Ewe Have Two Use The Write Word, Eye No, Anne Sea The Difference Now


As much as I luv to right words, an believe me I due, I love playing with them moore. An yet, although I have a weigh with them, I still tend two Ms. them from time too thyme.

However, I have ben taking note that more, and moore lately, eye am forgetting to put words into my sentences. Then win I go back to read I discover words our missing wear they should bee. It is becoming very frustrating.

Sometimes when I go back to read what I rote I’ll feel like I come off sounding like anne Indian, or a caveman. This is because I forgot, or thought, or wrote two fast, thus, omitting a word wear it should have been.

Now it is true, eye don’t pay much attention too grammer, as those last two words I used will attest to. Or four that matter, the way I puntuate what i right. This is likely do to the fact that I right pourly, ore was poor inn English win in school.

And the more eye think about it, the moore I understand the reason why my English teacher probably through me out of her class. She was probably afraid that I wood taint the rest of her class with my vocabulary.

Butt, excluding a word or too, or fore, from a sentence suggest that won; eye don’t proofread ore edit my work, an or too; I somehow just don’t sea the word eye skipped. Try the following sentence fore and example…

I love write blog.

Sea what eye did. Now if I had added the word to after the word love, and if I had put an A after the word write, I wood have sounded less caveman like, thus…

I love to write a blog. Sounds so less caveman like, doesn’t it? Anyway, I haven’t been doing that so playing with words inn my writing has had a horrible affect on the way I right.

Butt fortunately, ewe canne sea that eye no how two spell correctly, anne that I can tell the difference between what word two use over another.





40 comments on “Ewe Have Two Use The Write Word, Eye No, Anne Sea The Difference Now

  1. It’s so obvious how much you love to write. Such a grace all on its own. So what if you make a mistake. Big deal…we write by ear you and me…so did Winston Churchill and Winnie wasn’t too shabby. 🙂 And I know you meant to be funny, but I’m just saying.

    • I’m grateful you’ve noticed how much I love writing. Groucho Marx loved writing more than acting, and I am a huge fan of his work. His writing style is similar to my own…ha, ha, ha! Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. I should have said, I model my style after his writing. But, in truth, I didn’t really know about his writing until after I started writing. Someone told me I would enjoy his books. “What books?” I said. He was a fantastic writer! If I could only be a fraction of the writer that he was…then I’d be a fraction of the writer he was, but I could live with that. Thank you Susannah, your praise of what I love doing makes me work harder at improving on it. :O)

  2. No problemo reeding that poste. Dutch/Canadain/ USAimmigrant with a dyslectic family…creativeness in language is a survavil skill here…as is a good sense of humor! Cheers, Johanna ps I had a good laugh, thnaks!

  3. Eye lawst eet whyle reading!
    (I couldn’t do much about the last word ) haha
    Paul, I was totally immersed in the post to understand each line towards the end 🙂
    Can imagine you writing it. . . .

  4. I can’t even. For some strange reason, I’m not getting my notifications that ewe rote a poste! What up wit dat? I cannot lie… the Grammar Nazi in me tilted: springs sprung “Boing! boing!”, whistles blew, steam came out… I’m exhausted and need a nap!

    • I don’t know whats happening there, but Stephanie told me that she wasn’t getting notifications either. I find it interesting that it is just the two of you. I wonder if it is some button or something that I shouldn’t have pushed? So you are a Grammar Nazi! If I had known that, I would have payed closer attention to my spelling. But at least the word meaning was correct. ;o)

      • Hmmm…that is strange indeed! I’ll look at my settings as well.
        Oh, a Grammar Nazi I may be…but I would never say a word to my blogger buddies!

  5. Ooh, eye jest happend apon yore blog whilst stalking, eye meen checking owt ‘Reeder’ an dis made me larf. Knot sure y peeple carn’t understand wot youve ritten, as eye found itt two bee comprihenseive an eeasy two reed.

    • It’s quite all write that ewe were stocking me, (except maybe if you were a mail, butt that’s ok, ore is it okay?)) I mean, checking out the reader. Its plane two sea that wee our cast from the same dye, or sew eye here. We may be cut from the same cloth four all eye no, oar jean poole. You can now call my blog yor knew home bass. Delighted to meat you Lillie! :O)

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