The Tale Of Angus O’ Malley And The Elephant

the room

A short story by Yors Twooly from Svetzerland:

When Angus O’ Malley, was but a small lad living in Dublin, Ireland, he was struck with the thought that one day he would like to write the “Great American Novel.” A novel concept to be sure, for anyone but an American, and especially for that of an Irishman.

But truth be told, Angus was not at first struck by this thought… but by an elephant. You might say, his idea of writing the “Great American Novel” probably became something of an afterthought.

candle holderHowever, this was no ordinary elephant, but rather a large cast iron candle holder—shaped like an elephant. All the same, when one is hit on the head with a large cast iron candle holder shaped like an elephant, the effect is still pretty much the same.

You can well imagine the profound effect the incident had on Angus and his memory—say nothing of his appearance because of his now, lumpy head.

And although Angus O’ Malley made a conscious decision to write the “Great American Novel” that was before the cast iron elephant fell on his head. Apparently, he made an unconscious decision to walk under the shelf the elephant fell from—no doubt leading to further unconsciousness.

Angus O’ Malley was a small lad of 4 foot 2, but that was before the blow on the head left him a diminutive 3 foot 8.

Years went by like a herd of pachyderms, yet always the “Great American Novel” was in the back of his mind—literally. The elephant had stunted not only his growth, but his idea of writing the “Great American Novel.”

Then one night, Angus awoke from a sound sleep to write. He went to his computer and sat at the keyboard only to have the power go out. Undeterred, he grabbed paper and pen and began scribbling in the dark.

He was about to write by the glow of candlelight, when all of a sudden the power returned, and he found himself face to face with the cast iron candle holder in the shape of an elephant. You see, Angus may have forgot, but as anyone can tell you—an elephant never forgets.  elephant

It’s times like these that try a writers patience—and perhaps that of his readers too. Angus was no different, and so he adopted the pen name of, Yors Twooly from Svetzerland, as an alternative to his novel idea—and then went on to write this short story instead.

roomBecause, as you all know by now; no one ever TALKS about the elephant in the room.


25 comments on “The Tale Of Angus O’ Malley And The Elephant

  1. Hum, should I deduce that anyone thinking they can write the great American novel has been hit in the head by a cast iron elephant? Very interesting notion! ; ) Best of luck to Yors!

    • You know, I hadn’t thought of that. All this time, and the “Great American Novel” was only a trunk away. I’m off to find one of those elephants right now. Thank you Jan! Oh by the way, I’ll pass your kind regards onto Yors. Have a great weekend Jan. 😀

  2. Elephants are amazing!
    Heyyy ^_^ finally caught up with the month’s long blog post, I’ve dedicated the day to catching up on as many blogs as I can, however that means I don’t individually get to comment on every post cause time 😦 but as always loved every bit of it xD your blog posts always have me grinning ^___^

    • That is the ultimate compliment to me. Thank you Barrira… very much. I’ve been wrestling with being able to keep up as well, and I’m trying to figure out a system that works. Commenting on every post should be a joy, but like you said, I’m finding that it becomes almost impossible. Time is a gigantic enemy. You have a wonderful weekend, Barrira. :O)

      • It’s come down to checking plenty posts together and leaving one big comment, at-least for now till my work routine gives me breathing space *sigh*
        The weekend was peaceful ^_^

      • I’m glad, we all need the rest. Work is draining, but I love writing, and I get so much out of reading what everyone else writes. Twenty-four hours in a day doesn’t seem hardly enough, and yet adding hours to a day is simply out of the question! Have a great Sunday, Barrira. Somehow, some way, we’ll get a handle on it all. :O)

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