Fly Fishing?

flyDid you know that most flies wear sunglasses and have moustaches? I learned this when I recently discovered Fly Fishing! When I first saw this I couldn’t believe my ears.

I thought, “How do you fish for flies?” I immediately raced for a dictionary—with no time to train, but it was only a 5k anyway.

None of the definitions suggested that catching flies was even possible. And as for catching fish, my experience has been limited at best. I have caught guppies, seaweed, a cold, and Jimmy Hoffa—who had been sleeping with the fish—but no fish.

I thought, “Maybe Fly Fishing might be easier.” The idea of fishing for flies may sound disgusting at first, but reflecting back on the subject…it actually is. Still it’s an intriguing concept, not to mention challenging.

Mind you, there was a time that I was curious, disgusted, and challenged by the idea of catching a fish too. And although I am still challenged and disgusted by it, I am certainly no longer curious.

But Fly Fishing, that has caught my attention. But how does one go about catching flies, say nothing of thousands of other people catching flies?

While some are salmon fishermen there are others fishing for catfish, and still others become fisher’s of men, but who fishes for flies?

And there are more questions?

What kind of flies should I try to catch? Should I assemble a fly chart for easy identification? Have I caught a common housefly, or is it a Brundle Fly” like the one actor Jeff Goldblum portrayed in the movie “The Fly”

jeff goldblum flyNow I’m familiar with a rod and reel but, I don’t know what kind of fishing-line to use for catching, say for instance… a horse-fly?

But these are the kinds of questions that keep a Fly Fishermen up all night with insomnia.

When fishermen drop their lines in the water they have a pretty good idea of what hook works best. Likewise when you cast your lines in the air, you better know what kind of hook will bring in the best haul of flies for that day.

It’s true that fishermen will gut and cut the heads off of the fish they catch, before they cook and eat them.

Yet, I seriously doubt that Fly Fishermen can gut and cut the heads off of flies before they cook and eat a fly, and would they even do that? Fly Fishing may just be the real sport fishing. I welcome your thoughts on this idea, as I think that poses an interesting conundrum.

As for me, I seriously doubt I will try gutting or eating flies. After all, these are flies we’re talking about! Look, you have to draw the line somewhere.

I’ll keep you all posted as to my progress on my new hobby of Fly Fishing, soon to sweep the nation.


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