No Post Today And It Is Not Open To Debate

This being Friday and all—and the weekend being upon us—WordPress would probably like nothing better than for me to do a post. Someone in Timbuktu once said, “WordPress always benefits whenever ‘The Attic’ goes to post. That is in no way an outlandish statement—see, I am not a politician.

But, as I told WordPress, if Donald Trump refused to do a debate last night because Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was going to be a moderator, then I couldn’t do a post today! No particular reason, I just like to do and say crazy things because it sets me apart from the rest of the crowd.

And I simply refuse to debate this issue with any fellow blogger, so there.

It’s not like I care for Fox News or Megyn Kelly—I’m more a CNN Erin Burnett kind of guy. No, this is all about not making a point of not having a point to make.

It just so happens that I believe it’s important to do something pointless whenever one is trying not to make a point at all.

Oh, and by the way, if WordPress really wants me to contribute a post to their platform today, they better cough up $5 million dollars to my favorite charity—ME! Talk is cheap, but writing cheap talk with real words is gonna cost me a lot of gray matter.

Also, I’m basically skipping out on today’s post because I think WordPress has been unfair to me of late. They’re always changing their platform around, thus making it more difficult for me to write nonsense like this, which has no bearing on the Presidential campaign, I might add—but I never subtract.

However, if they apologize, I might reconsider coming back and writing something more absurd than this.

So instead of showing up to do a post on WordPress, I’m just gonna go down to the Vets office. See, I want the veterinarian to donate to MY cause as well—the shots for my dog are costing me a mint!

Now I’ve not heard any of my rival blogger’s calling me a bimbo or anything like that. Or that I don’t write real good, or that I don’t make any sense—besides, my writing never makes any cents because I’m a poor sap writing at WordPress. However, I’m sure they’ll be lots of name calling after they get a load of this bull.

All I do know is, I’m the best unpaid writer at my blog, and I’m nobody’s apprentice!

Furthermore, I won’t resort to name calling of any kind—I’ll leave that to ‘The Donald.’ I can’t resort to name calling anyway, I don’t know anyone by name down at WordPress.

And as for any reader out there who might feel offended by my blathering on here? Well, all I’m going to say is; I’ll likely get more views and comments than any of you today.

Why you ask?

Because you’re all gonna be so ticked off at me when I tell you; I only wrote all of this crazy, shocking, controversial stuff as a way of drawing attention to my blog and myself.

You see, I don’t have weird hair like Donald Trump. That’s why I wrote a strange post, in order to stand out from the rest of today’s posts.

How else am I going to get attention if I’m not going to take this blogging thing seriously.









95 comments on “No Post Today And It Is Not Open To Debate

  1. I’m so disappointed, Paul. Here I was looking forward to a post, but nothing at all from you. It’s all so sad. I blame Donald Trump. I’m not sure why I blame him in this particular case, except that he’s an idiot and that’s a good enough reason to think he must have a hand in your uncharacteristic silence. I can’t imagine why you chose to go quiet like this, leaving us all waiting without so much as a peep from you. I hope you come back to us soon and start writing posts again.

    • Bun, I can well understand how my absence might affect everyone here. But, I can’t be budged on this issue—Unless, of course, a blank check should come my way, get deposited into my account, and then clear. Then I might feel compelled to bless WordPress and my readers with some more of my writing. Mind you, I don’t need their money… I just want it is all. But until then, not another word. 80,000 words maybe, but another word? No.

      • I can see you are deadly serious about this and your comment thread, like your blog, has become a great wall of silence.

        I have no alternative but to send you a blank check. I’ll do it just as soon as that other wall of silence, WordPress, sends me the vast millions they owe me for doing all this content writing work for them.

      • I had to take a vow of silence if only for the sake of WordPress blogger’s everywhere. Apparently the wall of silence I put up has worked. WordPress didn’t make any changes today. Based on that evidence I’d say that’s progress and that the blank check is as good as in the mail! 😀

      • Unless, of course, you consider that by not changing anything for a single day, WordPress has in fact craftily changed its policy on changes. They’re a sneaky, sinister lot over there at WordPress.

      • This is true. For all we know, WordPress may have been busy today selling all its assets (and all us writer’s too) to The Globe. Bun, it’s just possible we could wake up tomorrow on The Globe’s payroll! Who knows, before this week is over, we might be assigned the task of covering Batboy on another one of his amazing tabloid adventures! Hey, this could work out better than I ever imagined! 😀

  2. There must be an active betting pool somewhere as to when WordPress will next change something. I want in. It should be any minute. Question – would any of us have even heard of Megyn Kelly before The Donald? I have this uneasy feeling that this is all a set-up and he’s eventually going to use her to show what a bridge-builder and healer he is. This nonsense with Fox News and Kelly in particular has to be part of Trump’s end game to secure the nomination of his party. Best wishes to your doggie for I know he has a great Mom and Dad taking care of him. As for this not being a post…well…we’ll just hope you’re in the mood a day or two from now.

    • Thank you, Bruce. As you know, it wasn’t easy not writing a post today, but someone has to take a stand and lead WordPress out of this compulsion to conduct business as usual. Currently, no one knows what the official line on whether WordPress is planning another Dashboard change or not. But, my inside sources tell me that Vegas is giving as much as a billion to one that they’ll be making another change within the next 5 minutes. I realize that’s a long shot, but what else are we going to do with our spare change. Its not like there’s some big football game coming up or anything. 😀

      • My wife and I were enjoying an early dinner earlier and ESPN was on in the restaurant. Blah, blah, blah about the stupidest stuff regarding the two teams. I have no earthly idea what fresh hell people who hate football go through during these two weeks because I love football and I hate these two weeks. I’m betting you’ll feel like posting again when WP makes a change…as soon as you figure out HOW to post.

      • LOL. Well, as you know Bruce, WordPress has done their level best to confuse all of us on that score. But now—because of all the responses to my unwritten post—I’m feeling eager to get back to writing like Hemingway again. Which is curious as I never could write like Hemingway before. As for the Super Bowl and the two week wait, I’ve never really been a fan of that long of a wait, but I understand how the NFL feels the need to have “Hype Week.” Bruce, I hope you and your wife have a marvelous weekend, and stay safe. :O)

  3. Nice pic of the Donald !!! I personally am so weary with politics and the presidential crap ah, I mean election I fear my 36 year marriage to a poli sci major is going to suffer 🙂 Not really, but I do make him not watch any news channels starting on Friday thru Monday !!! Let’s take the weekend off… I mean how much can a girl take. Still loving you wallpaper. We are building a store front/website for the husband’s amazing artwork. If you are ever looking for some affordable original art prints, hey Elan Creations is your place. I’ve posted some of his painting on my other blog, thepainter’swife. Go check it out, thanks. Blessings ❤

    • Thank you Scarlett I’ll do that. As for politics, well it seems to be just more of the same. No compromise, gridlock along party lines, no addressing the issues, and blaming Obama for everything from wasting the budget surplus inherited by the party of Palin, to possibly killing Cock Robin! And I’m so glad you are still in love with my wallpaper, because I think readers still feel it’s the best thing about my blog! How else can I explain the less than HUMONGOUS turnout to read the tripe I post? Dare I suggest frequent (what an understatement) WordPress tampering with their platform and dashboard? I too, thought the Donald’s likeness was so true to life. LOL! Have a wonderful weekend, Scarlett, and I am definitely going to check out your husband’s artwork. :O)

      • Thanks so much. I don’t know if you ever watched friends but if you did then you know what they did when Ross started talking about his work, (Dinosaurs) they would start to scream. That’s me about politics these days. Is it Saturday yet. No talking about the talking heads, love ya ❤

  4. First of all, right there with you on the expense of taking our furry children to the vet. I shudder at how much I’ve contributed to their vacation fund in just the last four months! No, don’t ask! You do NOT want to know the total in funds. Trust me!

    As for this quote from your blog:

    “Now I’ve not heard any of my rival blogger’s calling me a bimbo or anything like that. Or that I don’t write real good, or that I don’t make any sense—my writing never makes any cents, because I’m a poor sap writing at WordPress. ”

    You do realize this made the so-called “grammar nazi” within me cringe, right??? Haha Have a good weekend!

    • Caz, I’m so sorry you folks are suffering through another cold. With it being cold and flu season again—and so many voters having to venture out into the bad January weather—don’t be too surprised if the Donald or one of the other pretenders doesn’t try to make a cheap campaign promise to remove the month of January from your calendars. I only ask, that you don’t fall for such lies. Especially when I’m perfectly capable of making a promise—one of the piecrust kind— to build a wall around the cold and flu season in order to prevent you, or anyone else from ever catching a cold again! The only problem with that, is that you have to wait until my WordPress demands are met. Then I can post again and make that promise to you. Until that happens you’ll just have to imagine that I just made that promise in writing, because I haven’t wrote it, yet. Hope you feel better soon.

    • She deals with her shots rather well, but at 17 she’s lost her eyesight and is likely oblivious to the bill. Unlike her master who see’s all and knows all and can usually be found foaming at the mouth after leaving the vet. Thank you Johanna and hope you folks don’t get snowed in this weekend. :O)

  5. well darn it all! I was going to do a non-post until you beat me to it, wtg dude! Loved it, especially since it is so much better than any non-post postal post I could even think to write about. The ENVY is killing me (see the reference to today’s daily? hint hint!)

  6. Love the picture of the Donald!! You make a great point of not making a point of not having a point to make. I’m just so glad to hear that you believe that it’s important to do something pointless when one is trying not to make a point at all, all of which are very good points.

  7. Paul, I have to say, whatever you write makes WAY more sense than anything any political candidate has to say.

    Plus, it’s entertaining and insightful … two qualities seriously lacking in today’s political blowhards — I mean, candidates.

    • Allen, that’s because I don’t PRETEND to know everything—I actually do know everything. Naturally, the hours I’ve had to work in the shadows of these political blowhards—uh…I mean clowns—has prepared me for the task of writing entertaining and insightful blah, blah, blah, and intelligent blah, blah,blah commentary. And, as you can see, none of this blah, blah, blah has had any effect on me whatsoever. I’m still the same humble blah, blah, blah clueless guy other bloggers have chose to put on a pedestal to lead them. 😀

  8. You always seem to stand out from the rest of the posts in here and you don’t need any crazy hair or platform to do it. However, if you decided to have Erin Burnett moderate something for you, I’d be onboard with a nice donation to the fund..:)

    • And George, because my non-post will obviously have a huge impact on the suits down at the offices of WordPres, come Monday morning, your (significant) donation to the newly established, Erin Burnett, moderator fund might even allow you closer access to me, the newly elected CEO of WordPress—that’s probably only a formality at this point. And I wouldn’t worry about all that talk about moderator finance reform. There has been talk about for years and nothing has come of it, I doubt it will happen now. Especially when large amounts of cash start lining my pockets. 😀

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