Breaking News: Llama Exclusive!


Ever since yesterday, reporters have been trying to get the real story about the two llamas who were on the lam’ in Sun City Arizona. Well this morning, a FORMER reporter from, “In My Cluttered Attic” got an exclusive, it was actually three llamas, and one was “Batboy!”

The two llamas; the white one, Kanita, and the black one, her daughter Lainey (alias “Thelma and Louise”) were actually accompanied by, what was thought to be at the time, a third llama.

Turns out, the third llama was not a llama at all, but “Batboy” of the now defunct “The Weekly World News” tabloid.

How in the world did this famous ghoul find himself in the middle of a shaggy llama story?llamas

Well this morning we were granted an interview with “Batboy” while he was awaiting bail in the Sun City County jail.

He was at first, very reluctant to comment on the details of the experience, as he had not talked to his attorney yet. Nor had he had the chance to take a tinkle in the bathroom, after having spent the night in a hot llama suit.

But he did tell us—off the record—that he is the real owner of the two llamas, and that when he heard about the possibility that the two might make a break for it, he felt he had to get involved.

He said he had paid a facility to care for the two llamas but that, night before last he caught wind of a possible break out.

He smuggled himself into the containment center on Wednesday night, dressed in a llama suit. “I had hoped to convince the two not to attempt a run for freedom on Thursday. They were to be taken to a senior retirement community.” he said.

And at one point felt he had actually talked them out of it, that is until the moment the trailer stopped.

“We were speaking in Alpaca, when suddenly they panicked,” he said, “and then took flight.”

“Well, you know the rest.” he said.

That is until this morning, when one of the officers went to the cell and discovered the two llamas, and a third llama, but with the head of the third llama having been removed and revealing it to be, the one and only, “Batboy.”

He told us that initially the officer screamed, but then calmed down after he recognized him, and then asked for an autograph.

When informed that two other llamas in Vancouver, Washington also had attempted an escape, “Batboy” declined comment saying that, “I’m taking the fifth”—and then grabbed the bottle and promptly drank it all, saying—”I wish to speak to my attorney.”

Obviously, we will be hearing more about this in the tabloids.


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