Where In The World?

goat teeth

You know what gets my goat? Well if you do, please let me know, because Waldos missing! That’s his name. Waldo! Waldo!

It’s not the first time he’s wondered off, but this time it’s different. Did you know the earth is spinning out of control? You did! Well why didn’t you tell me? I should never have left him outside by himself.earth spinning

That tax auditor on the other hand, is another matter. I never should have let him in!

up a treeWhat with the earth spinning out of the control at 1,038 miles per hour, Waldo is probably off in some far-flung country by now. For all I know, he could be up a tree somewhere. Thanks to gravity, I at least won’t have to go rent a space shuttle to go find him.

With the world in such chaos why did it have to be my Waldo out there absorbing frequent flyer miles? Why couldn’t it have been Isis, Al Qaeda, or the Republican Congress spinning out of control around the globe? Oh wait a minute… I think they are!

I’d like to know what smart guy had the bright idea to start rotating this big blue marble like some kind of basketball in the first place? What in the world was he thinking? Didn’t it ever occur to him that we have enough dizzy people in the world already? Vlad, Kim Jong, and Justin Bieber just to name a few.

Now he’s went and got my goat.

With the planet in a whirl; we have air pollution from Sulfer oxides, Nitrogen oxides, Carbon monoxide, and Waldo outside! Thank goodness he doesn’t produce much methane gas. bad gas

All around the world garbage is flying about. Tell me that’s not because we’re turning round and round. Well that, and people can’t seem to walk a few extra steps to dump their trash. Are they waiting for earth to spin them towards a trash can?

I hope Waldo is not in the Middle East, have you seen the mess over there? It’s not a fit place for man or beast right now. I hate to think of Waldo having to butt heads with those butthead’s. What a goat butting headsheadache.

WaldoAll I know, is my goat is on the lamb. Where’s Waldo?


24 comments on “Where In The World?

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  2. I laughed when I read Jodi’s comment because I sometimes have to read your post more than once also. But it’s usually because I’m laughing and missed something. Although there have been times your mind is so far removed from reality that no matter how many times I read it I still wonder if we share the same planet…:) Another very funny post. You do know all these writings should be a book some day, right?….:)

    • George, you are among my most favorite responders, oh and the paramedics. Anyway, I’ve taken your suggestion under advisement, and have wired my agent back on Klecto5 to get right on it. I’ve also told my superiors back there that your four star reviews of my work here, have helped pave the way for our invasion. You’ll be delighted to know you and your family will be spared. ;O)

      • Thank you, Paul. We don’t have to let anyone on here know about the financial arrangement we have regarding the positive comments. Thank you for sparing us. However, since I’ve never been part of an invasion, (Napoleon was before my time), I would really appreciate riding shotgun for a day or two if you can work out the details.

      • I have but they’re not legal in the atmosphere in which I live so I can’t admit it without penalty of flomaxian interrogation. I’m sure you can understand my reluctance. But in another sphere, I’ll be fine.

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