Repeat After Me, Yeah I’m Bad

I'm  Bad

Yes, it’s another really bad post, but don’t hate me because I’m bad. Like you, I work all day too, and then come home to family. Why sometimes, I even come home to my own family, but I don’t let that stop me from adding a bad post.

I know you all work very hard on your blogs, and I’m sure a lot of effort goes into every post. That’s a problem to be sure, but don’t let it get you down. I know it must be difficult to slave away skillfully typing over those keys, while I easily post all kinds of tripe in my blog. What can I say, I have a gift.

Now you’re probably saying,”Gosh Paul, that takes no effort at all!” Fair enough, but with little, or no practice at all, you can be just as bad as me in no time. I can show you how.

Right now many of you are thinking, “I’ll never be like you.” Well, don’t let it bother you, because it’s impossible anyway. There’s no one like me. it doesn’t mean you can’t try. On the other hand, it is possible for anybody to be bad at not trying, I’m living proof of that, and look at how bad I am. The secret?  Learning to post effortlessly.

Look, your not bad.

However…what do you expect, especially when you put time and research into every single post. You have to understand, that’s a waste of energy. However, you can use that to your advantage. Hell, using spell checking, Google, editing, and re-writes will lead you to a perfectly exhausting post

And that’s when you slap one together.

When you cave-in and start all over, after hours of fruitful work, you’ll be amazed just how quickly you can post a piece of crap. You’ll be screaming, “To hell with that ‘Save Draft’ button I’m so done with this!” Next thing you know, your pressing the “Publish” button with an awfully bad post for the whole world to read.

Think of all those responses you’ll receive from a grateful public.

Like Melvin from Ohio, “Gee, I thought I was bad, but you take the cake.”

If you follow my instructions to the letter, why after your first post, don’t be surprised if someone like a Mary Sue Ellen from say, Louisiana, writes you saying something like, “My god that was bad, but don’t you worry…you’re only going to get worse.”

After two Advils, a bottle of Nyquil, and a shot of Jack Daniels you’ll wake up feeling bad. I promise.

So whether your new, or old to the blogosphere, if you follow my advice you won’t be sad, you’ll be bad.


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