When Death Has A Bad Day

Death having a bad day8

“Please, just give me a little more time” the guy asked. “Alright” I said, “but no later than Twelve O’clock.” It is now half past midnight. So, where is he? Late, as usual. How just like a corpse. Try to be a nice guy, and you get burned. And now I’ll have hell to pay!


17 comments on “When Death Has A Bad Day

    • Yep, thank you John. I know you understand what you have to do to get the art work to come out like this. Its funny, because when I was drawing it on my sketchbook page, I thought it was large enough. But when I transferred it to WordPress it seemed so much smaller. Then there was the words. I initially typed them and put them in a bubble on the sketchbook art, but when I transferred the work to WordPress, you couldn’t read them. I couldn’t see them at all, and try as I might to enlarge it, nothing I did helped. So finally I transferred the art without the words, and then typed in the words on WordPress. I realized after the fact, that maybe, I might have been able to type the words, in the caption area, which is just under the picture, and do this before I inserted the art into the post. That way the wording would have shown at the bottom of the art. Now that you know the difficulties I encountered, I would welcome any suggestions. I am really happy you thought I did a good job. It took so much time at first. :o)

      • I know how that goes. I usually upload a comic and then notice something and then I change it and do that a few times. Every post has an image in it that’s a few drafts later. Just a line here and there and stuff like that. Are you drawing with the mouse? It looks really good. You can adjust the overall image size in two places. One is the canvas size in sketchbook, which is best to keep as big as possible. The other is when you upload it, there’s the image option for full size. Forgive me if you know this stuff. Regarding text there might be a few problems. That stuff can get pretty complicated so…When I’m using sketchbook for text I usually just do different layers for every line, and adjust the size right in sketchbook. Tedious but it works. If I notice a mistake or a typo later I just that layer and start over. If you look above the box where you type in sketchbook there are options there. You select what you want to change and drag the text to make the changes. You can also move the red push pin to change the anchor point. It’s a lot of stuff to get used to! But you’ll get the hang of it! Let me know if that makes sense. Looking forward to more comics!

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