If It Isn’t Fixed, Don’t Break It

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I love writing, and no doubt you feel the same way about it or you wouldn’t be here. And the thought of writing for dollars, euros, yen, or even the drachma—should it ever make a comeback (which could be any day now)—is a love close to my wallet—and all our bank accounts.

But, there are those among us—hard as it is to believe—who would have us not write at all?

Take my employers for instance. Why, they’ve gone so far as to offer me a bribe to stop writing about what I find funny. They call it a job, but I call it blackmail. It was like they were saying, “Don’t take time to write about anything that strikes your fancy.”

Well, the last time something struck my fancy I was distracted on the court, and that was a tennis ball. Why I would ever want to write about an incident that caused me so much pain, is beyond me. After all…I’m a writer of humor, not a writer about a pain in the…well you know where.

They even went so far as to suggest, that if I were to get busy working on something other than writing about what tickles my fancy (it was hardly a tickle, let me assure you) there might even be a little money in it for me. Hush money no doubt, and likely under the table. They kept referring to it as a paycheck.

Why it boggles the mind the lengths some people will go to in order to prevent us from writing.

Take WordPress, for example. They felt it necessary to sneak in a few changes while I was away. Guess they thought I wouldn’t notice. But, I didn’t recently fall off the planet, I’ve been gone for quite a while.

But, low and behold after only being back a week (because I’m very observant) I realized WordPress had created a whole new reader, and I feel just like one too (a new reader that is).

Being technologically challenged, I was just starting to get the hang of the old reader (not really, but at least I was functional). So the last thing I needed after some R & R was a new challenge—or any challenge for that matter.

Don’t worry though, I’m not going to go into all the unnecessary, non-hassle free changes with the new reader—no, my take on WordPress trying to complicate an already perfectly fine reading process in the first place, will come later—in the tabloids.

At least that way, they (WordPress) will be able to read all about it at their local checkout stand. Its simpler that way, unlike their new complex reader.

Besides, I figure many of you have complained enough already, and I have NOTHING NEW to offer you on the subject—something some of you feel my blog already offers. And don’t you deny it, Sam from Nebraska, as I have your nasty little letter right here!

At least my post has alerted you to the nefarious forces at work, trying to obstruct my ability to write to you on a regular basis. But, rest assured good followers, Sam from Nebraska, and these other ne’er do wells, will not keep this scribe from his appointed post.

Now where did I put my laptop?


21 comments on “If It Isn’t Fixed, Don’t Break It

  1. I was driving me crazy at first, but then I saw “visit” in that nice blue clickable colour.
    Magic, it all works like the old version now. It even opens a new tab for you.

  2. I’ve been away a while too and the minute my back was turned the changes took place! You are right about “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Now I’m lost and may never find my way around again. 😞 ~Elle

  3. See now this is interesting. Why would people ask you to stop writing what you think is funny and even insinuate a bribe. I think you’re coming close to something they find threatening. I think there’s a coverup somewhere they don’t want you to uncover. I think they may have already tapped your phones, home and computer, maybe even this resp…………………………..

  4. I’ve said this elsewhere, but the most aggravating thing in the current redesign is that it does not work if you have a slow and spotty Internet connection, like the one I have because AT&T does not want to serve Lansing, Michigan, and is trying to dump us as customers. WordPress getting less readable does not make AT&T’s efforts to dump us any better.

    • No doubt that whole mess is frustrating, Joseph. I just don’t understand why WordPress feels compelled to constantly tweak what WAS a perfectly fine system to blog with in the first place. As the old saying goes “Leave well enough alone.” Now it seems like they want to chase bloggers away to other sites. They should be careful what they wish for. ;o)

  5. There are very confusing reasons I get ipdet. It is free but they keep changing it. I like simple and not so much complicated. I agree with complaints and admire your sense of humor. 🙂

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