Tonight’s State Of The Union Preview

The whole nation is a twitter. I’ve  got goose-bumps myself, and I’ll bet your delirious too, all because tonight’s the annual—wait for it and take a deep breath…Presidents State of the Union Address.

What’s that sound?

Honey…I’m trying to work on my blog in here, do you think you could get those crickets to keep it down.

Now folks there’s no need to thank me or anything like that.

For what? For the warning silly’s. You know…to set your DVRs for must see TV.

Just think of it, every network—with the exception of course of the WB, and all those hundreds of cable channels, like Disney and the Weather Channel etc., will be carrying the Presidents address to the nation tonight.

This is a big deal folks, a chance for the whole family to gather around the set and see our government at WORK. I mean come on, this only happens ONCE a year!

You wouldn’t wanna miss a thing like that, “United we stand, divided we fall” you know stuff like that. This speech oddly has nothing to do with unity, despite its namesake, because everyone say’s we’re a country in gridlock, which must mean, don’t worry its great to be American.

And then, as if that wasn’t enough excitement for one evening, everybody makes nice—ah…yes, even Republicans, because the President enters before both houses of the Congress, and we all know who is in charge there. You can’t help thinking, what a brave man.

Oh, there will be smiles, shaking of hands and plenty of good old boy back-slapping all around as well. Then the speech by our President begins. From this point forward Republicans show great politeness as they sit continuously, mildly applaud, and even sometimes smile. I wonder why it always looks so forced though?

While the few Democrats left, will stand on occasion and applaud wildly, often for minutes on end. Must be terribly uncomfortable seats.

During all of this the Vice-President (a Democrat), and the Speaker of the House (another Republican), sit immediately behind the President. The Vice-President will usually smile broadly throughout, while the speaker of the House is no doubt sucking on a lemon, how else do explain the dour expression.

Seems like an awfully odd custom, but that’s the Congress for you. And from the looks of the House during the speech, the Republican Party must hand them out by the ton. Oh its high drama, I tell you.

Finally at the end, when the President leaves the chamber, and the news-media offers their evaluation of his many points, we get the Republican rebuttal.

Now this usually has nothing positive to offer in the way of praise for the President. But it always gives a great spin on everything Republican, with a big toothy grin at the end.

This lets us know that the Congress, and the President are still friends, and that they are really both working TOGETHER for all Americans…Just SEPARATELY.

Makes you feel like all of Capitol Hill works for Allstate, doesn’t it.








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