We’re Going To Measleyland!


Hey mom and dad, you’ve just decided not to give your kids the vaccination, what’ya gonna do next? “We’re going to Measleyland!”

Oh boy a vacation to Measleyland. Planning a vacation doesn’t always require planning and coordination. Spontaneity can be loads of fun too.

Weather is usually not a problem in Southern California. Still, might be a good idea to pack for cool nights, or possible rain. Always best to be prepared, even if you can’t prepare for everything.

On occasions getting food-poisoning from Mac’s Greasy spoon could happen. Diarrhea … well what can you do? A cold? Always possible, especially when flying with all that re-circulated air, but you have to admit, that beats no air?

Oh, and then there is worshiping the porcelain god, but hey, a little praying never hurt anybody.

Nevertheless a trip to the happiest place on earth need not become a trip to the crappiest place in the world, right?

So away you go.

Upon arriving at Measleyland you are met with all kinds of decisions to make, in particularly if you didn’t plan in advance. Do you stay in a motel, hotel, or sleep in a car. Measeleyland, A California Adventure, or watching others eat and shop in Downtown Measleys.

And then there is where to eat? In Measleyland, outside the park at Denny’s, McDonalds, or at a food kitchen?

Finally there is entry into the parks. Do we buy a one, two, or three day pass before totally going broke, or has that already happened?

There is going to be lots of walking and standing involved. Good thing you avoided workouts at the fitness center, wouldn’t want to be exhausted from getting in shape. And lines, bound to be a few of those, why its practically a pastime at Measleyland.

But your at Measleyland, that’s all that matters.

Wow, look at those crowds. Everywhere you look there are people from all over. From Asia, Mexico, Canada, and Europe. Why Main Street U.S.A practically resembles America as a melting-pot of cultures, all talking, coughing, sneezing, and breathing on one-another. Good thing you’re not a hypochondriac.

Oh look there’s Measles the Mouse. Be sure to duck Donald when they start talking in your direction, lets not get too goofy about catching those crazy viruses though.

What a great trip that was, and everyone had a wonderful time. Its sure going to be hard getting back to work after this adventure, but you need to, after-all, you broke the bank.

But wait, your wife is yelling at you about something on the news. Seems somebody else went to Measleyland without getting the measles vaccination. Looks like that 104 degree temperature one of your children was running, has just turned to red spots before your eyes.

















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