The Art Of Debunking, As Practiced By Sir Francis Citpeks


I recently returned (by way of Google Maps) from a trip to the International Debunking Institute, located in The Vague in the Neverlands. That sounds so familiar, or is it similar. Oh well.

Anyway, I went there to meet with Sir Francis Citpeks. He’s the obscure English scholar who decided Holland was not a good place to set up an institution for debunking. I found that, what I learned there is something I am thoroughly incapable of understanding.

I think that means: I just acquired something called ignorance. Hey, maybe I did learn something after all!

Sir Francis revealed to me, through clairvoyance, that it’s a parlor trick. So we can debunk that bit of psychic ability right off the bat.

Sir Francis, an expert in the field of debunking, told me he came from a long line of skeptics who lined up outside to get in to talk to one. And to think; I thought I was in that line. Wow!

And Isn’t Google Maps a great way to travel?maps

No TSA to deal with, no having to go wait for your luggage to be unloaded, or possibly lost! No having to rent a car, and still, you get to do a little sight seeing on the way to your destination—provided you click on Google earth and not the map. Just think of it; all the sites without the rude natives, or spending any money!

It’s my understanding, that Goggle is still working on the aroma, taste, and sound part of actively experiencing international travel. I hear they are currently in talks with the Brookstone store people to design a device that can do all those things, and have it eventually accompany their Google Maps.

Whats that? Oh, sorry world travelers, Sir Francis has just informed me that he’s debunked that rumor too. How does he do it?

the walkBeing a true skeptic, Sir Francis was behind the debunking of many of the world’s great myths. For example, Big Foot. Did you know that Big Foot has feet that aren’t big at all? Big Foots feet are actually a size five. Who would of thought it. Him and John Wayne, but at least it explains why they both walk funny.john wayne

Then there was his debunking of Area 51. You see it’s actually Area 53! Leave it to our postal service.

UFOUFO’s? Debunked, again by Sir Francis himself. Turns out they are really unidentified flying Aliens, or UFA’s. Sir Francis says it all has to do with the science of semantics, a field of study I know nothing about, and obviously, the U.S. Air Force as well.

And the Loch Ness monster he tells me, is really nothing more than a lake. Someone just added the word, monster, to attract tourist. Oh those Scots, they’ll say absurd stuff after a drink or two. It was probably someone by the name of Nessie, just looking for a little attention, no doubt.

However, Sir Francis cautions anyone wishing to debunk any claims he might make, to not look too closely at the spelling of his last name, thus, they become a skeptic themselves.


30 comments on “The Art Of Debunking, As Practiced By Sir Francis Citpeks

  1. So that makes Sir Francis a depbunkologist from the Vague in Neverneverland? The thing is, do we really trust a Vagueite’s debunktions?

    • Of course we can Jan, but only if the debunktions are about exaggerated advertisements found on television. I probably should have qualified the debunking process when it comes from the Neverthlands. they tend to be a bit ambiguous. :O)

  2. The things I learn – and unlearn – in the blogosphere are infinitely more interesting than what I learned in school. I’m still a Belieber in Nessie though. I mean she’s got to be real. I’ve seen photos. Thank you for explaining it all so clearly. 😉

    • Judi, WordPress saw clear to erase my first response to you about Moose and Squirrel because they are communist like Boris and Natasha! So in defiance of their incompetence I am writing it again. You most certainly may borrow my borrow Moose and Squirrel as I seem to be tied up for the moment with other problems here at the clinic. :O)

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