It’s Terrible Being The Beautiful People—I’m glad I Don’t Have Their Burden


Don’t you sometimes wish you were one of the beautiful people? Unless of course you were one of the beautiful people, in which case you’d feel sorry for their burden.

I know you probably don’t want my pity beautiful people, but its no problem… really.

When I see one of the beautiful people walking down the street, in a magazine, at the movies, or on television, I wish I could feel their pain, but I’m glad I don’t.

It’s said beauty is only skin deep. Of course—any deeper than that and they’d be perfect. Talk about stating the obvious.

I could never feel the burden of perfection though, because there is no burden with perfection, since nobody’s perfect!

Beauty is different, otherwise there would be no “People” magazine covers pointing out the most beautiful people in the world? Or a song by Marilyn Manson called “The Beautiful People” or that group of narcissist in the professional wrestling world who were known as “The Beautiful People.”

Beautiful people come close, but fall just short of perfection.

Imagine running a race and losing by just a fraction of a second instead of being beat by a mile. That couldn’t help but be a totally crushing defeat.

Say after years of meticulous research and experimentation, you were on the verge of a breakthrough in science, one that would give you recognition and gratitude from around the world.

Well you’d be nuts and living in a dream world!

Okay, but for a moment, lets just fantasize that you were such a person…

thAnd at the very last minute you find yourself being upstaged by Alfred E. Neuman of “Mad Magazine” fame,  and he announces the same discovery just before you. You’d be devastated right? Say nothing of being utterly humiliated by the likes of a non-existent goofy-looking and pretentious cartoon character.

Thanks for playing.

Well that’s what happens to the beautiful people. So close, yet so far from being what their plastic surgeon had hoped they’d turn out to be once he was done with their face.

So now, instead of being beautiful and perfect, they have to settle for being uglier than sin, or the average looking people—who are just mile or two below the rest of us in the looks department.

There’s a lesson in all of this, and no its not that being a plastic surgeon makes you sort of like… Dr. Frankenstein.dr.


35 comments on “It’s Terrible Being The Beautiful People—I’m glad I Don’t Have Their Burden

  1. Can you imagine a world without People magazine, Marilyn Manson and world wrestling? What would we ever do? How would we ever survive as a society? Do you think that’s what semi beautiful people strive for? a place for them to go and be recognized? I mean we all need someone or something right? Even those miss by a fraction people. Don’t you think?

  2. Oh you and the husband would get along great. He’s all about the Benjamins too !!! But really what else is there. You might as well be, because you need them to live and trust me I would rather be one of the have’s than the have not’s 🙂 I know what life is about and you definitely need the Benjamins and as many as you can amass before they put you out to pasture because it can get mighty cold out there. I rather the pasture be somewhere warm with a beach where the sun comes up or the sun goes down and plenty of fresh fish to enjoy 🙂

  3. See where Sandra Bullock almost ran into a stalker who’d broken into her house? A lot of celebrities are plagued by obsessive fans.

    Seems there’s a dark side to everything!

    • Dorothy, I hope you’ll forgive the use of the standard cover letter response sheet. I sincerely hope you noticed that I did change the words,so that you would know I used my own AUTHENTIC (as opposed to PATHETIC) words in certain places. Would you like me to send you a bottle of Zyprexa? Sure hate to think you ran out of it. Not that I’m worried mind you (just terrified). In case you can’t find yours, I’ll pay the shipping cost?

  4. I quote (use extra-whiney voice): “Oh Scarlett I need to figure out a way to include you in my blog background. You are the only who as ever taken the time to tell me how much you like it, especially since I love it so much too! I may have told you this, I don’t know, but I wanted my blog background to have a unique and fun look to it, sort of like the Disneyland of Blogs. :O)

    GARBAGE!!!! I told you I like your blog, too. What, don’t I mean anything to you? Never mind my opinion. What am I? Just a newbie blogger, and nowhere near YOUR fame and stature. So we will just discard her thoughts and feelings . . . You better get the safe room – in a hurry, chum.

    • LOL… oh oh! Please forgive me Dorothy! These are the kind of over-sites that have resulted in me getting far too acquainted with my sofa. This has to be corrected immediately!
      Oh Dorothy, I need to figure out a way to include you in my background. You are the ONLY ONE who has ever taken the time to tell me how much you like my blog! I’m so sorry, my fame and stature went straight to my head (and all the sugary praise to my waist) and caused me to forget the folks that count…DOROTHY. Hope I did a good enough apology to avoid the recliner tonight. :O(

    • But just in case Dorothy (in case there was a misunderstanding about what I said, I was referring to a comment Scarlett made (quite sometime ago in fact) about the background that I used for my blog, and not referring to the blog itself (which at the moment I feel might be abandoned by one of my favorite readers, namely you Dorothy). She said she loved the background and wanted to know where I got it. And as far as I can remember (although I have been known to have a faulty memory from time to time-Paulziemers) she was the only person that I remembered asking about it (again the background, but not the blog itself). However If you did comment about the background picture and how nice it is (because I do love it) please forgive me forgetting that you did. As for the praise about my blog, yours was indeed one, if not the best endorsement of my blog that I ever read! Hope that explains my comment.

  5. I need coffee. I am replying in the wrong places, and have a meeting in 45 minutes. And just turned down $2500 for writing a 90K romance. And double dosed on meds.
    Paul, yep, I know your name, go work or sleep or something. Do you spend your life in front of your computer?
    Shame. Me too. Except when I go for meetings about starting Indie Publishing companies in South Africa. But I’m still in my slippers.
    What on earth has happened to me?
    Too much of the attic mold spores are frying my brain!!

    • In your slippers hey. You’ll look a little silly with those on. Better grab a cup of coffee. Seriously I find I write better at night. This has been a lot of fun though. Oh god DorothyI hope you didn’t turn down the $2500 on account of me! Put those heels on girl! :O)

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