Only 641 Words—Is it 15 Minutes Yet?


Have you achieved your fifteen minutes of fame yet? Well if you haven’t, or when you do, just remember—fifteen minutes is your limit! Not fifteen minutes and one second, not twenty minutes, and definitely not twenty-three hours and fifty-nine seconds. No, all you get is…

Fifteen minutes.

Or, if it makes you feel any better…nine hundred seconds—because it sounds like more.

This being a blog post of mine, I think I might achieve my fifteen minutes of fame in less than fifteen minutes.

So get ready, got the stop watch? Get set…GO!stopwatch start

Its not my edict, oh no, I’m a believer in unlimited fame.

But fame is fleeting, in fact, the time reduction on fame was imposed back in 1968. Before then, fame was virtually unlimited—well almost.

the elizabethan eraThere was that little 9 day wonder thing that the Brits tried waaay back during the Elizabethan era (which lasted about as long), but it never really caught on.

Before 1968, you could rack up fame minutes, “like nobody’s business” which means—most of you (living or dead, and most of you, are now dead) were likely never heard from. But for the few who achieved fame, it was probably for more than fifteen minutes—maybe forever.

And for those of you who were around back during the infancy of recording devices, did you know—you guys walked funny? Just thought you should know, we all think so, its not just me.funny walk

But, more about fame. Prior to 1968—the sky was the limit when it came to fame.

But since 1968 (even with help from mass-media, paparazzi, tabloids, and reality television) you still only get…

hourglassFifteen minutes.

Sure its still possible to earn fifteen minutes of fame—you may have to work really fast—but its still possible. Unless you are a Kardashian, in which case, I hope you’re on borrowed time. I mean, being famous for —BEING FAMOUS—is just wrong…don’t you think?kardashian

Yes, you can accomplish this amazingly—NOW MINIMAL FEAT—but don’t wait too long. You never know when special interest groups in Washington might lobby our Congress to reduce fame time from fifteen minutes to even less.

Could they do that, you ask? Well yeah…but that’s about it though. I guarantee they won’t accomplish anything else.

do nothing congressTime limits—or is that term limits? I’m so confused, but if you think I’m confused, you ought to see our Congress! Well so much for reassurance.

But, why you ask, did the ability to achieve ever-lasting fame get reduced for everyone, to only fifteen minutes?

In a word—Andy Worhol! Okay that’s two words but, its still one name, although you could just say Worhol and make it one word, but I decided to say, “in a word” and thus, screwed up and forgot to edit this sentence, so you’re now reading it as two words instead of one word, and all of a sudden I have a run-on sentence and am out of breath—gasp.

Actually there is some debate over who actually changed the fame time thing, but Andy generally gets worholthe blame for it, and I am going to continue to blame him because, he’s dead and he can’t do anything to me. So there, Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah.

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes” so said Andy. So let it be written, so let it be done (like it was one of the Ten Commandments), and when did father time die and make Andy king of fame time, huh?

So the next time you stop and wonder about, when will your fifteen minutes of fame come, remember who to blame for only getting fifteen minutes when it finally happens.

And then ask; how did Andy come up with that arbitrary number—fifteen minutes—in the first place?

And then get back to me because…

Well I can’t think of a reason right now, but when you get back to me I’m sure I’ll have one by then, and—STOP!stopwatch finish

8 comments on “Only 641 Words—Is it 15 Minutes Yet?

  1. This is utterly adorable!! Not like a fuzzy baby chick but just so Cute n’ Clever! Reducing the amount of time allotted for Fame! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Blaming Andy Warhol…. HAHAHA. Can we partner up to become famous by marketing an “It’s a Shame There’s Less Fame…. Who’s to Blame?” game? Quick call Milton Bradley! I’ll split our minutes with you equally. Nah, you can have 8 of em for coming up with this genius (but adorable) post! Ps… I am sending this to Grace so she can leave the type of comment she’s famous for.

    • LOL I can’t believe Grace is still in need of her fifteen minutes of fame! I’m so sad that this was my fifteen minutes and that it lasted less than five. Damn you Andy Worhol! I love the title of our new Milton Bradley fifteen minutes of fame game, but we have to act fast—the clock is ticking Stephanie. :o)

    • no need to argue over who gets 7, and who gets 8 of the 15 minutes. We’ll split it 3 ways, even steven! Share the burden! But we’ll need to work on that Milton Bradley idea. Check out the board games at . The also did a Kitty Karma aka Parcheesi. I’m thinking of Hangman as the fate for those who got their 15 minutes; put them out of their misery 😉

      Let’s see…I type up to 70-90 wpm, times 15 min. = 1,050-1,350 words. I could see if that many words will fit in this comment…

      When you count 15 minutes in seconds, you remind me of “Rent” (525,600 minutes in a year X 60 seconds! — my head is splitting now), and then of doing CPR: at one compression per second, that’s a lot in 15 minutes!

      • Well as I live and breathe, Grace graced you with one of her typical winning comments! You’ll just love having Grace visit your blog, Paul. She is every blogger’s dream. I just went to that link she posted (great job, Grace!!) and am laughing because their title “The Fame Shame Blame Game” reminds me of the title of this post of mine,
        plus the fact that I invented games like Menopausopoly. Hmmmph….there’s something like 6 degrees of separation going on here with all of this stuff. Where’s Kevin Bacon? Not to mention that I also thought of that song from Rent, Grace – – when Paul broke it down into seconds. Alright, here’s to a 3-way partnership — Let’s call ourselves, “The Three Brainstorming Musketeers!”

      • My god, I don’t know where to begin here! A possible partnership? We could take the intitials of our first names and become MSG. Of course we would have to avoid Chinese food for those power lunches, a small sacrifice for a growing conglomerate. Stephanie the idea of us becoming the Athos, Aramis, and Porthos of the brainstorming world left me thinking of Russel Crowe. Instead of one beautiful mind, now were three.

      • I like this even split thing Grace. I won’t have to worry about feeling guilty in a 8 to 7 (900 second) relationship with Stephanie. Instead now we only have to worry over a split of 6,536,000 seconds. After all, 3 heads are better than 2, say nothing of the 1 that I started with. By dividing those seconds, we now share 2,178,666. 2 seconds of fame each. Oh you are so in Grace! I feel so much better now that my head hurts.

  2. Great pix of Andy. I think he was in the shower one day and thought 15 minutes was long enough. I can’t get dressed in 15 let alone fan my fame and take a bow. He could have least given us an hour.

    • LOL yeah I thought he was a bit chintzy myself. Just because he only needed 15 minutes to seize fame (if I didn’t comb my hair after a shower, think what I could do) doesn’t necessarily mean were as economical in our pursuit of fame.

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