Why New Year’s Resolutions Should Be A Thing Of The Past

Hello everyone, I’m back and busily working on my blog again. I’ve also started catching up on what you’ve all wrote while I was enjoying family and friends during the last two weeks.

So I began thinking about what usually happens to us all when we start a new year. That of resolutions and making for a fresh start.

Human-beings tend to feel that beginning a new year is a perfectly suitable time to start solving the problems that have nagged us since our last New Year’s resolutions. Animals… not so much.

'You chewed up my list of new years resolutions! Good boy! www.cartoonstock.com


Here are some typical resolutions?

Promising to drink less during the coming year. However, when you think about it, that is one resolution doomed to failure right from the start. Consider this; who wants to get dehydrated? I believe that makes my wife’s resolution for me to stop drinking beer this year, kind of a silly request.

Water? What’s that?

Then there’s the resolution we make to spend more time with our families. Really though, with the whole family having just finished spending an entire Christmas break together, we have to ask ourselves, can we really improve on a good thing? I think not. Besides, there’s all those bowl games I have to watch.

Also, the family needs time to play all their new video games, plus show off the stylish fashions they received for Christmas.

Another resolution we have trouble keeping has been that of getting out of debt and saving money. That is one resolution that never makes sense. Can anyone truly get out of debt, especially when we start receiving credit card bills for Christmas shopping, in January.

Use cash you say? What’s that?

And then there’s that old standby of going on a diet and getting fit. How on earth can anyone possibly succeed at doing that, what with all those commercial breaks during football games suggesting we snack on chips and soda?

I seriously doubt any of us can truly resist such subliminal messaging for a Pepsi and some Doritos.

No, I think we better give up the whole idea of a New Year’s resolution. Instead, why don’t we consider making resolutions at any other time of the year… except New Year’s! Maybe then we won’t meet with so much failure.

Then we can say; a New Year’s resolution? What’s that?






85 comments on “Why New Year’s Resolutions Should Be A Thing Of The Past

  1. I resolved this year to have no resolutions and so far I’m on target to meet my goal. This has inspired me as there appears to be a fairly high success rate for those who choose not to change anything…or in any way. This concept could catch on. After all, people want to be successful…

    • Bruce, after reading your approach to the handling of New Year’s resolutions, I’ve decided you’re a genius, and should be made coach of the Philadelphia Eagles! But then, I’ve also called NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, a boob and that he should step down. I’m not sure where that leaves us 😀

  2. I only made 2 out of your list of 4 so I will only half fail if I don’t succeed. Does that make sense? I may need a drink…or something to eat…~Elle
    PS Happy New Year to you!

    • Elle, this totally tells me you’re an expert in New Math. Using my non-expert skills with old math, I was only capable of deciphering your clever use of fractions and word problems to tell me, that dieting is likely one fourth of your failure. However, I suspect anyone as clever with math as you are, would likely have little problem with saving money and staying out of debt. Thus, I think I’ve erroneously solved one half of your failure. But, after that, I got a headache and was rendered incapable of solving the other half of the problem. I think this means you’ve passed this years New Year’s resolution test! But just you wait until next year, because you’ll have too. Happy 2016, Elle. 😀

  3. I agree! It is far too early in the year to be setting yourself up to fail. January is already a miserable month, what with the post Christmas blues and the pressure of finishing off all your Christmas chocs!

  4. The Last one …The one about going on a diet n get fit is what I had been my resolution lol….now I think you’re ryt …I MUST start that another tym of the year :3 it’s a tough thing !!

  5. I read ‘spending time with family and friends’ is the number one New Year’s resolution. If we have to set a goal to see our family and friends maybe there’s something wrong with our family and friends.

  6. The best NY resolution ever…was to not make NY resolutions. It worked for me. It is the only one I’ve kept over the years. ☺ Nice to “see” you again, Paul. Stay silly. ☺

  7. The problem with resolutions is that they don’t make sense. Reminds me of Lent when I routinely give up eating liver. I hate liver so I know I will be successful. That is how you need to make a resolution.

    • That’s why I’m considering making going to the bathroom a resolution for the new year. I ever hop it’s something I could succeed at, and I told my wife it will excuse my sitting on my butt most of the time.

  8. I laughed with your dehydration line. When I had been sober for 8 years, I announced to my kids at the dinner table ” Guess what. I haven’t had a drink in 8 tears!” My 6 year old son said “Aren’t you thirsty?”

  9. Hahaha!! See, I knew there was a reason why I follow your blog Paul. It’s because you’ve clearly put some deep thought into this most insightful post. I agree with all your points and if I made New Years resolutions I could probably add a couple more but I gave up the practice eons ago because I realized that though my heart may have been in the right place I wasn’t seriously going to stick with them. So I say pooh, pooh to New Year’s resolutions.

    • Stephanae, I had a feeling you weren’t one of those people bound by tradition. I’ve got it! How about we do away with convention and start doing Arbor Day resolutions, instead! Just imagine; there we are—watching the ball drop at midnight on Arbor Day, instead of New Year’s. Then… we ask people to make resolutions—but not the personal kind—but the kind where they decide whether to plant say.. drought resistant tree’s in places like…ah…The Mojave Desert! Yeah, that’s it…The Mojave Desert. This could really catch on. 😀

      • Ha, thank you! I did leave another comment on another post but then the page went white and I couldn’t access your blog, so I will endeavour to catch up and read more if it decides to like me better tomorrow 🙂

      • Sorry that happened to you, Adele. I can only hope WordPress was the guilty party—its been said they’re technologically challenged—and that it wasn’t anything you or I did. In any event, I have no doubt my page will like you better—especially after that shot I just took at WordPress—and you’ll be allowed access tomorrow. If not, I shall send a strongly worded post to WordPress—I need to write something, anyway. 😀

    • Many of us have struggled with that one. That’s why I went to cans—they’re harder to break. Have you ever tried raising a can of beer (instead of a glass) for a toast, and then throw it into a fireplace afterward. I wouldn’t recommend it. Just isn’t the same. 😀

  10. It’s like my grandmother always said, there’s no better way to start the new year than by being hungover.

    Wait, was that my grandmother who said that, or did I make that up? Darn, I must be drunk. I can’t remember.

    Anyway, happy New Year!

    • Not a problem, kutukamus. I know what it is to make a resolution on January 1st, and less than seven day’s into January… regret not waiting till July 1st to start trying to live up to those Jan 1st, resolutions. Now I have to wait 6 more months. 😀

  11. I can’t stand NY resolutions… am sure the whole process was made up by a man to control his woman… go on a diet? Quit drinking? Food and alcohol are the only ways to cope with the opposite sex!!

    See more of the family?? I love my family, but am unsure they could cope with seeing me regularly (moved out at 18 and didn’t look back)… we have a general, unspoken rule between us four sisters – regular phone calls to the parental units, and a family group WhatsApp chat thing (for all those little one liners you want to say but never do because you forgot them by the time you call one another), and see them physically, maximum, 4 times a year. It works. We still retain love for each other, and don’t want to yell at each other so much when we do see each other 😀

    Besides, if you do really want to quit anything, or better yourself at anything, it shouldn’t matter what time of year it is – just do it! Personally I feel that those who begin to change themselves at any other time of year are more likely to achieve their goals than those who set resolutions at the beginning of each year.

    I love January – we have great hindsight at this time of year! HAPPY NY!!

    • Hey Jojo! Welcome to a brand New Year! Hope you’ve been well, and I’m extremely happy to see your comment. Couldn’t agree more about us men, we’re impossible—or so my wife tells me. And, you’re so right about the desire to quit or start something—it shouldn’t matter when, but we shouldn’t feel we have to wait until the start of the year? If we feel it right, we should just start then. Thanks for the visit, Jojo! 😀

      • I love your bounciness – totes comes through in your writing! Hope you and the missus, and the kids, have a fantabulous new year with much goodness and laughter 😀

      • I wish the same for you as well, and thanks for the kind words. They’re much appreciated. So glad your well. With the world being in such a mess these day’s be sure to stay safe in your travels. ;o)

  12. OMG…look at your comments. I am so dashed not to mention impressed. This should inspire you to write and write.
    I made no New Year’s resolutions since I’m hanging from a thread. To keep holding on is the closest I’ve come.
    Appreciate your list with its comic bent. You are very, very funny.

    • Susannah, I know you understand how much that means to me. And you’re right, it does motivate me to try and produce something more enjoyable each time. Plus, I can’t ever thank everyone enough for the fun they provide with their humorous responses. That makes writing even more fun. As you can probably imagine—but in case you don’t—your compliments on my sense of humor means an awful lot to me. You’re such a good friend, and very supportive, and I don’t ever take that for granted, believe me. :O)

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