a massive protest against WordPress—maybe taking it all the way to the supreme court—and starting a movement, whereby, I lead a march on Washington D.C.—because I don’t have any idea where the offices of WordPress are—that would likely result with me possibly getting arrested and spending a night in jail sharing a cell with some smelly riffraff, who then beat the mess out of me for saying something stupid—which I am notorious for—leading to my picture be hung in a post office after I desperately perform a jailbreak only to wind up on the FBI’s 10,000 Most Wanted list—because I’m small potatoes—thus helping you to realize how lazy I’ve become during this massive revolt against WordPress, all because I chose not to do the most I could do to do. Of course, I feel awful about it.

      • 😮😮😮… you know what? I will never ever complain about me being spam at times! I would never forgive myself for all that would happen to you!

      • Well, it’s only the worst case scenario. But, it’s just as well, as I probably shouldn’t attempt to try and explain the best case scenario. That might take three hours to explain, and I only have 2 hours and 59 minutes of explanation time left—according to WordPress. :O)

  4. Why is it I show up at every convention and conference and no one ever notices me? Could it be the toilet plunger I wear on my head? It can not be that….I know I have never been invited to any conventions or conferences but that should be totally beside the point…..and it is possible (only slightly) that the last one I attended I was forced to hide in the broom closet off the back stairway and failed to appear for the wrap up party…but that was only because my foot got stuck in the mop bucket. But, you’d think someone would notice a lady of a certain age with a toilet plunger hat and a mop bucket for a shoe. sigh………..

    • Sis, is that you? Well that certainly goes a long way towards explaining the resemblance. For years I thought I was just a unicorn with a club foot! Being a twin is a whole lot better. I think you’ll love Saturdays convention.

      • if ya let me in for pete’s sake………where is Pete anyway? I spotted him once in the bar but then that six foot tall redheaded woman (I hope it was a woman, we were at that drag review) came along and he disappeared. sigh

      • Are you kidding, you’ll be the life of the party! Pete is probably still at Caesars trying to settle our bill. Wait a minute, six foot tall redhead! THAT WAS HENRY TRYING TO SNEAK INTO THE CONVENTION! That must have been some date!

  5. I thought I recognized you in that photo. I remember when you bought those pj’s. That’s for the shout out, my friend. It’s always a pleasure to be honored in your cluttered attic..:)

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