Don’t Take Everything So Seriously


“Your Fired!” Upon hearing this proclamation from your boss you ask, “Seriously?” So you decide right then and there you’ll show him, from now on, you’re only going to let him be your former boss. At this point in time you also make a promise to yourself, never to take anything seriously anymore.

When you take something seriously bad things can happen. For example: My wife once took me seriously and look who she wound up with? Do you suppose anything I say now is ever going to be taken seriously? Not on your life.

When one of our girls came home from a date saying, “Mom and Dad, I think things are starting to get serious between us” we replied, “Whatever you do, don’t do that.” And because our children have ALWAYS done what we’ve asked them to, she promptly wrote the would-be Lothario a “Dear John.”

But it’s not just families that get overly serious about everyday life. I’ve recently started to take notice of certain situation comedies. You know the ones I’m talking about. The network voice-over guy will intone resonantly—”Tune in for a VERY SPECIAL situation comedy.” I take this to mean—laughs will be defused.

When your favorite comedy goes all seriously dark on you, someone at the network (perhaps an underling) needs to apply for unemployment by explaining to the network president, the meaning of humor.

As for consequences due to risky undertakings, I can only say… there are many—that is, if you listen to your mom. Skateboarding without a helmet, climbing on the counter with a knife, climbing that tree without a parachute, or getting caught in an accident with only your dirty underwear on.

All of the above are usually met with mom proclaiming, ” Your gonna fall and get seriously hurt.”—except for the last one. In that scenario, if you don’t do what she asked you to do, you’re gonna get smacked, but good, right into next week… and then fall and get seriously hurt.

And that would probably not be a good time to audition for the part of smart-ass of the week by saying, “Hey mom, lighten up”—or you might really get seriously hurt—by dad!

No doubt you have noticed that the world has also gotten pretty seriously screwed up of late. What with Isis and Al Qaeda still seriously running amok. Thank goodness we have Kim Jong il, of North Korea, and Vladimir Putin of the Soviet Union giving the world hope that all is not seriously lost.

Kim Jong il of North Korea getting his nose all bent out of shape over a silly movie, which wouldn’t have won an Oscar anyway. But really: then he hacks Sony Pictures—thus turning the “The Interview” into a rally for patriotism. Thank you Kim for showing us how not to be taken seriously.

And Vlad, for taking his shirt off and riding a horse like a Fabio wanna-be, just without the hair. In these times of world turmoil, its nice to know that at least two world leaders are trying to show us all how, not to be taken too seriously.


6 comments on “Don’t Take Everything So Seriously

  1. So that’s what I’ve been using, the information highway! Unfortunately you won’t find much information here, but I’m glad you came in all the same. I hope I put a smile on your face Asariels. And by the way I love your name—very unusual.

  2. When I read the newspapers I wonder how the human race has survived all these years with raging lunatics running around. Fortunately we are not part of the lunatic pack (at least I’m not, I’m not sure about you!).

    • I try not to run with the pack. I’m more of a lone wolf lunatic, but I am certainly glad you’re neither. Have a great weekend Kate.

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