So It’s Mid-August—Whad’ya Mean Summers Over?

summer is over

It used to be that when June rolled around people started looking to get away from it all. Plans were made to escape the everyday grind. No more snow and very little rain meant folks started venturing out again. No more feeling like Jack Nicholson did at the very end of “The Shining.”

Summers over? Already?

Summers over? Already?

By June most of us were ready for the good old summertime. After the Fourth of July holiday had passed, the middle of summer was setting in, thus signaling the time for barbecues with family and friends. By the time August came around, you were ready to take that summer getaway.

But wait… whats this? Our kids have to head back to school mid to late August now? But we haven’t taken our traditional summer family vacation yet. And what bozo made that decision? Whats that? The schools!

Well… lets take vacation anyway—I mean after all, our kids are back in school! Besides, we’ve always taken our summer vacation in August—kids or not!

Okay, okay the kids can come along, but we’ll have to get the teachers to sign off on it. Whad’ya mean the teachers are complaining about having to draw up some homework for the kids to do while they’re on vacation? Don’t they understand its August, and that not all families can take vacations in June or July?

I mean come on, there’s nothing like leaving Disneyland in the middle of the evening to go back to our hotel room, just so we can do hours of homework with the kids.

In fact, I can’t think of anything kids love more. Except maybe having their teeth worked on by the dentist during a root canal.  dentist

Remember when schools used to start the academic year right after the Labor Day holiday—when it really felt like summer was actually nearing its end?

You remember that don’t you? Dad wore his loin-clothe, and mom used a bone in her hair instead of a hairpin, and dinosaurs roamed the earth.

But now schools need your summer vacation money more than ever, and the sooner the better.

If they wait until September to have your kids start school, they run the risk of angering parents when they send home picture day announcements on top of requesting donations for supplies, the cost of gym clothes, PTA memberships, and fund raising (gift wrap is real popular) for the first part of the school year.

And lets not forget special activities like, band, sports, after school clubs, and field trips—not to mention prepaid lunch money.

money on the rollYou don’t mind though, after all, you’ve only gone into hock to buy your kids new clothes so that they won’t attend school in the hand me down rags they’ve worn since the day they were born—and those barely fit! Not to mention backpacks that will be worn out, and school supplies which will be exhausted by Christmas break.

If you ever stop sending your child to school… the schools will go broke! Better you than them though, right?


71 comments on “So It’s Mid-August—Whad’ya Mean Summers Over?

  1. Crazy… actually this year (and last) the boys started school in SEPTEMBER!! But no, not after Labour Day… that would be just too right. No, let’s start in the middle of the week, no, no.. too much. Let’s start on a Thursday, have them come in for a half a day, then a full day on Friday and, oh wait! Monday is a holiday! Let’s get truly into the grind by the Tuesday following. Sooooo stupid…

    Yes, I am old enough to remember starting AFTER Labour Day. When it made sense to start. Somehow, we still managed to get in our what 180 days of school in without having Ped days every other week…

    Grumble, bitch, complain….

  2. You are so right on every account! My last is in college and H will retire from teaching after this year so no more worries about summer being cut short for me. You know teachers start a full week before the students and if you are a band director as H is you start summer band camp three weeks in advance of that. And don’t get me started on the money and fundraisers! Glad it’s almost over. ~Elle

    • Oh boy do you know it, Elle. And I know the teachers teach because of the passion to do so (well that and a paycheck), but more and more they are taking money out of pocket to help the kids—and if that isn’t dedication I don’t know what is! Still, the state somehow continues to cut our summertime recreation shorter and shorter. How in the world do they do it? Whoops, I just fell through my soapbox. I couldn’t afford the quality redwood. I hope H has a wonderful final year. Then both of you won’t have to wait for those short summers to spend time together. :@)

    • I am going to get my wife right on it. After my kids read your comment, they couldn’t wait to start studying. I think I’ve been using the wrong motivational tactic. I’ve been telling them to bring an apple a day to the teacher to make up for their bad behavior. Time off for good behavior sounds like it works a whole lot better! If I try this, I bet my kids won’t get suspended or expelled as much. :@)

  3. I went through a phase with my son – he would only wear blue jeans and a white teeshirt to school. Come August it was the same fight every year for three years. Name brand tennis shoes – they were the killers!

    • LOL. I never thought of that. No lines! Well, maybe at the school cafeteria perhaps, but not at Sears! Kate, you just saved the mall going experience. When my wife see’s this, there will be a gust of wind and a breeze of papers filling the room, as she races to the mall to be first in line for all the sales. :@)

  4. I remember when I moved to North Carolina from Maryland as a kid the school year started way earlier, like near the beginning of August. And then we always ended up having extra days for snow days, despite the fact that it hardly snowed at all. Just one mm of snow was enough to cancel classes!

    Like Kate, I’m lucky my dogs don’t go to school- I have a hard enough time waking up by 10 am, I can’t imagine the horror of getting someone to school by 7 or 8 or 9 or whenever it is kids start classes these days! Great post as always!

  5. Middle of August, really? That almost seems sacriligious, at least here. I have heard mention of that possibility but so far we haven’t gone in that direction. That would seriously put more than a few thorns in all my childhood memories not to mention my biological clock, assuming I even have one anymore. I can’t imagine living where it’s 85 at Christmas or going back to school that early in the summer. I’m getting too old to adjust to the craziness of it all. I might hat have to take up residence in your cluttered attic until the crazies come back to their senses.

    • And I’m going crazy from the adjustments, George. Your welcome to stay in “The Attic” anytime George. We open after Labor Day too. Now… where did I put that blow up mattress? I’m sure I had one up here somewhere. 😀

  6. I’m so grateful Sebastian doesn’t start up until the 2nd week of September! I think it’s utterly preposterous that so many states began so darn early this year. What’s the rush? Let kids be kids for awhile longer…

      • Yeah I’ve told home that other kids are back in school already and he’s truly relishing his extended summer! He just got back from a 5 day camping trip in southern Oregon, sunburnt, bug bitten, filthy, and utterly exhausted… and he couldn’t have been any happier about it! He sent me little videos and pictures of his adventures the whole time. It liked like a blast! Summers are meant to be spent LIVING and not locked up in a classroom. I’m not sure why they keep shortening the summer break in so many states. It’s truly a shame. I feel quite lucky that Oregon isn’t on that bandwagon.

      • Me too. Summer is short enough without shrinking it more. Just ask anyone who lived through last winter that might reside in the east. Glad Sebastian is back happy and healthy. Sounds like he’ll relish the extra time he has to recuperate from camping. ;o)

      • I’m sure! Thanks, and yeah he’s happy to be chilling out on the couch from what I hear lol!

  7. Well my summer is still going. I am smiling ear to ear. I know longer have to get anyone in school, Oh praise the Lord Jesus those days are so over for me. I had 4 to get back at one time and then of course a granddaughter. I had one in high school, one in middle school, one in elementary and one in preschool. It thought I was in hell. I only sent the two in high school to a private school, so that is where the money went. But thank God for uniforms. The public schools were actually very pricey. I don’t miss it at all. I am going to start my gift of year for myself. That’s right, I’m going to take an entire year for just me. I think I deserve it. I raised kids forever, so now it’s my turn. I’m also going to give myself permission to nap. Now this is what I’m talking about ❤ Love Ya, Scarlet p.s. doesn't it sound wonderful. I'm even still kind of young, 5o something. Thank goodness I had those children when I was young !!!

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