Why I Have So Little Time To Blog (and other great mysteries in my life you won’t care about)


I fear time is not on my side. I wonder if that’s because I stand on the left, and I’m not in my right…?

Anyway, maybe you’ve noticed how everything TAKES time, and have you also noticed…no ransom demand from EVERYTHING yet? Just thought I’d point that out. But, there never seems to be enough time, (And isn’t that just like money, there’s never enough of that either) to do everything we want to do.

The frustrating thing about time is that it can become an enemy. Some quick calculations have told me what I feared to think about when it comes to time (because thinking hurts my brain). One: that blogging and reading the blogs of others must be a figment of my imagination, as time is short. And two: … I’m thinking, I’m thinking…  post

… Oh I remember… why time is short—at least in my case.

And why are these people masquerading as sheep in my dream?

And why are these people masquerading as sheep in my dream?

First of all, there is only 24 hours in a day…I’ve never really bothered to count how many hours in a night (that might be because I’m too busy counting sheep, or people pretending to be sheep). But, I can tell you that practically all the hours in my day (especially the good ones) are all spoken for long before I ever reach my keyboard to work on my blog.

And I believe none of this will help the time/space continuum thing either—not that that is relevant. But those of you who blog here at WordPress, might want to help the rest of us poor saps tell WordPress “To stop mucking around and making a mess of things!” And I think that’s relevant.

Okay, I’m down with it, and off my soapbox. And no, I’m not off my rocker, Ed with no last name from Plainview, Texas! You and I can meet in a dark alley later, Ed.

Anyway, back to my calculations. Now this may be fuzzy math to you (forget logic), but I figure 8 hours of sleep (on a good night, and 30 seconds on a bad nap, but that’s just me). An hour to get ready for work (and I don’t even put makeup on… some days). And an hour to relax when I come home from work (in my dreams).

Then there’s walk the dog, walk the wife, and walk the self just to recover from those walks, and that’s a dead man walking. Help cook dinner (after I wash the morning dishes and last nights left over pots), another hour there, and that’s only if I remembered to let them soak first.

Which I didn’t. DARN!

Help the child with the homework—15 hours! Oh, then there is the nightly budget discussion—but what budget? Heck, I can’t even budget the hours I have in a day (seeing as I don’t have enough hours to work with in the first place, not to mention any grey matter left), much less find time to work on the monetary financial report for the family.

Now that leaves just enough time for…(zzz). Oh, my wife is snoring…again “Honey…honey…oh well, must be another headache night. That makes the 31st time this month, just like last month—only there were 30 days last month!

Let’s see…there are 365 days in a year, and how many times did we…? Well never mind. wife

So where was I? Oh, hours left in a day. According to my calculations (new math, which by now must be old math) that would leave me with… no time for blogging!

I’m going to have to post on this subject tomorrow, because I just ran out of time again.


36 comments on “Why I Have So Little Time To Blog (and other great mysteries in my life you won’t care about)

  1. If only we could save time in a bottle…. but wait – there is none leftover to save. I hear ya brother! Life is busy. I sure appreciate your visits and comments and your posts always make me smile – time or not! 🙂

  2. Love how you blogged about there not being enough hours in the day to blog about there not being enough hours in the day to blog…hold on…I’m confusing myself…

  3. In addition, those quantum monsters are eating up some of my time.

    Anyway, if they would be able to balance a country’s budget somehow, then most likely, there’s something really really wrong… 🙂

  4. I really tried to understand this post, read three times, I was late for my meeting, but than again there is never enough time anyways, so now I am waiting for that post of yours, missing another meeting and I have headache now. How did that happen??? cheers Johanna

    • I keep hoping Funk & Wagnels will accept some of my new made up words. So far they keep sending back letters stating that all I send them is gibberish. Nice to know my new word “Time” might have a chance. Thanks Sarah! 😀

    • Well, I’m not real sure about this yet, but I think time is racing to the bottom of an hourglass. Yeah, an hourglass! And this hourglass, it has a big gap in the middle of it. Now, I don’t know who put the gap there, but near as I can figure, if we could just stop the sand from slipping through that gap (yeah, sand, but don’t ask me why sand, I haven’t quite figured that part out yet), and going to the bottom of this hourglass, then that ought to buy us some more time. However, I don’t know how much that’s gonna cost us yet. You know Jan, maybe we better just forget my idea, because after I read it back to myself, the whole idea sounds totally absurd! 😀

  5. There was a point you were trying to make here right? And I think it was a valid one. And I think it’s coming. But since time is of the essenc, I’ll have to check back.

    • LOL Yes, there was a point I was trying to make (or so I’ve been told), but then I ran out of time recounting how I run out of time! Sorry about that, George. Also, you may have noticed how tomorrow came and went yesterday, and I hadn’t yet finished my post on that thought. So yesterday became today, which is actually the day after tomorrow, and will hopefully be the day which was suppose to be tomorrow—but again, is now today. But where was I? Oh, I really do have another post coming to sum up that last post. Gosh, I think I need to clear out some of this clutter in my attic. And you’re probably thinking its high time too, huh George? :@)

  6. Love Kate’s comment. I agree. Your writing is blossoming and like when you’re pithy. Finally caught up very behind on my reading.

    And there’s nothing wrong with quality over quantity if you were really serious. Not sure you were, since that nose speaks volumes 🙂

    • LOL. What’s wrong with my nose? Thank you, Susannah. I loved reading that you and Kate think my writing is blossoming. You know how fragile a writers ego can get. I needed to have that little pat on the back. Especially since my wife wants to know when all this writing is going to pay off—I think she mean financially, but she’s such a kidder. And I do love writing and making a point, but if I couldn’t temper my writing with humor, I’d be lost. And I’m like you, if the writing were only a paragraph, as long as it had nothing but quality to it I think that would be long enough. Thanks for the feedback, Susannah. :@)

  7. I love your writing, you have such a hilarious banter-y (maybe not the right word?) way of describing things! Also totally agree on time, I do nothing with my time and yet it still seems to go by so fast that I can never get anything done!

    • I’d ask the Swiss watchmakers to make a watch that adjust the speed of time according to our needs, but the people who keep the official time in Greenwich, England would get mad at the Swiss and then we’d have an international incident. The next thing you know,,,viola! The Swiss United Kingdom War would break out… and then I’d feel a little guilty. :O)

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