Perhaps Fame Is Relative


When you pose with a celebrity,             tom hanks

a celebrity you yourself will be.

For when you pose with a celebrity,

people ask them who you are, you see?


People of note are people,Kim and cash

people like you and me,

They have wives and they have children,

and perhaps pocket money like 80 “G.”


Plus luminary’s and sports stars, bathroom

may always put on a show,

But them and us are no different,

in bathrooms we all must go.


The hotshots may have personality, lindsay

and we may treat them all as gods,

Yet while we dwell in obscurity,

Occasionally they act like clods.


So one day you meet a celebrity, jack signs

a pen they ask as they greet you,

Remember this small poem and sign,

and to whom do I autograph this to?










8 comments on “Perhaps Fame Is Relative

  1. How true – we all gots to go every now and then! I’ve met celebrities but I don’t think I ever posed with one or asked for an autograph.

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