Inanimate Objects Have An Odd Sense Of Humor

old phone

Are objects in your house laughing at your expense? Do they fall off the counter when your not looking? Slip onto the floor without provocation? Betray you when your in public—I could have sworn I zipped my fly up before I left the house?

Or do your clothes come out faded after you do the laundry?laundry

Okay, I admit, I might be guilty of that one—seeing that I mixed the colors with the whites—but I have a good excuse… I’m a man.

missing socksBut about those missing socks in the washer—that happens to both men and women. However, neither sex is to blame for it.

Wanna know why?

Inanimate objects, are not inanimate at all… and have an very odd sense of humor.

Remember that time when you had your hands full, and you had to dig through your purse for your keys. Remember you securely set your cup of  Starbucks on the roof of your car. Then when you went to open the door, the cup literally LEAPED from the roof of the car, and splattered all over your brand new skirt.

coffee laughingRemember that?

That was sooo… funny. Even total strangers walking by thought so. Especially when you began screaming in tongues. There you were; stomping around, launching objects that were left in your hands to parts unknown—the way NASA used to launch cup lid

Or how about the time you were both in a hurry for work. Good husband that you are, you decided to make a toasted bagel for your wife.

Do you remember how the butter knife you set down on the rim of the jam jar, chose that particular moment—your wife had just entered the kitchen—to demonstrate counter-diving, as opposed to the more popular cliff-diving.

You both fell over laughing so hard.

Particularly after bending over, simultaneously, and bumping heads in attempting to pick up the knife.


Your kids thought it was pretty hilarious too—especially the youngest, who spewed a mouth full of milk across the counter—after both of you wound up sitting on your rear-ends.

But you’ve probably forgotten that now, because both of you were unconscious from the concussions.

Inanimate objects like playing practical jokes too—or is it impractical?

Like the time a screw with a Phillips head slipped from your screw-driver. Do you recall how the whole garage was completely empty, except for the small work-bench across the floor from you?

Funny, how the only item it could possibly roll under—was sitting half a football field away!

You have to feel that joke is an old stand-by for inanimate objects, because it happens so often. It doesn’t matter what item is dropped—be it flat, round, or square—the object will (always) find its way under the only desk, or sofa in an otherwise empty room.

Oh—and then there was side-splitting knee-slapper last Thanksgiving, when you went to take the turkey to the dinning-room table, and it flew off the platter onto…dropping the turkey


31 comments on “Inanimate Objects Have An Odd Sense Of Humor

  1. I don’t mind that they’re laughing at me, it’s the conviction that they’re out to get me that has me bothered.

    (BTW, I’ve been meaning to tell you your avatar looks almost EXACTLY like a guy I went to high school with about 50 billion years ago. Dennis? Is that you?)

    • LOL…us too. I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t a hit list they have, and that somewhere on there our name is coming up. You know Peg, in answer to your question, my double must be making the rounds. I have that question put to me more than you might realize—I feel so common. But if Dennis is getting any paid endorsements I’m up for impersonating him. But no, I’m sorry to say I’m not Dennis. My name is Paul and I know I probably don’t look it (actually I may look older) but I certainly feel 50 billion years old, well at times anyway. Anyway its a delight to meet you!

  2. How did you find pictures like that?? What did you search for?! Objects with faces? I love the whole idea of what you’ve accomplished here! Your blog really encompasses a wide spectrum of creativity!

    • I can’t wipe the smile off my face right now. It probably looks remarkably like the face in the coffee cup. Truthfully it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be when I went looking for them. I really appreciate all the praise Stephanie, especially since you’ve seen this train-wreck of a blog practically from its infancy. :O)

  3. I scooted over here at your and Stephanie’s request, and my eyes just now caught up with my effort. First, I scanned through the photos in this post, and found them wonderfully amusing. Then I read your testimony that confirms that they are out to get us. How refreshing! I thought that they were slouchers with no purpose other than to hide in plain sight. From now on, I resolve to laugh at their antics instead of taking blame for their mishaps.

    • First of all Grace, a big THANK YOU, and a hardy welcome for coming into “My Cluttered Attic” sorry about the mess though, I didn’t have time to pick up. So glad I opened your eyes to these merry pranksters. I agree with you, we are the blameless here. Their camouflage is genius, no one would suspect. In our house we have taken to walking with our backs to the wall, eyes wide open. Still, the jokes on me…as was a recent picture frame. So Grace…BEWARE.

  4. Who knew you had such a quirky sense of humor…by the way, my smoke alarm fell off the wall and wouldn’t stop beeping. Ya know the expression where there is smoke there’s fire? Well there was neither, so I’m thinking the little plastic fucker was having a bit of fun at my expense. HUH

  5. Thanks for the humorous stories and photos – especially the one with the coffee cup. It does look like it’s laughing.

    One description perfectly fit my start on Monday. I did spill coffee on me as I stood outside my car. Then I discovered the keys to my classroom decided to stay home. No one was around but I could have sworn that I heard the squirrels chuckling. (Fortunately for me, the school secretary had a spare set of keys.)

    • My pleasure Judy, I am delighted to be the bright spot of someones day. As for those inanimate objects, we’re always the butt of their jokes. Thank goodness you decided not to take revenge on that cup by throwing it in the trash.. I’d hate to think of you as a vigilante. :o)

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