31 comments on “Just Put It In The Bag

  1. Grog’s wife would get along well with Twissel’s hubby who shops as though planning for the armageddon! Good luck in the joint!

    • Thank you Jan. It’s nice to know your hubby and I are kindred spirits. When I get out (if I get out) of here, maybe he and I could work together in preparation for the coming zombie apocalypse. I’m also hoping they’ll replace the mattress in my cell (say nothing of my cell mate, Big Earl, who snores), At the moment though, my jailers appear far too busy building some sort of scaffolding (with ropes) out in the courtyard. Maybe we’re getting some weekend concert for the inmates, anyway that’s my guess. :O)

    • Interesting that you mentioned that Kate. It was one of the items I had in the cart when they apprehended me. Unfortunately, they took it, along with all my clothes! So I’ve had to depend on the worms for what little protein I’ve been getting. My wife promised me a cake (with a saw), but she hasn’t brought it yet. I hope she does it soon as one of the guards told me they are planning a shocking experience for me. I can’t imagine what could be more shocking than this trumped up charge of stealing that they slapped on me. :O)

  2. This response is for Jodi. WordPress has been erasing comments made by you and other folks who have taken the time to respond to some of my post. For this, I humbly APOLOGIZE FOR THEIR INCOMPETENCE! However, I’m sure its what they major in, and I don’t need their assistance, I’m plenty incompetent on my own. But you deserve to know that I did read your response before they erased it, and I can only offer that…I think my wife will continue to evolve until she has grown out of this faze she is currently going through. In the meantime the bunk in this cell could stand a little improvement, as could the company. Big Earl is something of an ill-tempered neanderthal who, hey…OUCH THAT HURT BIG EARL!

  3. Oh that’s so wrong. On the flip side, you and Bubba should become good friends until your parole hearing comes up…in ten years or so.

    • I’m hoping to get out on good behavior. I’ve been watching a firing range located next to the prison, or at least I think it is. They marched in order and were practicing shooting rifles together. I tell you George, I honestly never knew that guys waited to shoot their weapons on a firing range until someone yells; “Ready… aim… fire!” I can’t wait to try this… once I get out. :O)

  4. Love this! I once knew a woman who was an expert shopper. She’d find something on a shelf and turn it over in her hand, examining it carefully to make sure it met her exacting standards.

    Then, she’d put it back on the shelf and grab the item behind it, which she tossed into the cart without looking.

    When we got home, she’d unpack the bag and exclaim “THIS isn’t what I wanted! Those jerks cheated me!”

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