So I’m Full Of Hot Air Huh?

wind blown

So you all think the wind just blows, huh? Yet, every time I see a weather forecast with me (the wind) in it, all you guys can do is apologize to the viewing public for my being an old windbag.

Saying things like, “Its been very blustery the last couple of days, but starting tomorrow we should see the winds finally die down.” Say what! blustery

What am I… a old blow hard? And even if I had been blowing a little too hard for a couple of days, was I really all that bad?  I mean, what are you trying to say about me; “It’s an ill wind that blows no good.”

tornadoesNow I can understand if you live in the Midwest. I know I’ve made a few enemies there. I admit I have, on occasion, made some bad decisions and hung out with the tornadoes. Yes I know, they’ve kind of GANGED up on you. But you have to admit, every area has undesirables.

At least they weren’t carrying switchblades.

And okay, there are those times where I’ve gotten a little carried away and blew up like a hurricane. But there’s no need for name calling now… is there? hurricanes

You weather forecasters have become so judgmental.

You blame me for all your viewers allergies acting up. I understand that it can be a real bear on some folks. But consider this: I’m not responsible for all the pollen out there. And if I didn’t blow up a storm or two from time to time, imagine how bad the pollen would get. pollen

Then you guys take to blaming me for fanning the flames whenever there’s a big fire. Did I start the fires? I don’t think so.

Yet some people don’t have a problem using me when they want to promote their books and movies. Like “Inherit the Wind” or the granddaddy of them all, “Gone With the Wind.”

Not only did these people profit from the unauthorized use of my name, namely, (The Wind), but I never received financial compensation either! Also, I never complain about those hitchhiking rain, and snow-storms that ride in on my back do I? However this year they did get a little carried away. Sorry East Coast.

But just saying.

swaying palmsAnd lets not forget that I’m responsible for those lovely Tradewinds you all seem to enjoy when you go island hopping, or while you’re laying on a beach somewhere.

And how about when your air quality gets bad and the smog settles in. If I didn’t show up and blow all that gook out, don’t you think your lungs would fill up with all those nasty pollutants. I’m just wanting you all to think a little about all the complaining you do about me, I have feelings you know.

So here’s a little wind warning. Go ahead… don’t throw caution to the wind, and lets see which way the wind blows then? gusty


17 comments on “So I’m Full Of Hot Air Huh?

  1. Some people are never satisfied and always look for reasons to complain. But I think Bob Seger would tell you that he enjoys running Against The Wind and Sinatra has always enjoyed the Summer Wind. Of course there’s always been Dust In The Wind, according to Kansas and Sir Elton John has always been able to keep a Candle In The Wind. So I think overall you have some supporters with real juice. There’s hope for you yet.

    • Ah music! Now there is a subject which crosses boundaries of all kinds. Thank you George, you just may have saved the earth’s weather forecasters. I think I will curtail my Winds of War ranting for a while, thanks to musicians. :O)

  2. Still smiling when I look at your site. Love, love anything about weather. I have kept a, “10 Year Weather Journal,” which is very cool. I journal about the weather, like an entry on 911. So the grandkids will know what the weather was like too… I have a journal for everything, Gratitude, History, Cooking, Sports. You get the picture. I was down the other day and my Connor said, “Go buy a new journal. That will cheer you up :)” Oh and I also love your mention of my fav movie, “Gone with the Wind” You see I was the star, Scarlett79 ❤

    • Hey, your quite right Katy Scarlett O’ Hara. And sure in you be Irish. Scarlett, I really love your idea of keeping different journals. I think that actually is a great idea to try for my grandkids. And as always, I must thank you Scarlett for the praise of our shared love of OUR (note I said our) blog background. I think we have great taste Scarlett!

      • Sure in I be Irish/Patty McCarty maiden name, shhh don’t tell anyone and Connor & Matthew part of my Cast of Charactor’s. Am taking a blogging course and I’m going to find a cool background !!! Maybe, “Oh the places I’ll Go !!!” ❤ love ya

      • LOL You did say McCarty lass, not Seuss, right? Oh if only I had taken a blogging course, I might have been Freshly Pressed by now. But no, I had to be different, I had to defy the WordPress Gods. So I threw the instruction manual away and said to myself, “I want to live dangerously.” And now look at me, standing on the corner of Word and Press with a tin cup begging for ideas in hopes of becoming an intelligent blog, with nothing more than a cool background to show for it.

  3. What is the good of your stars and trees, your sunrise and the wind, if they do not enter into our daily lives? -E.M. Forster

    Paul, thanks for blustering your way across my path. 🙂

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