The Time Is 3 Minutes To Midnight


Is it that late already? When you’re writing a blog you just lose track of all time. Fortunately, or unfortunately, we have people who do keep track of time for us. I think we refer to them as … bosses.

But there is another clock that I had completely forgot about which yesterday jumped three whole minutes. Damn time flies when you’re running late, but it sure as hell drags butt after you get to work.

If one of our clocks did that, we might consult somebody in Switzerland to fix it. That, or check with the folks at the Greenwich Observatory in Greenwich, England, where time seems to be something of an obsession with them.

Anyway, the clock in question here is in Chicago, being watched by a group of Nobel laureates, who look suspiciously like Atomic Scientists. Maybe what gave them away was the white lab-jackets, or possibly, there were little mushroom clouds rising above their heads, because they are a little frustrated.

Now, I am known as a procrastinator of the first order, I know because my wife told me so. I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone. Yet as frustrating as we all can be, there are some people who think they are pretty important, and they exasperate the hell out of these clock-watching scientist.

These self-important people are called world leaders, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how they earned their name. They don’t appear to lead or follow, but they are excellent at watching and waiting.

Since 1947 this clock — which scientists gave the quaint little name of “Doomsday Clock” to — has been ticking. Actually I don’t think its gears work real well, as these scientists move the hands manually.

Sometimes they move the hands forward, and occasionally they move them backwards — just like our kindergarten teachers did when teaching us how to tell time. This worries the scientist though. See, these big important people who call themselves “world leaders” act as if they don’t know how to tell time.

Who is acting!

The clock movements are based on serious potential danger to the citizens of earth. Unless I miss my guess … I think that might be us.

These dangers include, but are not exclusive to, weapons of mass destruction, unstable governments (rather broad in scope don’t you think, when you consider that is just about all of them), terrorist running amok with knives and automatic weapons, and climate change.

Up until this week, the Republican stance had been that climate change was nothing more than a hoax. On Wednesday they took off their blindfolds, and for the first time opened their eyes and saw that glaciers were melting, and that their socks were under water.

All of them except, Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss). He apparently chose to continue wearing a black hood over his head, perhaps as a fashion statement.

I guess if you can’t see the “Doomsday Clock” it probably is nothing more than a Cuckoo Clock to you.








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