Its Spring—Play Ball!


Unless you’ve been living under the North Pole (better known as the East Coast), you may already be experiencing Spring in some form. But with the return of Major League Baseball (MLB) today, Spring officially makes a comeback everywhere, with the possible exception of Hell.

Earlier today the sun was shinning in the Bronx where the Blue Jays and Yanks were going at it. Hopefully suggesting… field of green’s will be staying—well once the ice melts. Baseball games are going to be played from the East to the West Coast well into the night, so beware of vampires—I mean umpires.

kevin costnerKevin Costner will likely make another sports movie, no doubt about baseball (although he has dabbled in other sports movies), perhaps a drama about the steroid era—where he’ll be portraying none other than, Barry Bonds.

Umpire’s will scream “Play Ball!” Starting lineups will run out to the baselines and stand as their names are announced. Red, white and blue bunting will hang from the decks of ballparks across the nation. Talking heads on ESPN will want to be taken seriously.ESPN

And the Cubs will already have one in the loss column even before everyone takes the field. Ah there is nothing like tradition to remind us of the lovable losers.

Baseball prognosticators will make worthless predictions about not only who will win the divisions in both the American and National Leagues, but who will go to the World Series and win it. These never work out, and they never print a retraction.

The experts will prove yet again, that selecting the Dodgers, Nationals, Cardinals, Angels, Orioles, and Royals is no guarantee of becoming the new heir to Nostradomus. Just ask the Giants, but they will fall flat too—its an odd year. But I’m no expert, at least not an accepted one.Nastro

Every team leaves Arizona and Florida feeling they have as good a chance of playing in October as teams from the NBA, NHL, and NFL do. Fans are stoked in all thirty-two cities and surrounding suburbs, but only ten teams will be playing come fall. This suggest twenty teams from Major League Baseball, are slightly unhinged. For their fans; reality bites!

birds and the beesBut its Spring, birds are singing (while wearing parkas in the East). Other critters are in the mood too (and without the help of Viagra). And ISIS could care less—really?

What’s wrong with them? How long do you have?


12 comments on “Its Spring—Play Ball!

    • Like you Mitch, I remember Cincinnati being the traditional Opening Day game… and I miss that. However, sounds like that was good considering the weather there today. Yeah, Johnny Cueto is one tough pitcher.

  1. Great weather in the Bronx today but it didn’t help the Yankees. And A-rod got an ovation. Now why would anyone want to celebrate a cheater and liar.

  2. I’m a Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle fan. LOVE baseball movies…Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, The Natural, Moneyball, and Ken Burn’s film, Baseball. I also love knowing, William Howard Taft threw out the first baseball. Great essay.

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