?’s ?’s ?’s ?’s

so many questions

Do you have questions, questions that start with words like, who, what, when, where, why or how? Can you think of questions that don’t involve those words? For example; Are you a smart-ass? Did you note none of the six words above were used in that question?

Do you talk to yourself? Do you ask yourself questions? Does yourself, ask you questions back? Do you get answers back that you yourself didn’t expect? If you do—do you know you’re crazy?

Have you lost track of time? Have you tried looking at your watch or cellphone? Are you tired because you lost track of time? Did you lose track of time because you were told to move your clock ahead one hour for Daylight Saving Time? Did you move your clock ahead one hour for Daylight Saving Time? Why did you move your clock ahead one hour for Daylight Saving Time?

Do you always do what others tell you to do…without questioning, why? Do you know you’re weird if you do?

spainDid you try to be clever and avoid moving your clock one hour ahead—by moving to Spain? But did you forget that by thinking ahead and moving to Spain—it took more than an hour to move to Spain? You do know, that you lost that hour in the move to Spain right?

Are you someone who thinks you’re always so clever that you know everything? If you are someone who thinks you know everything, would you take the time and tell us how you know everything? Did you know, that took less time than you expected?

Can you explain—why you’re delusional?

Do you feel like you’re just not yourself these days?

Who do you think you are? Are you sure? Did you know that neither do you look like Brad Pitt, or Angelina Jolie? Do you feel you’re somebody else then? Do you think you have multiple personality disorder?

If you are somebody else, are you Warren Buffet? If you are Warren Buffet did you know that I sent you lots of letter’s, asking for lots and lots of money all last year…why didn’t you reply Warren?buffett Why do you want to deny that you are Warren Buffet? Do you know that you are not fooling anyone?

Did you know inquiring minds want to know? Why not?

When children ask you why…all the time…do you answer them with “Why not? Or do you answer them with “Shut up?”

Do you find yourself getting angry over little things, big things, or no-things?

polar bearAre you depressed? Do you live where its cold and snowy? Does that sound like why you’re so depressed? Does this make you… not want to pet a polar bear, or perhaps throw a snowball at one? You do understand that’s dangerous, right?

Do you cry for no reason at all? Have you talked to a doctor about it? Did you get a bill afterwards? Is that what made you start crying—uncontrollably?

congressWhen you think about Congress do you suddenly start thinking about brain damaged human-beings? Bet you didn’t know, that this was a question that you won’t have to ask—why?

Did you know that there is a saying that goes, “answers make you wise, but questions make you human”?

Are you human?

So you think you are wise? Well then—why aren’t you human?

Have you ever been asked so many questions in all your life, especially while reading a blog post?



Why do you think people have so little curiosity about you then?


12 comments on “?’s ?’s ?’s ?’s

  1. Why didn’t you title this “pop quiz in the morning?” Where are you coming from with this? What is in it for you if I take this quiz? How did you expect a person to respond? When did you become so intellectually weird? In answer to your ultimate question.. Who do you think most people are really most interested in?
    Oh, and good morning….

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