You Have A Blog, Now What?


When you look around in an attic you stumble across all kinds of things. Memories you have put away for safe-keeping. Or that antenna ball you got from Jack In The Box. Why am I still holding onto that, especially when I don’t own a car with an exterior antenna?

Likewise, when you kick around ideas in your head, besides getting a headache, you file away thoughts for another day.

I tell myself there must have been some intelligent reason for a delay like that, because, I recently dusted off the notion of starting a blog.

At the outset I thought, what a sharp idea, you’ll put your eye out.

A blog, really? WordPress alone has 100 million of them. By now bloggers have wrote everything worth posting. If I were a sane person I’d immediately dismiss this ridiculous idea. Not me though, I’m running with it.

Yep, I’ll probably put my eye out.

With no idea what to post, this appears to present little more than a chance to humiliate myself. Must be a sickness, an incurable one at that.

What do I hope to gain from this madness? Financial reward?

Unlikely, especially when you consider so few make money from a blog, not even chump-change. I’d claim momentary insanity for such a reckless under-taking, but I fear momentary has nothing to do with it.

With monetary gain now out of the question what other possible reason could I have to start a blog?

I know, a little article here and there, perhaps helping to put a smile on someones face after a very long day?

That could prove to be a nightmare though. What if I attract one of those trolling grammarians, if I attract anyone at all.

I post an article with a dangling participial, run-on-sentence, poor punctuation…etc. In the end, gratification for the troll, leaving me contemplating possible suicide over the criticism. And I’m not even being paid for it!

Maybe I better not risk it.

But I have to start a blog, I’m committed, or should be anyway.

I’ll share my opinion on matters of the world.

Wait, what if someone disagrees or takes um-bridge with my opinion, not to mention my using the word um-bridge? They’re going to ask, does he even know what the word means?

The next thing you know, I’ll be purchasing a thesaurus, spending all my time looking up definitions, and never writing anything.

Gee-whiz, here I am at the keyboard, wondering what to write about. God help me, and he don’t care either. Or is he, a she?

Ah controversy, everybody loves that subject. Do I really want to go there though?

So, my blog will not make money, improve on the English language, or offer an opinion, and I plan to avoid all controversy.

I think I now have a handle on the challenge a blogger faces, it’s called the blank page, and boy is it daunting.


8 comments on “You Have A Blog, Now What?

  1. Hahaha i think every new blogger goes through this phase in the beginning. I have a blog now what???!!!! All summed up so well and yeah i like this description of yours about the blog -“YOU MUST HAVE USED YOUR GPS—BECAUSE YOU’VE JUST FOUND THE HAPPIEST MOST IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND BLOG ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET. WELCOME TO… ‘THE ATTIC!””

    Happy Blogging!!!

    • Thank you, Sneha, for those very kind words. I truly appreciate it, and I can’t think of anything any blogger would love to hear more. Okay, maybe with the possible exception of hearing that my blog was being awarded the Pulitzer Prize for blogging…and a rather large check in recognition of said excellence. But, not to worry, Sneha, that’s probably a couple of years away. 😀

      • I love the long comments you write, you actually put in effort in addressing your fellow bloggers which i really admire. Bloggers always lose out on reading and commenting(not mandatory but acknowledging someone is always a plus) in the blogging world. Thanks once again for the lovely comments. Cheers!

      • Thank you so much Sneha. As you are probably no doubt aware, running a semi-popular blog on WordPress (by the way WordPress stands for completely invisible) means that I have to live a life in the shadows, otherwise I’d be posing for selfies all the time. But, that’s the price one has to pay for suffering from an hallucination of fame. However, I have learned to deal with my enormous popularity by occasionally (all the time) blessing others with an autograph. Even as we speak, I am signing one for this nice police officer who recognized me texting while driving, and just had to pull me over. How could I say no! The little people I love em. But then again, I’m Irish, so that kind of goes with the territory. But, back to your original praise of me and how I put so much effort into my responses to my many fans—now numbering on one hand. I’ve taken time to print up hundreds of thousands of form letter responses for all occasions, and have given them each a stamped signature of my autograph, just to make it a bit more personal. I realize these little form letters are only short responses involving only a few words of gratitude (this form letter being one of the shortest I have ever done), but nothing is too good for my worshipers… I mean fans. 😀

    • Boy is that good news! Not that I ever doubted that building My Cluttered Attic on quicksand was not a good idea. Just that there were times when people would come by and look and laugh at my foundation. Obviously they didn’t understand how rock solid quicksand can be. Thanks Bruce! 😀

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