New WordPress Badge!


WordPress presented myself and a few other good folks—on April Fools of all days—with a newly awarded badge! Okay, so I received the email notification on Monday, still the irony of this is not lost on me.

I am greatly honored to be among the very first writer’s ever to receive this award (I really am) however, I find myself oddly excited, and yet somewhat insulted all at the same time.

On Monday I looked in my email; found a notification from WordPress.

You can probably imagine the thrill I experienced receiving this notification since so few of us have ever been Freshly Pressed. I figured WordPress must be considering a recent post of mine for a “Freshly Pressed Badge”—Yes I know, I must be on drugs.

Generally I’m not into awards (honored though I may be to have been nominated for a few of them), because they usually require a little more time and effort on top of my semi-regular posting and reading.

But, the idea of receiving a “Freshly Pressed Badge” where all the additional time and effort would not be required, did appeal to me.

No such luck though.

The email began with the formal greeting and introduction, stating: “As you probably know, we at WordPress are always scouring the various different posts published daily by bloggers hoping to inspire, instruct, or otherwise amuse the many readers on WordPress blogs.”

I’m thinking to myself, “This is starting to sound pretty good—Freshly Pressed at last!”

Trying to avoid the overwhelming urge to jump up and down with joy, I continued reading their notification…

“On occasion we find a post that catches one of our editors attention and then we award the blogger a Freshly Pressed Badge for their fine effort.” I’m all a glow, you’ll not wipe this smile off my face.

The  notification continued, “However, you may not realize that we have been in the process of developing a new badge. This badge is designed with the intent of motivating blogger’s who would like to someday be Freshly Pressed, but who have not yet received the award.” Oh oh.

The feeling of just having been rejected for a “Freshly Pressed Badge” nearly caused me to slip into a coma of mass depression.

The email then concluded by saying…

“We find your humor blog ‘In My Cluttered Attic’ to be a nice diversion for our readers and are pleased to let you know, that you and the other recipients will receive the new ‘Acknowledged By WordPress Badge’ sometime on Wednesday. Congratulations!”

As it turns out that would be sometime today—April Fools Day.

Not to sound less than grateful for the award (as I appreciate it), but for some reason I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve received the new “Freshly Fooled Badge” instead?


21 comments on “New WordPress Badge!

  1. Good stuff! I hear those awards are already selling on eBay for like fifty bucks.

    I haven’t read everything on your blog yet, but I like what I’ve read so far. Look forward to reading more!

  2. I’m sorry, Paul but it did make for a very humorous post. I have no idea how someone gets freshly pressed but it’s probably someone along the lines of The Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz sitting up in some Deal or No Deal box making these random decisions. And with that response, I think I lost any chance of ever being Freshly Pressed. Oh well.

    • I appreciate your company George. I think I will apply for the position of The Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz. I always suspected he was the guy in that Deal or No Deal box telling Howie what the offer would be. :O)

  3. Fascinating. I have absolutely no idea what blogger awards are really all about. I only ever expect to get awards like; “Blogger We Most Don’t Want to See Naked” or “Blogger Most Likely to Make Ten People Throw Up on the Same Day”. I can’t get my mind around “Freshly Pressed” or “Freshly Fooled” either one. But congratulations… I think.

  4. Oh Lord. Let me help you with the Freshly Pressed thing. I was FP’d after 4 months of blogging. I had no idea what the hell was going on but my views were leaping and bounding after usual highs of 20. The post they selected wasn’t one of my best. It wasn’t even my typical writing (oh oh). Ultimately it helped my readership but I still have no freaking idea how they pick them. I imagine a virtual dartboard supports the process. Congrats on this award. I haven’t heard of it but with the limited number of FP they do, it’s a great way to spread out some well deserved credit. Now I would go with commenter #1 and see if you can sell on eBay.

    • LOL That was really funny Elle. Hey, and thanks for the Freshly Pressed suggestion. I will confess that I may come across like a man obsessed with getting Freshly Pressed, and although it would probably be nice, I fear I would have a great deal more writing to do, and with greater care given to it. Glad to have you here Elle! :O)

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